Friday 30 June 2017

The Hipshakes - Listening


  The more observant amongst you may have noticed that for yesterday's update I posted a song by Manchester band Freak Genes. I mentioned a number of bands that the 2 members also featured in but then last night I was contacted by the owner of Crocodile Records telling me Andrew Anderson is also in The Hipshakes and they've just released a new single. I'm pleased to report it's very good so I'm going to feature it today....

  The Hipshakes are a garage/punk/powerpop band formed in 2001 and have released a decent sized catalogue of music (Check out their Bandcamp here :
 As well as Andrew Anderson (guitar/vocals), there's also Daniel Russell (guitar/vocals), Bruce Sargent (drums/vocals) and Ben Russell (bass/vocals).

  The new single is a double A side featuring Listening and Outside Lines and there's 300 vinyl copies (200 black, 100 white) available on Crocodile Records :

  The video you'll see below was filmed on the hottest June day since 1975 which is why no one seems to be wearing many clothes! There's also plenty of scenes featuring streakers so you might not want to view at work. The song is about the difference between merely hearing sound and truly concentrating and appreciating what you hear. It's called Listening.....

Thursday 29 June 2017

Freak Genes - Going Wrong

  Freak Genes are a new band from Manchester featuring the talents of Charlie Murphy and Andrew Anderson. Having previously played in bands such as Red Cords, Hipshakes, Holiday Ghost and Proto Idiot they joined forces last year and began recording an album. The fruits of their labour is titled Playtime and it was released on Alien Snatch Records last month. Their influences are Swell Maps, Nick Lowe, Devo etc and I've also heard them compared to The Buzzcocks. You can check out the album here :

  They're already working on a follow up album and in August they'll be playing the Get Lost Festival in Hamburg. A European tour will follow and the line up will expand to a 5 piece for the live shows.

  I played this song on the latest Just Some Punk Songs show and it went down a storm with the folk in the chatroom. This is Going Wrong.....

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Death Cult - Flesh Prison

(photo by Johnny Camacho)

  Death Cult are from San Antonio, Texas and last year they released a demo which you can find name your price on Bandcamp... 

  They play fast and heavy riff driven rock, list amongst the artists they like bands like Lumpy & The Dumpers and Husker Du and line up with Jon (vocals), David (guitar), Valerie (bass) and Josh (drums).

  They seem to have been promising new material for ages so whilst we wait, here's a track from the demo. It's titled Flesh Prison....

trapped in this flesh, sick, sad, and grotesque. didn't even want to be born, but here i am imprisoned in this world. 

grab my knife and peel the flesh, let out my screams and remove the rest, escaping from this flesh prison, escaping the thoughts that left me bedridden. this human form means nothing to me, don't even consider myself a being, a fucking pariah with the desire to feel again and rekindle the fire. 

staring down at my hands, over analyzation. thoughts racing through my head, the mental strain i'd rather be dead. 

grab my knife and peel the flesh, let out my screams and remove the rest, escaping from this flesh prison, escaping the thoughts that left me bedridden, look in the mirror and all i see, a failure according to society, my hopes and dreams are nothing to them, another unfortunate circumstance.

Tuesday 27 June 2017

The Croissants - Buzzkill

  The Croissants return today with a standout track from their new album, That's Tight! The Sacramento trio previously appeared here in 2014 with their outsider anthem We're In The Basement ( Not only have they a new album, there's also a new ep that features 3 tracks that aren't on That's Tight! but 2 of which will appear on the "upcoming debut lp Summer School Again." Bit confusing but that's because That's Tight! is a compilation whilst Summer School Again will be all new songs. Anyway, check out Bandcamp for the music :

  The song you'll find below is on That's Tight! and also appeared on the 2016 split ep with Charles Albright. It's a Ramones inspired 68 second gem called Buzzkill.....

Monday 26 June 2017

Blisterhead - Border Control

  Blisterhead are a Swedish band that have been together since 1999 and currently features a line up of Erik Tornqvist (guitar/vocals), Andreas Emanuelsson (bass), Johan Carlsson (drums/vocals) and Kim Nilsson (guitar/vocals). Their back catalogue includes several albums (Punk Royale, Via Casilina, Under The City Lights, Tumbling Down) and a split ep with Voice Of A Generation.

  They recently resurfaced with a new ep titled Border Control. It was released on May 19th and was recorded live in the Panic Room Studio. The 4 songs tackle the issues surrounding the refugee situation in Europe. Their sound has been compared to the likes of Rancid, Bad Religion, Randy etc and should appeal to any punk fan that enjoys intelligent lyrics combined with fist in the air singalong choruses.

