Saturday 3 June 2017

Trampoline Team - Drug Culture


  Trampoline team are from New Orleans, formed in 2011 and are a 3 piece featuring Sam De Lucia (vocals/bass), Shelby Grosz (drums) and Michael He-Man (guitar). They play mostly sub 2 minute female fronted punk bangers that contain a hint of C86 UK indie.

  Their debut release was 2013's Mike Life Crisis ep, they followed it with 2014's Velveteen Dream before a year later releasing debut album Make It Faster. Fast paced, snotty but tuneful female fronted punk, what's not to love.

  Last month they returned with a new single, 2 tracks, Drug Culture & I Don't Play Games, unsurprisingly it's wonderful. It doesn't stray far from the tried and tested, you want urgent and catchy punk fuzzbombs, that's exactly what you get. Check out their music here :

  This is Drug Culture....


  1. Damn that's good shit.

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