Wednesday 21 June 2017

Radioactivity - Infected

  Whilst thinking what to write about today's song I noticed that the band covered in today's update were the second ever band to feature on Just Some Punk Songs way back in 2013 ( Not an awful lot has changed on Just Some Punk Songs, you still get a killer song every day (along with a couple of badly writtten introductory paragraphs) and not an awful lot has changed with Radioactivity. They're still releasing wonderful garage influenced pop punk gems.

  The band lines up with ex Marked Men Jeff Burke and Mark Ryan alongside Bad Sports' Daniel Fried and Gregory Rutherford (as well as Marked Men & Bad Sports they've been in a plethora of other bands including Potential Johns, Chinese Telephones, The Novice, Mind Spiders, High Tension Wires, Video, Wiccans etc. One band you need to check out are Burke's excellent indie pop outfit Lost Balloons who've just released the gorgeous Hey Summer album :

  Anyway, Radioactivity have a new single. It's on Wild Honey Records and despite it being a follow up to their 2015 album Silent Kill, the 2 songs on the single were written several years earlier than that release and have only now seen the light of day. They've definitely been worth the wait.

This is about a relationship that was too one sided to succeed and it's called Infected....

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