Monday 13 June 2022

Vicious Blonde - Ignore Everybody


  Sick and tired of being sick and tired
  I find myself sick of all the liars
  Time to go out and find myself
  I've got to work hard for my own mental health
  But guess what?  I don't care
  My confidence has been repaired
  All you cunts, you think you're tough
  Three more words...


  Vicious Blonde ( are new to me. They're from Melbourne and I'm not sure but their name could be taken from a trashy 1968 movie about a go-go dancer or maybe it's just because their vocalist (who's name I'm not aware of at the moment) appears to have blonde hair and a delightfully spiky personality. On the evidence presented so far she has the energy of Amy Taylor from Amyl And The Sniffers with the potty mouth of Flangipannis' Jodie Lawlor. It's a potent combination and it suggests Australia has turned out yet another great punk rock band.

  I've only heard the one song by them thus far but it's a delight. It's a sing along anthem about doing your own thing; "Fuck every cunt, do what you want to do and just ignore everybody." As a statement of intent it's not a bad one! Can I predict we'll be hearing plenty more from these guys in future. Can I also recommend you download this song (it's available name your price) :

   It's called Ignore Everybody...