Saturday 17 June 2017

Last Orders - You Better Run


  Last Orders are, according to their Facebook group, London's Finest Oi! band. Last week I was sent a copy of their 2015 album Time Gentlemen Please and it's packed with your quintessential tough as nails cockney singalongs. As well as several of their own compositions (one of which features below), it also includes covers of songs by the likes of the 4 Skins, Cockney Rejects and Bruisers.

  They probably won't appeal to everyone, they ain't politically correct, but if you enjoy gritty bootboy anthems then you should check them out. They're currently working on a new album.

  Co-written by ex bassist Stu Newman (he featured on here recently with his current band Underclass UK) and featuring Frankie Flame on electric piano, this is a song that suggests it's not a good idea to fool around with them. You Better Run....

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