  I'll play a different song on Tuesday's Just Some Punk Songs show ( but today this is the title track of the ep, Border Control....

Sunday 25 June 2017

SeepeopleS - New American Dream


  Seepeoples are a long running pop rock band currently based in Portland, Maine.  Featuring singer/songwriter/guitarist Will Bradford, the line up has seen frequent changes over the years but is now a 4 piece also boasting the talents of Ian Riley (bass/vocals), Dan Capaldi (drums/vocals) and Fred Copeman (keyboard/vocals).

  The latest addition to their catalogue of work is the Hate ep. It's the middle release in a related trio of eps (Love/Hate/Live) and it's been causing somewhat of a buzz, partly due to a new promotional video created by Pete List (who's the animator behind MTV's Celebrity Death Match). The video is for the song New American Dream which is a timely reworking of one of the band's older songs (it was originally released during the time of the Bush administration). It deals with the threat to world peace posed by having a bunch of war mongering idiots in charge of  the world's nuclear superpowers.

  This is New American Dream.....

Saturday 24 June 2017

Guttfull - Keyboard Warrior


  Earlier this year I posted a President Trump bashing song by new London "dirty sax" punks Guttfull ( Today I'm pleased to bring you a song from their forthcoming ep,  titled #notalmen, it'll feature 6 tracks and is released on 20th July. You can check out details here :

  They've a few dates lined up to promote the ep, including the official launch party at the Lexington in London where they'll be supporting Skinny Girl Diet. You can find out more here :

   The song you'll see below is on the new ep and it's also the current single. All the comments running along the bottom of the video are genuine comments left on videos, photos and articles about female musicians.

  This is Keyboard Warrior.....

Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 

Checking out my videos 
Telling me I’m hideous 
Venom on your keyboard 
Scared of being ignored 
Checking out my pictures 
Calling women bitches 
Dissing all the sisters 
I think that you’re dickless 
I think that you’re dickless 

Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
You're so mighty 
With your typing 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Spewing out in torrents 
Never read the comments 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Nasty sniping 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Spewing out in torrents 
Never read the comments 
Never read the comments 

Checking out my music 
Telling me you feel sick 
Think you’re such a gangster 
Say I’m worse than cancer 
Checking out my body 
You need to get a hobby 
Call me fat and ugly 
I know that I’m lovely 
I know I’m fucking lovely 

Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
You're so mighty 
With your typing 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Spewing out in torrents 
Never read the comments 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Nasty sniping 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Spewing out in torrents 
Never read the comments 
Never read the comments


Friday 23 June 2017

Mobina Galore - Vancouver

  Mobina Galore are a "vocally aggressive power chord punk duo" from Winnipeg, Canada. The line up features Jenna Priestner (vocals/guitar) and Marcia Hanson (drums/vocals). They've been together since 2011 and list amongst their influences the likes of The Distillers, Propagandhi, Desaparecidos, Against Me! etc...

  Earlier this year they released a new album called Feeling Disconnected. It's available on New Damage Records and Gunner Records and you can check it out here :

  In support of the album they'll be touring North America and you can find details here :

  From the new album, this is Vancouver.....

Trying hard to fill a void but I’m just lying to myself 
It seems I’m dying on the inside you know I’m looking for some help 
I wonder why I’m sitting here when I know I don’t belong 
Disconnected from this moment, didn’t think it’s feel this wrong 

I was a kid when I was smart enough to know what I wanted 
When I was 18 I was told that I had always been wrong 
I’ve got a list to get through but I’m still waiting in line 
I keep being given a chance I choose the same thing every time 


My anxiety distracts me from reality 
I’m driving across this province like a zombie it’s not safe for me 
Or you or anyone involved in the situation 
Can I pull over draw the curtains curl up in the back seat? 


There’s comfort in these walls, they’ve taken me this far, I won’t let it bring me down 
Won’t bring me down, not tonight, won’t bring me down 


Thursday 22 June 2017

The Muff Divers - There's A New Spud In Town

  The Muff Divers are a duo from Chicago featuring Joe Sussman (Nancy, Dangus Tarkus) and AJ Durso (Culo, Gas Rag). They released a 2014 Demo and followed it up with an ep called No Muff Too Tuff and now they're back with a new album. Titled Dreams Of The Gentlest Texture it came out a couple of months ago on Lumpy Records and you can find it name your price here :

  They play catchy, off kilter punk & glam rock. High pitched vocals, guitars, synth & drum machine. It reminds me of bands like The Dickies, The Spits, Coneheads, Liquids etc and should go down a storm with fans of those bands.

