Thursday 30 June 2022

MONTE - I Hate Me More


  This song's been hanging around for a month or so waiting for a guest reviewer to recommend it to you but as he keeps forgetting I'll do it for him. 

  MONTE ( is a Brooklyn-based power rock trio consisting of front-woman and guitarist Caitlin Montclare, drummer, drum builder and engineer, Ismael Baiz and multi instrumentalist Meghan Rose. MONTE delivers a signature blend of Punk, Rock, Metal and pop.

  I thought it would be easier to copy and paste the previous paragraph from their Facebook page so I don't get told off for describing them as having a front-woman. One thing I will say about Caitlin Montclare however is that she has a voice which is ideal for rock music. Gritty and powerful and she can certainly hold a tune. 

    They've an ep coming out on July 15th which will be titled This Is MONTE and I'm hoping it'll be as good as the teaser track. The song is titled I Hate Me More and on it Caitlin "takes us on a journey of crude self awareness while we are at our lowest points. Whether it is the result of a toxic relationship, or obsessively comparing yourself to others, or feeling unliked, everyone has those moments of low self esteem or self consciousness." 

  You can find it (along with a few earlier releases) here :

  I Hate Me More...

Tuesday 28 June 2022

Kombi Killers - Damaged


  Kombi Killers ( are Steven Ingram (Vocals), Dave Small (Drums), Allan Dyer (Guitar), Steve Langford (Guitar) & Adam Markovich (Bass). They're an old school punk quintet from Brisbane who've been around since 2009. I've played them a few times on the show, most recently their single Sick World ( got an airing. 

  This is their first time on the blog. 

  They've a new single, it's on Riot Records and it's available via Spotify etc

  They've got a big beefy sound, the guitars impress and the vocals are influenced by the 80's UK oi scene (vocalist Steve Ingram is a relocated Brit who was around back then). It's a good singalong floor filler. It's called Damaged... 

Sunday 26 June 2022

Bad Mojos - H Bomb


  Bad Mojos (, the lo-fi garage punk trio from Berne in Switzerland make their 4th Just Some Punk Songs appearance today with a track from a fuzztastic new album titled Songs That Make You Want To Die. (If you want to check out their 3 previous write ups click here :

  I was trying to think of a way of describing them that's better than my usual simplistic "Spits inspired" shtick but I can't think of a better way than what's on their Bandcamp page... "three Anti-chord chainsaw punk rockers that makes you wanna kick your boss in the balls and piss on a cop car."


  The album's a generous helping of 17 tasty treats; catchy garage rockers about dangerous driving nazis, voices in your head leading you to commit murder, Charles Manson, dying aliens, hunting down fascists etc... Every ones a fat free (nothing over 3 minutes) scuzzed up pop gem, you can get it on vinyl from Voodoo Rhythm Records and as a digital download :

  It's time to toss a coin to choose which song to highlight. I'm gonna go with the one about being ready to explode. This is H-Bomb... 

I’ve always been just an average boy Walking around with a new found toy Stayed off the radar, did stay out of shit Living in disguise really makes me sick I’ve got a bleeding heart and don’t where to start Everyone I meet is so fucking smart. So many things that went so wrong For all I know I am the H-Bomb I’ve always been just an average boy Walking around with a new found toy Stayed off the radar, did stay out of shit Living in disguise really makes me sick I’ve got a bleeding heart and don’t where to start Everyone I meet is so goddamn smart. So many things that went so wrong For all I know I am the H-Bomb

Friday 24 June 2022

Mouthparts - Flag Shagger


  Let's go and have a look at the Urban Dictionary...

Flagshagger : 

Someone who thinks patriotism can only be extreme nationalism.
Wrapping themselves tightly in their country's flag, singing (badly and without knowing the words let alone the meanings) patriotic songs and rolling out such displays at all opportunities as proof of their 'loyalty'.
The flagshagger knows little about the history of the country but frequently re writes it to suit jingoistic, xenophobic & very frequently racist rhetoric.
All flagshaggers are the pathetic remnants of grooming gangs known as 'trumpists', 'brexiteers' or similar who they will aggressively defend in a frightening display of 'Stockholm syndrome'.
Flagshaggers are useful only for their votes and once these are used they are cast aside.
Hey have you been to 'parler' recently? Oh no! Why would I do that? It's a septic pus filled bubble of flagshaggers just like talk radio & Fox News!


Are you going to watch 'last night of the proms'? Oh yes, just as soon as I can get the stains out of my flag from getting over excited at the latest home office advert about immigrants.

