Monday 22 July 2024

Daffodildos - No Pride


  I'm sure you've heard the saying "A dog is for life not just for Christmas." Well similar sentiments are echoed on today's song. 

  The charmingly named Daffodildos ( are a queer punk trio from Brighton who recently released a debut single. The band feature Emily Flea on vocals. She's featured here twice before with both The Fleas and as a solo artist : 

  Now with Daffodildos she's ably aided and abetted by Captain Jax & Anni Von Flange. The single is a critique of the annual Pride day and in particular how it seems (as is the way with most things) to have become a victim of commercialisation. Starting out as a call for justice, Pride has grown into a corporate sponsored party. Daffodildos deliver a message that we shouldn't forget why we have Pride in the first place and it certainly shouldn't just be a one day a year excuse to party.

  You can get the single here. It's a very impressive introduction...

  This is No Pride...

No pride in capitalism, big corporations, shops and banks
They say they support our community, but they haven't got our backs
No pride in police brutality, rainbows on their cars
For decades we've been victims of their abuse, who the hell do they think they are

We're here, we're queer
We're never gonna disappear
We've been fighting for our rights our entire lives
Not just once a year

No pride in London zoo, what have those poor animals done to you?
No pride in deportation, there's no need for separation
No pride in transphobia, no pride in TERFs
How can they end up leading the march, tell me could this get any worse?

We're here, we're queer
We're never gonna disappear
We've been fighting for our rights our entire lives
Not just once a year
We're here, we're queer
We're never gonna disappear
You think this is an annual event
But your stuck with us all year

Call yourself an ally because you wear rainbows once a year
But for the rest of the time you remain silent and our community live in fear
The first pride was a protest, but now it's just an excuse
For everyone to get drunk and party all night
While the queers still suffer from regular abuse

We're here, we're queer
We're never gonna disappear
We've been fighting for our rights our entire lives
Not just once a year x4
We're here, we're queer
We're never gonna disappear
You think this is an annual event
But your stuck with us all year

Sunday 21 July 2024

Onlooker - Sit Tight


  Onlooker ( are a Teeside based quartet who released a debut album a couple of years ago titled Total Rest ( 

  I featured a song from it here :  

  Last month they returned with a 1st single from an upcoming 2nd album which is as yet untitled but which will be out later this year via Serial Bowl Records

  And now they've upped the ante with what might be my favourite song by them thus far. It's available as a name your price download and it's called Sit Tight... 

Thursday 18 July 2024

Swaraj Chronos - Broken Doll


  Swaraj Chronos ( are a South London band who are influenced heavily by punk but aren't afraid to experiment with their sound. They've been around since 2019 and feature a line up of Suresh (Bass/Samples/BV), Vanessa (Lead Vocals), Ant (Drums) & Raffaele (Guitar/Samples Editing/BV). 

   They recently released an ep titled Gibberish Madness and I've been giving it a listen. You can do the same over on Bandcamp :

  This track demonstrates how you don't have to bang, shout and stamp your feet to get across your message. It's a more considered punk tune than many that feature on here but no less powerful for that. It's called Broken Doll... 

Wednesday 17 July 2024

CLASS - First To Finish Last


  CLASS are from Tucson, Arizona and they've been impressing for a while now with Clash meets powerpop style of punk rock (or as their Bandcamp page just as correctly has it, The Boys meets Exploding Hearts). If you've not come across them so far then I'd recommend the 2-4-1 album released by Drunken Sailor Records that collected together the tracks from the two cassettes they released on Feel It Records :

  They've just released a new single. It's on Total Punk Records, one of the first two singles released as part of that labels The Order Of The Dirty Plates series (the other single being by Itchy And The Nits). The band's line up on the single is Joe Jennings (Bass), Ryan Chavira (Drums), Richard (Guitars/Vocals) & Randall (Guitars/Vocals). 