  From the album, this is the infectious There's A New Spud In Town....

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Radioactivity - Infected

  Whilst thinking what to write about today's song I noticed that the band covered in today's update were the second ever band to feature on Just Some Punk Songs way back in 2013 ( Not an awful lot has changed on Just Some Punk Songs, you still get a killer song every day (along with a couple of badly writtten introductory paragraphs) and not an awful lot has changed with Radioactivity. They're still releasing wonderful garage influenced pop punk gems.

  The band lines up with ex Marked Men Jeff Burke and Mark Ryan alongside Bad Sports' Daniel Fried and Gregory Rutherford (as well as Marked Men & Bad Sports they've been in a plethora of other bands including Potential Johns, Chinese Telephones, The Novice, Mind Spiders, High Tension Wires, Video, Wiccans etc. One band you need to check out are Burke's excellent indie pop outfit Lost Balloons who've just released the gorgeous Hey Summer album :

  Anyway, Radioactivity have a new single. It's on Wild Honey Records and despite it being a follow up to their 2015 album Silent Kill, the 2 songs on the single were written several years earlier than that release and have only now seen the light of day. They've definitely been worth the wait.

This is about a relationship that was too one sided to succeed and it's called Infected....

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Tv Crime - Clocking In

  TV Crime are the Nottingham newcomers that crashed last year's Just Some Punk Songs' best of 2016 chart with debut single Hooligans (it was an impressive number 4). It wasn't just me that loved the record though, it seemed to be universally adored so hopes for future releases were very high. Happily enough their new single doesn't disappoint.

  There'll be a 7" soon (as well as a debut album at some point). It'll be out on Static Shock Records and available through Drunken Sailor Records. For now you can check out the 2 tracks, Clocking In & Clocking Out over on Bandcamp

  They tag themselves as northern soul punk and listening to the new single I can definitely catch similarities with another great band, Royal Headache. I think it's fair to say they're one of the UK'S most promising new talents.

  This is Clocking In....

Monday 19 June 2017

The 99ers - She Dont Like The Lillingtons

  St Paul, Minnesota pop punkers The 99ers are back with a new album. It's called Pop Punk Girl (the single of the same name appeared on this blog last year) and it's a fun 13 track blending of power pop, garage, punk and rock n roll. As well as the tile track there's an excellent cover of one of the genres greatest songs (Heaven Only Knows) as well as catchy tunes about beaches, surfing, pajama parties, and Roller Girls. It's fun, melodious and will hit the sweet spot for any fan of catchy bubblegum punk.

  The current line up of the band features founder member Stephen Brookfield (guitar/vocals) alongside Christopher Schoonover (drums), Doug Heeschen (bass/vocals) and Emily Bee (guitar/vocals). The album's out now on Spinout Records and it's highly recommended.

  The song you'll see below was played on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show alongside a bunch of other great new releases. If you want to check it out, it's saved here :  Feel free to favourite and share the show so more people get to hear the bands.

  A girl with dubious taste, this is called She Don't Like The Lillingtons....

Sunday 18 June 2017

PizzaTramp - My Back's Fucking Fucked

(photo by Mark Richards)

As some of you know, as well as this blog there's also a Just Some Punk Songs weekly internet show in which I try and bring you the best new punk releases. It has a small but knowledgeable following split between the live show and the mixcloud saved version. The benefit of listening live is that you can access a chatroom and give your thoughts on the songs I play. Due to this I know that today's band are much loved by pretty much everyone who hears them. (Last week's show, which featured PizzaTramp, is saved here if anyone's interested...

  Anyway, PizzaTramp. Fuck me they rock. They featured here previously with a track from last year's excellent Blowing Chunks album and today they return with a rip roaring blast of sonic fury taken from new ep Revenge Of The Bangertronic Dan ep. It's their 4th ep, it was recorded in a couple of hours so what you get is the band at their rawest, warts and all. It's great passionate punk rock music and you can find it here :

  Are you ready to rock out? This is My Back's Fucking Fucked.....

