Sunday 4 June 2017

Judy And The Jerks - I Don't Mind

  From Hattiesburg, Mississippi and tagged as "punk, sick, slam, weirdo, wacked out" on their Bandcamp page, Judy And The Jerks appeared on here earlier this year with a song from their Jan 2017 demo ( They didn't hang about before following the demo up with the 3 songs ep and now a cover of a Buzzcocks classic has surfaced on Youtube. Before getting to that I'll point you in the direction of those first 2 releases. They're name your price so there's no excuse not to check them out...

  The band are a 4 piece who formed in October 2016 and feature members of Baghead and Big Bleach (Hampton Martin and Sarah Krock). Sonically they're a female fronted, off kilter buzzbomb of garage influenced punk fun. If you've been tempted to check out this update because you like The Buzzcocks, make sure you check out the band's original material too, they're worthy of your time.

  This is I Don't Mind....

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