Friday 24 June 2022

Doki Doki - I Was Killing It Man


  A new band today, they're called Doki Doki and as they're unfamiliar to me the obvious first thing to do was try and find out a little about them. After being swamped with info for Doki Doki Literature Club (it's a 2017 freeware visual novel developed by American independent game studio Team Salvato for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linus. I'm not sure as I don't watch it but I think it's connected to the Stranger Things tv series), I finally get directed towards Asian Man Records. The San Jose record label have amongst their upcoming releases an album by the band (pencilled in for Autumn/Winter). 

  They've also released their debut single and provide details of the band's line up : Lucy Giles, Randy Moore, Donnie Walsh & Logan Hammon. If drummer/vocalist Lucy Giles seems familiar she's also in Sacramento duo Dog Party ( Other members are/were in the likes of Grumpster, Small Crush & Get Married etc...

  As for the single, it's a breath of fresh air by a bright and breezy quartet that look to be having great fun. It's energetic, catchy and makes me look forward to the album. Job done! You can get it here :

  It's called I Was Killing It Man... 

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