Give me pills I'll go self medication 
Don't need a note I got self certification 
Hurts when I'm down and it hurts when I'm up 
All I know is that my back's fucking fucked 

Never mind only forty more years 
Every night another forty more beers 
Makes you feel quite down on your luck 
All I know is that my back's fucking fucked

Saturday 17 June 2017

Last Orders - You Better Run


  Last Orders are, according to their Facebook group, London's Finest Oi! band. Last week I was sent a copy of their 2015 album Time Gentlemen Please and it's packed with your quintessential tough as nails cockney singalongs. As well as several of their own compositions (one of which features below), it also includes covers of songs by the likes of the 4 Skins, Cockney Rejects and Bruisers.

  They probably won't appeal to everyone, they ain't politically correct, but if you enjoy gritty bootboy anthems then you should check them out. They're currently working on a new album.

  Co-written by ex bassist Stu Newman (he featured on here recently with his current band Underclass UK) and featuring Frankie Flame on electric piano, this is a song that suggests it's not a good idea to fool around with them. You Better Run....

Friday 16 June 2017

Fitness - Pauly's Shore


  Fitness are from Chicago, they formed in 2013 and are a 4 piece that combine punk, grunge and beefed up rock n roll riffs. Whilst they grew up listening to Weezer's Blue album & Thin Lizzy, their music is definitely modern day punk. Energetic and shouty, vibrant and bold.

  Their first release was a S/T album in 2015 and you can check it out here : 

  Last month saw them return with a new 6 track ep called Puppet Show. It's available on vinyl (100 copies violet vinyl, 200 black) from Don't Panic Records and you can also find it digitally here

  An urgent gravel throated singalong, This is Pauly's Shore.....


Thursday 15 June 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Tom Boutwood (Arch Rivals, Hostile Minds, Hard Wax)

  Tom Boutwood is one of the main players in the resurgence of modern day Oi music. He's appeared several times on here recently as a member of Arch Rivals, Hostile Minds and Hard Wax, all great bands that if you've not yet checked them out yet then you really should.

*Quick edit to mention that Arch Rivals have just released a new video for their song Outlaws*

  It was a safe bet that Tom's Top 10 favourite songs list would be jam packed with quality tunes and he was kind enough to oblige when I asked him. Many thanks mate and over to you....

Hi mate, really hard to choose an all time top ten as they keep changing so I chose my current top 10 (today!) Although quite a few probably would make an all time list. Hope that works for you!?

 1)  The Templars - Situation Critical

One of my all time favourite bands and a big influence with my songwriting! Every album is top quality!

 2)  Crown Court - Hated But Rated

Cream of the new oi crop for me. Old school influence but delivered with attitude, fuckin killer!

 3)  The Cliches - Never Change

quality bovver rock! These guys are about to release 3 new songs as well, can’t wait!

 4)  4 Skins - One Law For Them

A proper aggro anthem, great track from a top band

 5)  The Living End - Raise The Alarm

Another big influence for me, shifted away more from the rockabilly side but the newer stuff is full of catchy as hell songs

 6)  Suede Razors - Bovver Girl 

Can't get enough of their new mini album, been on repeat, cracking band

 7)  Top Dog - We're You A Bootboy

Another quality newer band with an old school sound and attitude. Great guys to boot as well

 8)  Sick Of It All - Scratch The Surface

Scratch the surface - always a good track to stick on in the morning, in your face hardcore!

 9)  B Squadron - Means Of Escape

Proper real and raw oi from Leicester not afraid to tell it how it is. UK scene is strong at the moment, just need these lot to get their album finished!

10)  Cock Sparrer - Take 'Em All

Another legendary band with a track that never gets old. Started playing this live with Arch Rivals and it's great fun to play!

Wednesday 14 June 2017

Suburban Commandos - The Day the Earth Stood Still

  Suburban Commandos are the latest excellent band off the Murder Cow Records conveyor belt. They're a 3 piece from St Louis, Missouri and line up with K Smalls (drums/backing vocals), DK Ramey (bass/vocals) and Kenny Joslen (guitar/backing vocals). They've a brand new album titled Soccer Moms Dropping F-Bombs and as with all Murder Cow releases you can snap it up on Bandcamp "name your price"

  They describe their sound as "punchy bass lines, 4 chords and fun lyrics....high energy skate punk in the tradition of Sloppy Seconds, Op Ivy, 7 Seconds and Screeching Weasel." If you like your punk rock catchy but with the rough edges still intact then this is definitely worth you checking out.

  Inspired by the classic 1951 Sci Fi movie, this is The Day The Earth Stood Still...

