Thursday 30 June 2022

MONTE - I Hate Me More


  This song's been hanging around for a month or so waiting for a guest reviewer to recommend it to you but as he keeps forgetting I'll do it for him. 

  MONTE ( is a Brooklyn-based power rock trio consisting of front-woman and guitarist Caitlin Montclare, drummer, drum builder and engineer, Ismael Baiz and multi instrumentalist Meghan Rose. MONTE delivers a signature blend of Punk, Rock, Metal and pop.

  I thought it would be easier to copy and paste the previous paragraph from their Facebook page so I don't get told off for describing them as having a front-woman. One thing I will say about Caitlin Montclare however is that she has a voice which is ideal for rock music. Gritty and powerful and she can certainly hold a tune. 

    They've an ep coming out on July 15th which will be titled This Is MONTE and I'm hoping it'll be as good as the teaser track. The song is titled I Hate Me More and on it Caitlin "takes us on a journey of crude self awareness while we are at our lowest points. Whether it is the result of a toxic relationship, or obsessively comparing yourself to others, or feeling unliked, everyone has those moments of low self esteem or self consciousness." 

  You can find it (along with a few earlier releases) here :

  I Hate Me More...

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