Thursday 1 June 2017

The Lillingtons - Project 313


  Whenever I'm asked what my favourite album of all time is, there's no definitive answer, I'll either reply The Clash's debut or London Calling. Or Stiff Little Fingers' Inflammable Material. Or The Lillingtons' Death By Television. For me, music doesn't get any better than those classics. Unsurprisingly, the news of a new Lillingtons record was rather exciting.

  Formed in Newcastle, Wyoming, The Lillingtons are one of a multitude of pop punk bands influenced by The Ramones. In my opinion, they're the only pop punk band that, at their best, were better than The Ramones. As I've mentioned, their piece de resistance was 1998's Death By Television, a pretty much perfect melding togeher of proper old school pop punk with sci fi themes. No doubt you've heard it already but if for some reason it's thus far flown under your radar then seek it out immediately.

  2001 saw them release The Backchannel Broadcast, a very decent album but one which in my opinion paled a little in comparison to it's predecessor and then the band went their seperate ways (frontman Kody Templeman joining the wonderful Teenage Bottlerocket, a band that definitely helped fill that massive Lillingtons sized hole in my heart). Fast forward to 2006 and they returned with The Too Late Show, another classic about Martians, Commies, zombies etc and then yet again, that was it.

  Radio silence was briefly broken in 2014 when they contributed the song Pyramids for a Red Scare 10th anniversary compilation but despite the occasional gig I was never confident there'd be a new record. Happily I was wrong.

  This month sees the release, via Red Scare, of the 4 track Project 313 ep. There's already been a video release for Rubber Room and now one has emerged for the title track. It's as though the band has never been away. Lining up with original members Kody Templeman (vocals/guitar), Cory Laurence (bass) and Tim (Timmy V) O'Hara (drums) is Alex Volonino (guitar), they're still as awesome as they ever were.

  This is Project 313.....

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