(Last night's Just Some Punk Songs show featured a different Suburban Commandos track alongside 22 other great new punk tunes. You can listen anytime. If you want to favourite the show and share it and help it up the Mixcloud punk chart then hopefully that will help these bands get a bit more well deserved exposure..... )

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Vista Blue - Thirteen


  Vista Blue are regulars on Just Some Punk Songs, their catchy power pop/pop punk tunes make a nice contrast to some of the more gritty or hard hitting bands that feature. An added bonus with Vista Blue is that their frequent new releases (as well as being wonderful) are name your price on Bandcamp. What are you waiting for, go download some great music....

  Now you've done that, I'll tell you about their new ep. It's called Here To Stay and this time around Mike and the guys have recorded 4 covers of some of their favourite songs. They've put their unique spin on tracks by Depeche Mode, The Cascades, Big Star and Teen Idols. The Song you're getting below was originally by Memphis Tennessee's Big Star and it was described by Rolling Stone as "one of rock's most beautiful celebrations of adolescence."

  This is Thirteen.....

Won't you let me walk you home from school
Won't you let me meet you at the pool
Maybe Friday I can
Get tickets for the dance
And I'll take you
Won't you tell your dad, get off my back
Tell him what we said 'bout 'Paint It Black'
Rock 'n Roll is here to stay
Come inside where it's okay
And I'll shake you
Won't you tell me what you're thinking of
Would you be an outlaw for my love
If it's so, well, let me know
If it's no, well, I can go
I won't make you

Monday 12 June 2017

Clobber - Sink Or Swim

  Clobber are a fast paced 3 piece UK punk band from Redditch, Worcestershire. They line up with Chris (guitar/vocals), Ben (bass/vocals) and Lozz (drums). Their debut single Britun First featured on here last year (

  A couple of months ago they released a video for the song All My Best Bands Are Has Beens and now they're back with the first song off their upcoming ep which is due out later this month.

  In support of the ep they've a gig with another excellent UK punk band, Gnarwolves, on 6th July in Worcester. You can get details on Facebook.

  This is Sink Or Swim.....

Sunday 11 June 2017

Interview With Grim Deeds

  Grim Deeds is the prolific singer/songwriter from Foster City, California who has appeared several time before on Just Some Punk Songs and who has a greatest hits compilation coming soon. Titled Only The Beast it'll featured re-recorded versions of 13 of his best songs. Next year Grim Deeds is likely to go on hiatus due to parenthood and the demands of a new job so it seemed like a good time to have a chat with him. I'll intersperse the chat with some of my favourite songs of his and give you links to his Bandcamp and Facebook pages.

Bandcamp :

Facebook : 

Just Some Punk Songs : "GRIM DEEDS is a complete waste of your time! Pay 5 bucks to download the album! FUCK YOU!" Hardly the most illuminating of Facebook biographies. Bandcamp isn't much better just mentioning that you're from California. So let's start with who's Grim Deeds?

Grim Deeds : Grim Deeds is essentially a one-man band based in California. It's been going now for a little over 3 years, and I've recorded somewhere around 150 songs so far - many in my parked car - but have also received help and support from dozens of friends across the globe who've contributed songs and recorded parts for my songs. There's a strong connection with The Lillingtons (also my favorite band), and Kody/Tim/Alex/Cory have all contributed to songs as well as playing with me live. In addition there is "Grim Deeds Japan", consisting of Keita/Daisuke/Yusuke/Hiro who have helped with recordings and played with me live in Tokyo. I've collaborated with musician friends from Indonesia, Germany, Russia, Japan, and all across the USA. Dr. Frank serves as my unofficial advisor at times and is otherwise a significant source of support and inspiration. My daily life is one that apparently has little to no tolerance for Grim Deeds, which is why I've maintained an alias the whole time. My profession and family life are both very demanding and the nature of what I do makes it necessary for Grim Deeds to exist in a separate universe.

The Braindead Masses

JSPS : You mention that you've recorded around 150 tracks in a little over 3 years (and when you've featured previously on this blog I lightheartedly comment on how prolific you are). Is it just a case of an idea comes into your head and you get it recorded as quickly as possible? Do you release everything and let the public decide on it's worth or are there hundreds of other recordings that haven't see the light of day?