  It's limited to 300 copies on 7" vinyl (which I'm sure will sell very quickly) and you can get it, along with the digital version, here :

  This track is called First To Finish Last... 

Monday 15 July 2024

Gen Gap - My House


  Here's one of the "hits" with the chatroom on last night's Just Some Punk Songs show...

  Gen Gap are a hardcore punk quintet from Philadelphia who've just released a debut ep titled Hanging Out With Gen Gap. It's 9 tracks of fast & furious tuneage that, as is my preference, not only has power and pace but also has enough melody to latch onto your brain. The songs are of the blink and you'll miss 'em variety, prepare to be blown away. 

  It's available on 7" vinyl (300 copies) from MF Records (the label of Jim Shomo from Dark Thoughts)

  You can also get it as a name your price download :

  This track's called My House...

Sunday 14 July 2024

Unicorn Dogs - They Hate Change


  Unicorn Dogs ( are a fairly new band from Baltimore, Maryland who've just released a debut album titled Age Typical Junk Behaviour. It's 14 songs in 23 minutes, these guys don't fuck about. Their Bandcamp page throws out the names of some of their influences; Dillinger Four, The Copyrights, Dear Landlord, Hospital Job, Houseboat, Charlie Brown Gets a Valentine, The Riverdales and The Steinways all get a mention, as does Mutant Pop Records. It's pop punk sensibilities with balls. Gritty and melodic, a great combination.

  The album's available on cd and digital download :         

  Lyrically they opine on mind numbing office jobs, being thin skinned and social withdrawal. They also sing about being unwilling to adapt, this song's called They Hate Change...

They hate change, A fixed point of view They hate change, Stick to what they knew They hate change, No forward only back They hate change, No peace just attack Not interested in learning a new way They're only interested in trying to stay... unchanged They hate change and they’re in the way Only dead things don't change, you are a dead thing You hate change, get the fuck out of the goddamn way

Saturday 13 July 2024

IRKED - Crippling Empath


  Well this week's Just Some Punk Songs show is shaping up very nicely, 20+ new releases and some outstanding tracks chosen. Including the one I'm posting on here today. It's on tomorrow (Sunday) at the earlier than usual time of 6pm (as I'll be in the pub at 8 watching the football!). 

  Some of you may remember back in December when I posted the end of year chart (, a song called Backstreets featured. It was an impressive debut by a band from Newcastle Upon Tyne called Irked ( 

  That song is now featured on a one sided 12" ep that's available via Wrong Speed Records. It's already pretty much sold out so if you want one click the link now 

  5 tracks, each a winner. Including this one which is called Crippling Empath... 

Thursday 11 July 2024

Hellscape - Dybbuk (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Well the hinting in yesterday's update worked. Over to you Ralph...

So 2024 has definitely turned into the year of "Female Fronted" bands. It could be Modern Punk/Hardcore or even New Wave, Garage Rock or Noise Rock. Women are making their mark these days stronger than ever. Pretty much ALL my favorite releases this year have a female presence. SO this amazing Demo/EP dropped on my birthday & I can't stop listening to it.

"Hellscape" from London have managed to absorb everything great about 80's Death-Rock & Los Angeles style Hardcore. After listening to this 3 times in a row I had to order the vinyl! This is going to be a future classic! Their singer "Ciara" has studied all the greats and can hold her own as one of the best new Punk vocalists. Their guitar player "Ben" has also done his homework as his riffs instantly made me want to pick up my guitar! The rythmn section is on par with vintage 45 Grave! 6 songs that you'll want to listen to over & over. Dig this song - "Dybbuk" and see if you can recognize where that intro came from!

Wednesday 10 July 2024

Dark Harvest Commandos - Clown Island


  My friend and occasional Just Some Punk Songs contributor Ralph J Rivera has been notable by his absence from this blog recently (hint hint Ralph) but that hasn't stopped him recommending great music in Facebook. 