  Flagshagger is a term which has become more and more well known in recent years due to the emboldenment of the jingoistic far right. It's also the opening track on a very fine new ep by Sheffield garage punks Mouthparts ( The ep is titled Leakin' Goo and it's available on cassette and digital download via Noise Merchant Records : 

  You can find earlier songs by the band here :

  Here's a lyric video featuring some of the planet's "most beloved" politicians. This is Flag Shagger... 

Doki Doki - I Was Killing It Man


  A new band today, they're called Doki Doki and as they're unfamiliar to me the obvious first thing to do was try and find out a little about them. After being swamped with info for Doki Doki Literature Club (it's a 2017 freeware visual novel developed by American independent game studio Team Salvato for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linus. I'm not sure as I don't watch it but I think it's connected to the Stranger Things tv series), I finally get directed towards Asian Man Records. The San Jose record label have amongst their upcoming releases an album by the band (pencilled in for Autumn/Winter). 

  They've also released their debut single and provide details of the band's line up : Lucy Giles, Randy Moore, Donnie Walsh & Logan Hammon. If drummer/vocalist Lucy Giles seems familiar she's also in Sacramento duo Dog Party ( Other members are/were in the likes of Grumpster, Small Crush & Get Married etc...

  As for the single, it's a breath of fresh air by a bright and breezy quartet that look to be having great fun. It's energetic, catchy and makes me look forward to the album. Job done! You can get it here :

  It's called I Was Killing It Man... 

Thursday 23 June 2022

The Owen Guns - Pulling on the Boots (Racist Dickhead)


"This is the Master Race"

Starting off today's blog update with "This is the master race" in bold letters could be a foolish move as when I post this on Facebook it's quite likely that that's all that will be visible from this review without clicking on the link and it will quite possibly give people the wrong idea about today's song. It's a song that originally featured on the soundtrack to the 1992 Russell Crowe movie Romper Stomper. It's a song that's been "reimagined" by New South Wales quartet The Owen Guns ( and it's a song that will be helping out a very good cause.

  It's a song with a message. Racist skinheads aren't the master race. They're just thick dickheads looking for a fight. Happily this doesn't apply to all skinheads, many of whom are salt of the earth guys and girls who just love the scene and the music (a scene which can trace it's roots back to Jamaican music). It's just directed to a small but unfortunate minority who think with their fists. 


 If you are a skinhead and you're offended by this song, ask yourself why? It's probably not aimed at you and it's a damn good song so enjoy it. If you think it probably is aimed at you then maybe you deserve to be offended. Either way, check it out and maybe download it, all proceeds made from Bandcamp go to, a volunteer based organisation that feeds the homeless in Darwin Australia. Most of those it helps are indigenous Australians.

  Watch out for an upcoming new album from The Owen Guns which will be available via Outtaspace Presents in late September and which will be titled Dawn Of The Braindead. 

  This is Pulling On The Boots (Racist Dickhead)... 

Putting on the boots but struggling with the laces Terrified of those with different coloured faces Just a racist dickhead looking for a fight. Big mouth small brain one of the alt right Dick head dick head Pulling on the boots Racist f*cking wanker Who couldn't pull a root Dick head dick head.. nothing but a farce Dick head dick head.. talking out your arse Hiding in the laneway like some gutless scum.. If your parents saw you they would kick your bums Your victims get no mercy, so you deserve none Racist dick head pretty bloody dumb Dick head dick head What a bloody dope Haven't got a braincell Haven't got a hope Dick head dick head.. not the master race Dick head dick head.. Absolute disgrace You throw a hissy fit when an athlete takes a knee Your heroe's Ian Stuart - his greatest hit's a tree. You shame your ancestors, they wouldn't be proud Racist dickhead shout it out loud Dick head dick head Pulling on the boots Racist f*cking wanker Who couldn't pull a root Dick head dick head.. nothing but a farce Dick head dick head.. talking out your arse Singing this in German you'd better achtung Using Google translate cos it's not our mother tongue Du bist ein dickkopf . Schweinehund. Dick head dick head f*ck nazi scum! Dick head dick head What a bloody dope Haven't got a braincell Haven't got a hope Dick head dick head.. not the master race Dick head dick head.. Absolute disgrace

Wednesday 22 June 2022

Incisions - Mine To Lose


  Incisions ( are from Manchester. Their last Just Some Punk Songs appearance was just over a year ago when I posted a "hardcore banger" from their excellent Bliss album ( 

  They return today with a new single that "takes us on a journey from the depths of regret through the pain of losing yourself to your vices." It's a song that's "about being a legend and spending money you haven’t got on having a good time." 