GD : Good question. Basically I have always operated under the impression that I'm on borrowed time, and therefore should exploit every opportunity to record and be productive. Almost every Grim Deeds song recorded ends up on my bandcamp page (I've deleted a handful of lacklustre ideas over the years but they were few and far between). Bandcamp links share easily on Facebook, which has been my main tool for connecting with people and promoting what I do. People have shorter attention spans now and more media to consume on a daily basis, so the strategy of releasing short songs with a catchy title on a somewhat regular basis has worked well for me. When I have enough songs, I make an album. So far there have been 8 full length CDs, 2 cassette splits, and an appearance on a comp that's on both cd and vinyl format. I'm currently working on two separate split 7" releases, a "best of" album featuring the best songs re-recorded with a more official studio sound, and I also have enough recent singles to justify a 9th full-length release. OUTLOUD! Records has been my main source of support for releasing albums. I've also worked with Indonesia's Rizkan Reocords, Mom's Basement Records in the USA, and Dumptruck Records who supported the release of two albums and featured a Deeds song on their compilation album. So almost everything I've done is archived digitally on bandcamp, or exists in a physical format (though some albums are out of print).

Particle Man

JSPS : Last year, you chose your 10 favourite songs for this blog. As well as several fairly lesser well known pop punk tunes, there were a number of songs of a more humerous or offbeat nature. Would you like to share your influences. When you're writing new songs do you first come up with a catchy tune and write lyrics to fit or is it the opposite way around?

GD : It was fun and an honor to make that list for you, Mick! Humor is key to my life, and I find it to be therapeutic in the same way that music can be, so naturally a blend of the two can be ideal.
My songwriting approach for Grim Deeds has mostly revolved around good song titles and concepts - something personal sometimes, other times topics that I think others will relate to but aren't addressed in pop punk music typically. The fusion of catchy, poppy melodies with rather dark and intense lyrics has always been a recurring feature of the Grim Deeds style. But the project is ultimately my main creative outlet, so I've thrown in plenty of covers (enough for a full album), tribute songs, and collaborations based around a theme. Sometimes I've featured others people's songs just because I liked the tune and wanted people to know about it. There have also been special circumstances where a song just had to be written in response to an event that deeply affected me, such as a friend's death. That specific source of inspiration has recurred too often in the past two years, but I'm grateful to be able to make something meaningful out of it. Likewise I often write about my own personal struggles with adult life and human existence, so beneath the upbeat and catchy tunes lies a more desperate and deeper meaning.

Honk Till You Wonk

JSPS : Does being essentially a one man band make gigging easier as in you can call on any number of friends to make up a band for any particular show or does not having a set line up make things harder. What can people expect from a Grim Deeds show and how often do you get to play live?

GD : I've only played 5 shows since I started, and all were based on lucky offers. I've played Chicago, Las Vegas, and Tokyo with live bands made up of friends. Besides that I've done two acoustic shows, both in Oakland. I love playing live and try to make the Grim Deeds set a unique experience with lots of weird humor and energy behind the songs. Performing is a great release for me personally but also a great means of connecting with an audience, which I also find very meaningful. Ultimately my current life limits my abilitiy to play live, so I just take what I'm offered when the timing is right. I am scheduled to play some California dates in September with The Moans, The Rinds, and my friends in the band PornoSurf from the Canary Islands. I doubt I'll ever be able to play live in a regular basis, but I'm still motivated to do it when possible and to make the most of every chance I get.

Life Sucks (Then You Die)

JSPS : The music scene is a very different place from when i was a teenager rushing down to my local independant record store to buy the latest release from The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers etc. Nowadays pretty much everything ends up online. Aside from the bigger name bands is it possible to make money nowadays from punk music or is it just a case of hoping you don't end up too much out of pocket persuing your love of music?

GD : Great question. I've struggled with this issue since starting Grim Deeds. Although I do make some return on what I put in financially, I'm always operating at a very significant loss. It got to the point where my wife and I sat down and made a spread sheet based on an annual spending limit. The deal is I have a limited budget for music projects each year, but can offset costs with whatever proceeds I receive for digital downloads, cd sales, etc. The majority of my sales are digital downloads of songs and albums. CDs barely sell at all, and there was a time when I was losing money on cd sales by shipping them to different places, including internationally. I've also given away the majority of my merch and physical releases to friends and people I've met at shows. I used to send Travis at Eccentric Pop Records boxes of CDs to give away with orders, which helped get my name out there. In general my goal is just to build a larger audience of people who like and get what I'm doing. Meanwhile one friend and fan named John Kokkonakis from Greece has literally paid for every song I've released, including free downloads. The majority of my music income can be attributed to one awesome Greek fan! Also to give you an idea of my "success", my earnings so far in 2017 are about 1/6 of my expenses for production costs, and I'm quickly approaching my budget limit for the year! I'll try to make the most out of what's left. I have four releases planned for the remainder of 2017.
A future goal though, perhaps post-Grim Deeds, is to record and release music without paying for any production costs - DIY based on gear I currently own and have gotten better at using over the years. I've progressed in my home recording skills to the point where I think that'll soon be "good enough" and I'll no longer "need" to spend money on extra costs like mastering and art. Of course I still love working with new artists and producers so it'll be a hard habit to break! Luckily for me I have a friend in Sweden who helps me achieve a great studio sound from his home studio (plus plays all instruments), and only asks for a VERY small price for what I get. People will hear that on the upcoming "best of" album.

