Monday 5 June 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Mark Jones (Sounds Of The Street)

  Mark Jones is the man behind the Sounds Of The Street blog which features reviews of and interviews with some of the best streetpunk, oi, hardcore and psychobilly bands around. Recent updates have featured the likes of Hostile Minds, Lions Law, City Miles etc. You can check it out on both Tumblr and Facebook....

  Today I'm pleased to bring you Mark's 10 favourite songs....

 1)  BOOZE AND GLORY - Blood From A Stone

 2)  GIMP FIST - Skindeep

 3)  8°6 CREW - Reggae Music Is So Nice


 5)  COCK SPARRER - Every Step Of The Way

 6)  FAZ WALZ - Rock 'N' Roll Boy

 7)  BRASSKNUCKLE - Politics

 8)  RUDE PRIDE - Screaming Oi

 9)  SEASIDE REBELS - Never Admit Defeat

10)  ARCH RIVALS - Arch Rivals

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