  They're a band that are known for frantic hardcore punk but they may be toning things down slightly with this single being pitched as owing as much to Rocket From The Crypt as it does to Poison Idea. It's supposed to show a more considered approach with regard to songwriting but to be honest, it's all relative, it still sounds pretty damn fast and loud to me. Bloody good it is too. Released on TNS Records, you can find it here :

  It's called Mine To Lose... 

Tuesday 21 June 2022

The SoapGirls - Liar



  I've been featuring sisters Noemie & Camille Debray on here for quite a while now. Better known as The SoapGirls ( they've become something of a regular fixture but I think I'm at the stage where I'm wondering weather or not to pass on the baton to some of the many other magazines and blogs that have picked up on them over the last few years. After all, Just Some Punk Songs is better at introducing you to scrappy new punk bands that you might otherwise miss and The SoapGirls are way beyond that stage now. Plus their music has matured into some of the best alt rock you're likely to hear. Maybe like a mother bird throwing her chicks out of the nest it's time to let the SoapGirls fly... 

  But then again, great music deserves to be heard and whenever I play a new song by the band on my show, the grizzled old punks in the chatroom still seem as enthusiastic as ever so here they are again today, back with a choice cut from an impressive 4th album titled In My Skin. 

  They're promoting the album with a lengthy world tour in which they'll be wowing fans in the UK, US, Europe and Japan so catch them live if you can. 

  As for the album, as mentioned, it's not really punk but it is a great listen. 14 tracks of quite lengthy but never dull modern day rock. The production job is pretty much faultless, the songs will lodge in your brain. Think Courtney Love's Hole at their most commercial. Think pop music performed by rock n roll goddesses. Even better, have a listen :

  This is one of my favourite tracks on the album, it's gonna catch your attention from the very first second and it demonstrates perfectly everything I've been trying to convey above. It's called Liar... 

Monday 20 June 2022

Froggy & The Ringes - Pond Scum


  I think it's fair to say that James Domestic is having a very good year. Hopefully you all caught his solo album Carrion Repeating ( I know many of you did as next week's Just Some Punk Songs is a Best Of 2022 So Far show with songs chosen by the listeners, a number of whom chose tracks from Carrion Repeating (though only one track per artist will be played on the show). Besides this, he's also a member of Da Groins who released an excellent ep in February ( 

  If Da Groins was "budget garage punk fun that the press release says is for fans of bands such as The Hives, The White Stripes, Thee Headcoats, The Mummies & Armitage Shanks" ( and the solo album was (described by Personal Punk) as "an eccentric yet accessible quirk-pop ride" I think it's fair to say that his latest release combines elements of both and then throws in the kitchen sink for good measure. A quick summation, it's bloomin' bonkers guvnor.

  That new release is the debut album by pond rock superstars Froggy & The Ringes ( They featured on here a couple of years ago with a track from their Soft G ep ( It was a very impressive debut but the album takes that initial premise and expands on it in glorious style. It's titled Ring Rock Pond Scum and you won't have heard anything quite like it. Shouty vocals, batshit lyrics, budget keyboard and gusto aplenty. It's the work of a twisted genius aided and abetted by some very talented musicians. Carrion Repeating has had loads of rave reviews, I think this new album is even better.

  It's available from Kibou Records in the UK, or Amok Records in Germany (100 copies on swamp green vinyl, 200 on black so be quick) and also as a digital download :

  There's a video been released for Pond Scum. Enjoy...


Trashed Again - Psycho

(Pic : Swamp House- Photography)

  It's Monday, the day after the night before. So what was the most popular song on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show? Read on...

  Trashed Again ( are a quartet from Newcastle (the one in Australia not the north east of England). They feature a line up of Robbo (vocals/guitar), Drew (drums/backing vox), Micky (guitar/backing vox) & Cal (bass/backing vox). They're influenced by the 70's punk scene plus bands such as Rancid, US Bombs and Bouncing Souls. 

  They're a new band to me despite being around since (I think) 2018 and whilst not being the most prolific of outfits 2022 has already seen them release a couple of eps. The most recent is boasts 7 tracks and is called Broken Bones. If you're a fan of the bands listed amongst their influences then it'll be right up your street. Shouty, anthemic punk tunes with an abundance of energy and some cool Matt Freeman inspired bass licks. You can get it here :

  This is the opening track, it's called Psycho... 