Diggum Collects Vinyl

JSPS : You've mentioned downloads and cds but what about vinyl? Will Diggum get to add Grim Deeds to his collection?

GD : Ha!!! Those who know Diggum (human name: Jacob Desersa) who plays drums in Grim Deeds know that he will spend literally every last dime on his precious vinyl collection. At this point I would value his collection at the same price as the average down payment on a single family home. I know he has obsessively collected each release by the the bands Ghoul, Lillingtons and other cool bands as well as other useless so-called pop punk and obscure, unlistenable black metal shipped from faraway lands. I guess since I'm giving him a hard time I'll also throw him a bone and promote his band Lightweight - they just released an EP and it's actually very good for those who like original sounding punk rock ( But more to your question, there will be 7" vinyl for Diggum soon enough, but I'll have to work on getting some proper 12" records pressed some day. For now I have copies of my metal band's first album on vinyl (Cloven Altar) and I made sure that my little frog friend got dibs on a copy. Another fun fact is that I constantly give away my lightly worn band t-shirts to Diggum because we wear the same size and I usually don't like to wear band shirts. In public I prefer to incognito as a lame, upper middle class white wanker.

Audrey Has Autism

GD :  Recording music and writing songs are two outlets that I rely on heavily for their therapeutic benefits as well as the community-building aspects of sharing tunes with like-minded people. I'm honored to be friends with people who are also my favorite songwriters, and particularly grateful to feel part of an emerging scene of pure pop punk that has risen in recent years. Thank you to Kody Templeman and The Lillingtons for your support throughout the years. Thank you to David Jones (RIP) for your guidance and friendship. Thanks to Dr. Frank for being receptive to my ongoing rants and maniacal songwriting tendencies (and for providing an extensive catalog of excellent songs that I've routinely revisited for inspiration and study). Thanks to my friend Christian Golden for the wise council you've offered me throughout two decades of friendship. Thanks also to Jesse Linn, John Kokkonakis, Matt Bennett, Cederick Forsberg, all the friends who've helped and contributed art, songs, recordings etc. Thank you Mick for the great opportunity to talk about myself and also for your outstanding blog. And finally check out these awesome pop punk bands who deserve your plaudits: Neon Bone, Vista Blue, Parasite Diet, The Nerdy Jugheads, The Hathaways, The Putz, Andy Social and the Antidotes, The Blendours, The Young Rochelles, Ryan Manhole, Surfinbird, PornoSurf, The Rinds, The Moans, and stay tuned for more new Lillingtons...

She Won't Fuck Me

Thanks Grim, good luck with the new album, parenthood and the new job.

Saturday 10 June 2017

Against Me! - Stabitha Christie


  No doubt you all know Against Me! and they don't really need the publicity that this blog will bring but some of you may have missed the recent 7" that they released for Record Store Day and as it's a damn good single I'm going to feature it today.

  The Gainsville veterens have been around in one form or another since 1997 expanding from the original anarchist solo act into one of modern day punk's most popular bands and currently lining up with Laura Jane Grace (guitar/vocals), James Bowman (guitar/vocals), Atom Willard (drums) and Inge Johansson (bass).

  The Record Day release was a picture disc (4,000 copies) which featured a couple of tracks, both winners and well worthy of your attention. Originally recorded during the sessions for the Shape Shift With Me album they most definitely aren't just throw away b side material. There's the more laid back First High Of The Morning and the more up tempo song you'll find below. This is Stabitha Christie....