  On one such recommendation he espoused "Relentless Anarcho-Punk Thrash from Glasgow, Scotland. Obviously "Disaffect" was a huge influence on this band. Excellent female vocals & very time appropriate lyrics. This band would have been huge in the early 90's Crust scene. 6 songs that blow by you in a flash so listen repeatedly! Killer Punk Rock 2024!"

  He was talking about Dark Harvest Commandos ( As he mentioned, they're a DIY hardcore outfit from Glasgow and they've recently released a Self Titled ep on Sanctus Propaganda. It's half a dozen short, sharp bursts of social and political commentary. It's bloody good too so check it out :

  This one's calling for the Tory scum to go so no doubt they were celebrating round at Dark Harvest Commandos towers last week (although the collapse of the SNP vote probably won't have been received with the same zeal) . It's called Clown Island...

Inspired to stand up So, I sat down to write, Pissed off with Society, I’m fucked off with this shite! Vote for Independence? The dead folk had their say Stuck on Clown Island with Brexit, It’s the poorest folk who pay Libraries and Swimming pools, Closing anything that feeds the mind Stop voting in the Tories, Refuse to accept this shit! No funding for communities, No staff to run the show. Striking Doctors and Nurses, It’s the Tory scum who have to go! Look at our brothers across the channel, They’re rioting in France! The streets still have legitimacy, Let’s give ourselves a fighting chance! I remember Stop the City, I remember Kill the Bill, The State only understands violence, Stand up, Get the Tories out! Billions for their best mates, 12 years austerity for us, History will show they raped the UK, Stand up, Get the Tories out! Vote for Independence? The dead folk had their say Stuck on Clown Island with Brexit, It’s the poorest folk who pay

Monday 8 July 2024

Zatopeks - Jarama Valley


  No need to write much about today's song as I featured London band Zatopeks ( last month (

  I just wanted to let you know that the new album, Loitering And Sauntering, is out now and I'd say it's probably my favourite release of the year so far so go snap it up, you won't regret it : 

  I played this song on last night's Just Some Punk Songs show and the chatroom loved it so I'll highlight it again here. It's a rejigged version of Woody Guthrie's Red River Valley, leaning more lyrically to the version from 1938 by Alex McDade, of the British Battalion, XV International Brigade which was published in The Book of the XV International Brigade by the Commissariat of War, Madrid. It's called Jarama Valley... 

There’s a valley in Spain called Jarama It’s a place we all know so well It was there that we fought against the fascists We saw that peaceful valley turn to hell We signed up with the Lincoln Battalion We’re proud of the fight that we made And we know that you people of the valley Will remember our Lincoln Brigade From this valley they say we are going But don’t hasten to bid us adieu Even though we lost the battle at Jarama We’ll set this valley free before we’re through You will never find peace with these fascists You’ll never find friends such as we So remember our Lincoln Battalion The people that’ll set this valley free Now all of this world is like Jarama So green, and so bright, and so fair No fascists will live in our valleys Or breathe in our new freedom’s air

Saturday 6 July 2024

Troubles - Cry Days


  Here's a catchy little tune for you by a trio from Helsinki called Troubles. I don't know anything about them other than they released a Demo last September and that they've just followed it up with Demo #2. Their music is low fi garage/pop punk and the song you'll find below stuck in my head for some reason. 

  You can get both Demos as name your price downloads here :

  This is about those times we all go through when staying in bed seems the best option, it's called Cry Days...

There's something rotten inside of me
It gasps my breath I cannot sleep
I break the mirrors reminding
who I used to be, unwhining
Now I'm sick and tired of it all
I stay in my bed I stay alone

Cry days
I'm your biggest fan
Devil stains my mind and my palms
He knows I got some idle hands

Something is bleeding to my knees
It ruins my mood it ruins my sheets
Days numb and completely sore
Don't wanna go out anymore
I'm sick and I'm tired of it all
I stay in my bed, I stay alone