Tuesday 20 June 2017

Tv Crime - Clocking In

  TV Crime are the Nottingham newcomers that crashed last year's Just Some Punk Songs' best of 2016 chart with debut single Hooligans (it was an impressive number 4). It wasn't just me that loved the record though, it seemed to be universally adored so hopes for future releases were very high. Happily enough their new single doesn't disappoint.

  There'll be a 7" soon (as well as a debut album at some point). It'll be out on Static Shock Records and available through Drunken Sailor Records. For now you can check out the 2 tracks, Clocking In & Clocking Out over on Bandcamp  https://tvcrime.bandcamp.com/album/clocking-in-b-w-clocking-out

  They tag themselves as northern soul punk and listening to the new single I can definitely catch similarities with another great band, Royal Headache. I think it's fair to say they're one of the UK'S most promising new talents.

  This is Clocking In....

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