  And I guess I never thought that age would kill me so I always bet on thirteens I know there's no such thing as a free cigarette
And I tried to think I don't know why it stuck with me I've never been so good at predicting truths that are soon to be revealed
[chorus]: With a face for a reaper to fear, you’ll never even see her coming With a face for a reaper to fear, Stabitha Christie has her choice in victims
And I take good comfort in having assurance there's always an easy way out It’s no tragedy but your veins ain’t too pretty to spill
Please know I never judge your damage; everyone's got their thing Sometimes you just gotta go in for a kill
And I’ve got some room for new chips in my old teeth And I crave immediacy
With a face for a reaper to fear, you’ll never even see her coming With a face for a reaper to fear, you’ll never even see her coming With a face for a reaper to fear With a face for a reaper to fear With a face for a reaper to fear Stabitha Christie

Friday 9 June 2017

Shitty Life - Television Addict


  A cover version today! The song you're getting below was originally released by Perth (Western Australia) punk band The Victims in the late 70's. It was the A side of their debut single and is one of punk's greatest songs. (The B side of that single was equally as good and featured on this blog back in Feb 2014

  Shitty Life are an Italian garage punk band from Parma who released a couple of demos in early 2015 and have been pretty prolific ever since. April 2016 saw them put out a 7 track s/t 12" which featured some of those demo songs and there was also a split 7" with Just Some Punk Songs' favourite D D Owen. March of this year brought us the Faith single (today's song is the flip side of that single) and April saw them release the 6 track S/L ep. You can find all of them on Bandcamp....

  They're a 5 piece featuring Iggy Tassoni (vocals), Lorenzo Belli (guitar), Lorenzo Piffer (guitar), Nocciola (bass) and Luoca (drums) and they'll be touring Europe over the next month playing gigs in Germany and Belgium. Check out Facebook for details 

  This is Television Addict....

Read the news the other day
About a boy they threw away
He went out and shot someone
Like some Kojak teleplay

He claimed he was confused
Between fact and fantasy
It seems he spent all of his time
In front of TV screen

He was a
Television addict

His lawyer said 'this boy is sick'
'Blame the ratings for his crime'
They say too much sex and too much violence 
On the idiot box spoiled his idiot mind

He was a
Television addict

Watch it

Thursday 8 June 2017

Hostile Minds - No Fucks Given


"Don't live your life any other way
 and don't give a fuck about what other people say
 stay true to your roots
 and you'll find we've got your back through and through"

  Tom Boutwood. You may not have heard of him but it seems as though if his name is associated with a band then you're guaranteed some seriously good music. Already this year he's been featured on 2 great releases, the Arch Rivals' double A sided single Arch Rivals/Outlaws ( and the debut album from Hard Wax, Diamond In The Rough (

  Recently he completed a hattrick of classic modern day UK Oi releases with the new ep by Hostile Minds, Life On File. The band announced themselves to the world in 2015 with the No Innocence ep and followed it up a year later with debut album Violent Society. Now they're back with possibly their best release yet. Alongside vocalist Tom the band also features Tom Murphy (guitar/vocals), Kev Jones (bass/vocals) and Matt Couch (drums/vocals).
  Life On File is released on a new label run by Tom called Union Records. It's available as a 4 track 7".  Proper, gritty Oi as it was intended, this is timeless music. This track features Carl Jahier of Komintern Sect and it's got a chorus to die for. No Fucks Given....

Wednesday 7 June 2017

The Mistakes - Democracy


  From Poole, Dorset, The Mistakes appeared on here last year with a song from their Vol 2 ep which came out on guitarist Shane Creech's Never Be Quiet Record label. ( Today they return with their new single.

  Taken from the forthcoming album, Anti Social Media, it's titled Democracy and it's a timely battle cry concerning itself with the voting trends of the general public in the Brexit referendum, the US presidential election and quite possibly the UK general election.

  Playing balls to the wall punk rock, the band line up features Ross Sutcliffe (vocals), Shane Creech (rhythm guitar), James Gould (lead guitar), Richie Blandford (bass) and Lewis Willoughby (drums). Their influences include the likes of Rancid, The Clash, Anti-Flag, The King Blues etc.
  This song is for the 48% who don't get their voices heard, it's called Democracy....

You don't collect bins anymore,
It's like the 80's all over again
Comparisons hard to ignore
But you're no Iron Lady just a desperate...
Oh yeah we've been here once before, 
you can't ignore, human rights are not just rules they lift us from animals...

Democracy's a dirty word
That's how it feels now the people's voice has been heard
Democracy's a dirty word
That's how it feels now the people's voice has been heard

You say they were both protest votes
Not what we wanted just a way of rocking the boat
But now it's gone way past a joke
The only winners dusting off their old hoods and robes
Democracy's a dirty word, that's what I heard, 
Shouted at the riot police, anti fash,
Dressed in black screaming...

Democracy's a dirty word
That's how it feels now the people's voice has been heard
Democracy's a dirty word
That's how it feels now the people's voice has been heard