Sunday 19 June 2022

Loose Nukes - KGB


  A 3rd Just Some Punk Songs appearance for Houston hardcore heroes Loose Nukes ( Following on from February's Mexploitation album they return today with a choice cut from a new 5 track ep titled Dead Future. Pitched as 5 songs from the vault and featuring "borrowed" Napalm Death cover art, it's as bruising a release as you'd expect. The blistering title track is accompanied by blitzkrieg bursts of punk rock fury with titles such as Erupt Guts, Kill The Lights & Violent Christmas. No fat, all fury...these guys don't fuck around. 

  This is the longest track on the ep, very nearly reaching the 2 minute mark. It proves they do make them like they did back in the good old days. It's called KGB... 

Saturday 18 June 2022

Tenement Rats - Nerve Gas Love


  "Their songs are short and catchy. No bells or whistles just straight up raw and snotty punk bangers..."

  That's what I wrote 4 years ago when posting a song by Los Angeles garage punks Tenement Rats ( that had featured on a 7" released by No Front Teeth Records 

  Fast forward to 2022 and that song is one of many highlights on a raucous new album by the band called Sods Law. They're still a 3 piece though have a new bassist, they line up : Jonny Watkins (vocals/guitar), Tsubasa Muratani (bass) & Shaun Clark (drums). Yet again the album's brought to us by No Front Teeth and as previously, a rollicking good time is guaranteed. 

  Crime Pays is just one of 10 garage punk n roll tracks that demonstrate how Tenement Rats are one of the best in the genre. No let up, no pauses for breath, just a breathless adrenaline rush of hi energy punk fun. It's available on vinyl and digital download here : 

   There isn't really a favourite on the album, every track is a banger but I like the title of this. It's called Nerve Gas Love... 

Thursday 16 June 2022

Boyracer - Fleetwood Mac Are Shite


  Today I bring you the best Fleetwood Mac related song since Mike Rogers from The Rotters invited Stevie Nicks to sit on his face (

  Hopefully you're all familiar with Boyracer. Formed in Wetherby by vocalist/guitarist Stewart Anderson in 1990, they blurred the lines between indie and punk with a string of cool releases on labels such as Sarah Records and Slumberland. They've remained a band worth keeping an eye on despite numerous line up changes and a move to Flagstaff, Arizona. They've featured on here several times, most recently with a track from their 13th album On A Promise

  They return today with a rather wonderful digital single on Emotional Response Records which'll have you singing along. You can get it here : or here :

  Sing it loud, Fleetwood Mac Are Shite... 

Monday 13 June 2022

Vicious Blonde - Ignore Everybody


  Sick and tired of being sick and tired
  I find myself sick of all the liars
  Time to go out and find myself
  I've got to work hard for my own mental health
  But guess what?  I don't care
  My confidence has been repaired
  All you cunts, you think you're tough
  Three more words...


  Vicious Blonde ( are new to me. They're from Melbourne and I'm not sure but their name could be taken from a trashy 1968 movie about a go-go dancer or maybe it's just because their vocalist (who's name I'm not aware of at the moment) appears to have blonde hair and a delightfully spiky personality. On the evidence presented so far she has the energy of Amy Taylor from Amyl And The Sniffers with the potty mouth of Flangipannis' Jodie Lawlor. It's a potent combination and it suggests Australia has turned out yet another great punk rock band.

  I've only heard the one song by them thus far but it's a delight. It's a sing along anthem about doing your own thing; "Fuck every cunt, do what you want to do and just ignore everybody." As a statement of intent it's not a bad one! Can I predict we'll be hearing plenty more from these guys in future. Can I also recommend you download this song (it's available name your price) :

   It's called Ignore Everybody... 

Sunday 12 June 2022

Manarovs - The Same Sky (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  It's been a minute and I was waiting to write about something that would totally blow me away. Well that day has come! Manarovs ( from Savannah, Georgia USA have finally dropped their much anticipated (at least by me) debut album. Their line up features Captain P. (Bass/Vocals), Double-Oh Two-Names (Guitar/Vocals), C.I.Dave K.G.Barker (Guitar) & Handsome Bill (Drums).

