Friday 9 June 2017

Shitty Life - Television Addict


  A cover version today! The song you're getting below was originally released by Perth (Western Australia) punk band The Victims in the late 70's. It was the A side of their debut single and is one of punk's greatest songs. (The B side of that single was equally as good and featured on this blog back in Feb 2014

  Shitty Life are an Italian garage punk band from Parma who released a couple of demos in early 2015 and have been pretty prolific ever since. April 2016 saw them put out a 7 track s/t 12" which featured some of those demo songs and there was also a split 7" with Just Some Punk Songs' favourite D D Owen. March of this year brought us the Faith single (today's song is the flip side of that single) and April saw them release the 6 track S/L ep. You can find all of them on Bandcamp....

  They're a 5 piece featuring Iggy Tassoni (vocals), Lorenzo Belli (guitar), Lorenzo Piffer (guitar), Nocciola (bass) and Luoca (drums) and they'll be touring Europe over the next month playing gigs in Germany and Belgium. Check out Facebook for details 

  This is Television Addict....

Read the news the other day
About a boy they threw away
He went out and shot someone
Like some Kojak teleplay

He claimed he was confused
Between fact and fantasy
It seems he spent all of his time
In front of TV screen

He was a
Television addict

His lawyer said 'this boy is sick'
'Blame the ratings for his crime'
They say too much sex and too much violence 
On the idiot box spoiled his idiot mind

He was a
Television addict

Watch it

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