Thursday 15 June 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Tom Boutwood (Arch Rivals, Hostile Minds, Hard Wax)

  Tom Boutwood is one of the main players in the resurgence of modern day Oi music. He's appeared several times on here recently as a member of Arch Rivals, Hostile Minds and Hard Wax, all great bands that if you've not yet checked them out yet then you really should.

*Quick edit to mention that Arch Rivals have just released a new video for their song Outlaws*

  It was a safe bet that Tom's Top 10 favourite songs list would be jam packed with quality tunes and he was kind enough to oblige when I asked him. Many thanks mate and over to you....

Hi mate, really hard to choose an all time top ten as they keep changing so I chose my current top 10 (today!) Although quite a few probably would make an all time list. Hope that works for you!?

 1)  The Templars - Situation Critical

One of my all time favourite bands and a big influence with my songwriting! Every album is top quality!

 2)  Crown Court - Hated But Rated

Cream of the new oi crop for me. Old school influence but delivered with attitude, fuckin killer!

 3)  The Cliches - Never Change

quality bovver rock! These guys are about to release 3 new songs as well, can’t wait!

 4)  4 Skins - One Law For Them

A proper aggro anthem, great track from a top band

 5)  The Living End - Raise The Alarm

Another big influence for me, shifted away more from the rockabilly side but the newer stuff is full of catchy as hell songs

 6)  Suede Razors - Bovver Girl 

Can't get enough of their new mini album, been on repeat, cracking band

 7)  Top Dog - We're You A Bootboy

Another quality newer band with an old school sound and attitude. Great guys to boot as well

 8)  Sick Of It All - Scratch The Surface

Scratch the surface - always a good track to stick on in the morning, in your face hardcore!

 9)  B Squadron - Means Of Escape

Proper real and raw oi from Leicester not afraid to tell it how it is. UK scene is strong at the moment, just need these lot to get their album finished!

10)  Cock Sparrer - Take 'Em All

Another legendary band with a track that never gets old. Started playing this live with Arch Rivals and it's great fun to play!

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