Thursday 29 June 2017

Freak Genes - Going Wrong

  Freak Genes are a new band from Manchester featuring the talents of Charlie Murphy and Andrew Anderson. Having previously played in bands such as Red Cords, Hipshakes, Holiday Ghost and Proto Idiot they joined forces last year and began recording an album. The fruits of their labour is titled Playtime and it was released on Alien Snatch Records last month. Their influences are Swell Maps, Nick Lowe, Devo etc and I've also heard them compared to The Buzzcocks. You can check out the album here :

  They're already working on a follow up album and in August they'll be playing the Get Lost Festival in Hamburg. A European tour will follow and the line up will expand to a 5 piece for the live shows.

  I played this song on the latest Just Some Punk Songs show and it went down a storm with the folk in the chatroom. This is Going Wrong.....

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