   After leaking a couple tracks over the months these guys know how to build hype. So HOW good is this? Let's just say that little "SciFi Horror Pop Punk" niche group can now add another member. Up there with the likes of the Lillingtons/TBR, Covert Flops, Horror Section, Proton Packs and Zoanoids. This is 15 tracks of Saturday Morning Horror Movies, Spy Noir and even a couple love songs. Every one of these songs is a banger but I'm gonna tag their video for "The Same Sky".

  Digital available through their Bandcamp : and multiple variations of vinyl available through the always excellent Mom's Basement Records! 

  Enough of my words, watch the video, and get this album ASAP. You NEED this in your life!

  The Same Sky...

With a pain in my heart And a lump in my throat I look you in the eye Knowing that I have to go I hope to see you again But I just don’t know The assignment starts now They’re waiting down below I’ll travel the whole world over One mission followed by the next I’ll cross over every ocean Dreaming of seeing you again Wherever I go Whatever they make me do Every second that I have Will be spent thinking of you Not supposed to fall in love I’ll keep it secret until I die When you look up at the stars I’ll be looking at the same sky They’ll send me to every corner of the world They’ll make me do things no one should do I will forever hide the fact that you’re my girl I’ll spend all my time just missing you I’ll clean up their messes They will never know I’ll dream of your kisses So hold me tight before I go

Friday 10 June 2022

Kid Kapichi - Party at No. 10


  A nice laid back topical protest song today. 

  Kid Kapichi ( are the Hastings punk band who featured on here earlier this year with their excellent collaboration with Bob Vylan

  They return today with another politically motivated swipe against the ruling classes. This time around there's much less aggression musically but lyrically there's still plenty of bite as they get stuck into Partygate. You can get the song here : 


  I'd tell you to bring your own booze but unfortunately unless you're one of "Them" you're not invited. This is Party At No. 10... 

Thursday 9 June 2022

Life Forms - Green Glare


  Penryn is a town in West Cornwall, England, somewhere just to the north west of Falmouth. It's the home of Life Forms, who are the brain child of Charlie Murphy. If his name sounds familiar it's because he's been in a number of other bands such as Freak Genes, Internal Credit & Fresh Specimen. Bored during lockdown, he enlisted the services of drummer Matthew Cleave and Roo Pescod ( to record an ep. 

  That ep's now out and it's 5 tracks of lively, out of this world garage punk. It's very catchy stuff and happily, now a proper band, we may get to hear more from them. They've a debut gig lined up this Saturday at The Fish Factory in Penryn where they'll be sharing a stage with The Hellwigs, Rash Decision and The Tremoans.

  As for the ep, you can check it out here : 

  I'm going to pick the 2nd track to highlight today (I'll play the opening song on Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show) due to the excellent twangy guitar work. This is Green Glare... 

Tuesday 7 June 2022

Abi Ooze - Run And Hide


  If you check out the Just Some Punk Songs 2021 chart you'll notice it featured a very fine track by Jaid Baisa (

  If any of you actually clicked the link and checked out the chart you may now be wondering who the hell is Jaid Baisa! It's actually the real name of American punk musician and documentarian Abi Ooze who first came to my attention as a member of mega cool Hammond, Indiana band Liquids ( and who went onto release a very fine 7" titled R.I.P. ( 

  Given the ep's title, plus the fact that the Bandcamp page stated it was Abi Ooze’s first and last 7” release, it was assumed that would be all we'd be hearing from her. 

  Happily, the release of a new song on a compilation tape from Milwaukee label No Label suggests maybe there's more to come. The cassette is titled Introductory Rites, it features bands such as Total Sham, Easy Targets, Foil and others and it's available as a cassette & name your price download here :

  The Abi Ooze track is short, catchy and every bit as good as anything on R.I.P. and it's called Run And Hide... 

Monday 6 June 2022

Mystery Actions - Warbeat


  Yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show featured a number of songs that went down very well with the folk in the chatroom. This was one of them...

  Mystery Actions ( are an all female rock n roll band from Chicago featuring a line up of Nikki Mouse (vocals), Lucy Dekay (guitar), Rose Beef (drums) and Mikhael Hell (bass). Influenced by high energy 70's rock bands such as The Runaways, The Avengers, The Damned etc they've been together for around 7 years.

  They've a new ep on the way and they've released a teaser single from it. It's a song about propaganda from talking heads on tv screens, wasted youth, mass corruption & state control. It's about the futility of war. It's available here :

  It's called War Beat...

Sunday 5 June 2022

Florida Men - Threw It All Away


  Do you love old school, catchy as fuck pop punk music? From the likes of  Ramones, Screeching Weasel, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Queers, Chixdiggit!, Teen Idols, The Methadones, The Riverdales, The Apers, The Dopamines, The Copyrights????

