Wednesday 14 June 2017

Suburban Commandos - The Day the Earth Stood Still

  Suburban Commandos are the latest excellent band off the Murder Cow Records conveyor belt. They're a 3 piece from St Louis, Missouri and line up with K Smalls (drums/backing vocals), DK Ramey (bass/vocals) and Kenny Joslen (guitar/backing vocals). They've a brand new album titled Soccer Moms Dropping F-Bombs and as with all Murder Cow releases you can snap it up on Bandcamp "name your price"

  They describe their sound as "punchy bass lines, 4 chords and fun lyrics....high energy skate punk in the tradition of Sloppy Seconds, Op Ivy, 7 Seconds and Screeching Weasel." If you like your punk rock catchy but with the rough edges still intact then this is definitely worth you checking out.

  Inspired by the classic 1951 Sci Fi movie, this is The Day The Earth Stood Still...

(Last night's Just Some Punk Songs show featured a different Suburban Commandos track alongside 22 other great new punk tunes. You can listen anytime. If you want to favourite the show and share it and help it up the Mixcloud punk chart then hopefully that will help these bands get a bit more well deserved exposure..... )

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