Monday 19 June 2017

The 99ers - She Dont Like The Lillingtons

  St Paul, Minnesota pop punkers The 99ers are back with a new album. It's called Pop Punk Girl (the single of the same name appeared on this blog last year) and it's a fun 13 track blending of power pop, garage, punk and rock n roll. As well as the tile track there's an excellent cover of one of the genres greatest songs (Heaven Only Knows) as well as catchy tunes about beaches, surfing, pajama parties, and Roller Girls. It's fun, melodious and will hit the sweet spot for any fan of catchy bubblegum punk.

  The current line up of the band features founder member Stephen Brookfield (guitar/vocals) alongside Christopher Schoonover (drums), Doug Heeschen (bass/vocals) and Emily Bee (guitar/vocals). The album's out now on Spinout Records and it's highly recommended.

  The song you'll see below was played on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show alongside a bunch of other great new releases. If you want to check it out, it's saved here :  Feel free to favourite and share the show so more people get to hear the bands.

  A girl with dubious taste, this is called She Don't Like The Lillingtons....

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