  Welcome to your new favourite band...

  Florida Men ( are a trio from Leeuwarden in The Netherlands whose line up features members of Sun-0-Bathers, Smashed Out, 10 To Go and Age & Mistakes. That line up is Jurjen de Vries (Vocals & Bass), Jouke Rispens (Guitar) & Evert Ane Abma (Drums). They formed last year and have just released a debut Self Titled album. It's available via Morning Wood Records and you can get it here :

  These guys don't fuck around, the album's dozen songs are super infectious and totally fat free (only one of them sneaks past the 2 minute mark). You'll blast through the album and want to stick it on again. The influences are obvious, it's nothing we've not heard before but who cares! It's great stuff and a very impressive debut. 
  My favourite track? It's a close call but I'm going to go with this desperate plea for a second chance. It's called Threw It All Away... 

Friday 3 June 2022

The Ugly Scenes - Action Man Eyes


    If you're ever down in London and are hoping to get to a gig, have a look if the South London Punk Collective ( have any events planned. The brainchild of John Youens (Slow Faction) & Fleagle (Stone Heroes) they're a group of local musicians bringing live punk music back to our capital using the power of social media. They showcase some great bands and it's from them I learnt of the existence of Bromley trio The Ugly Scenes ( 

  The band will be playing live at a SLPC event in July alongside Sub Existencia (who are from Brazil), Left For Dead & Slow Faction ( and they've also just released a 4 track ep titled Action Man Eyes. Describing themselves as playing observational punk with a hard edge, The Ugly Scenes are great fun. Recorded, mixed and mastered by John Youens / the SLPC Recording/Mixing/Mastering project, the ep's available here :

  This is the title track, it's about the dangers of having a wandering eye, of being out with your wife and not being able to resist a little glance. It's called Action Man Eyes...

Thursday 2 June 2022

The Jasons - Murder On My Mind


  You may remember a few days ago I posted a new single by SACK ( and mentioned how much I missed The Lillingtons. It'll probably not come as a surprise therefore that I'm looking forward to the release of a compilation album titled Back To Lillington High which is a 23 track tribute to Wyoming's pop punk legends. Amongst the artists involved are Just Some Punk Songs favourites such as J Prozac, The Young Rochelles, The Jasons, Covert Flops & Black Russians and they're joined by plenty of other cool bands. 

  The cd and cassette versions of the comp will be available via Buzzkilld Records and you can grab them here :

  New Jersey Friday The 13th worshippers The Jasons ( have 2 songs on the comp, one is a cover of Buddy Holly's Oh Boy (which The Lillingtons covered for their Shit Out Of Luck album whilst the other featured on the classic Death By Television lp ( 

  A perfect song for The Jasons to cover, this is Murder On My Mind...

Starlight time the sun went down,
The moon is rising through the trees,
Throughout the dark the scene is set,
Trick or treat it's Halloween,
The kids all got their costumes on,
Well I've got mine on too,
Just escaped from the looney bin,
I'm coming after you,
Cause I-I-I-I-I-I-I got murder on my,
Mi-i-i-i-i-ind got murder on my,
Mi-i-i-i-i-ind got murder on my,
Mi-i-i-i-i-ind got murder on my mind,
Take my time it makes it fun,
That's why I don't use a gun,
Hockey mask upon my head,
I won't stop until you're dead,

Wednesday 1 June 2022

Touts - Cease And Resist


  Touts ( are a trio from Derry, Northern Ireland, who's line up is Matthew Crossan (vocals/guitars), Jason Feenan (drums) and Luke McLaughlin (bass). They featured on here almost 5 years ago with a song from their Lit ep (

  They've not been the most prolific of bands since then (there was an album lined up a couple of years ago but Covid got in the way) but whenever they've released new material it's garnered favourable reviews and earned them gig appearances alongside the likes of Paul Weller, Liam Gallagher & Kasabian. They've been compared to punk greats such as The Clash, Buzzcocks and Undertones.

  Today I'm featuring one of the tracks from their very fine new ep. It's not however title track Shane McGowan's New Teeth ( Nor is it single Can't Take It Anymore (, even though they're both great songs. Instead I'd like to draw your attention to another ep highlight (just to make sure you don't overlook it). 

  This one is a bouncy and energetic political punk gem which augers well for their debut album which should be with us next year. It's called Cease And Resist...