Wednesday 30 June 2021

The Hum Hums - Dee Dee Girl


  I've been promising for ages that there'll be a Just Some Punk Songs Japanese special and when I eventually get around to it, I'm pretty sure today's song will feature. 

  The Hum Hums ( are a Tokyo based pop punk/power pop band who last featured on here in 2015 ( For over a decade now they've been releasing some of the catchiest tunes around. Their influences range all the way through from Stiff Little Fingers to Herman's Hermits via the likes of Jan And Dean.  

  They're pretty much ready to record a new record but the restrictions caused by the pandemic have left the coffers somewhat bare so to raise funds they recently put out a couple of stop gap releases full of previously unreleased stuff. There's Teenage Loser Outtakes (7 outtakes during the pre production for "Teenage Loser" back in 2012 including an unreleased song) and even more interestingly Rejected Demos 2013-2021 (10 rejected demos in 8 years including 2 cover songs). 

  An obvious first thought would be "maybe they were rejected as they're not very good" but happily that's certainly not the case. It's perfect music for driving in your car on a sunny day or maybe lying on a golden beach watching the surfers. 

  You can get both here :

 This track is about the one and only Dee Dee Girl... 

Monday 28 June 2021

Descendents - Like The Way I Know


  I think it's fair to say that the upcoming new Descendents ( album, 9th & Walnut (“9th & Walnut is where our first practice room was, in Frank’s sister’s garage,”), is shaping up very nicely indeed. It'll be their 8th studio album and it'll be out on July 23rd on Epitaph Records. It'll contain 18 tracks (lucky us!) written by the band between 1977 and 1980 and recorded over two time periods (first in 2002, and again in 2020). Many are previously unreleased (including a cover of the Dave Clark Five's Glad All Over) but there's also re recordings of Ride The Wild & It's A Hectic World. Best of all, it's the first time that the classic line up of Milo Aukerman (vocals), Tony Lombardo (bass), Frank Navetta (guitar) & Bill Stevenson (drums) have recorded together since the 1996 album Everything Sucks. 

  They gave us a taste of what to expect with Baby Doncha Know then released an even better song (Nightage). Now we're treated to another glorious sub 60 second blast of premium punk rock. The bar has been set high and I'm sure they're gonna deliver. 

  This track originally appeared on The Blasting Room comp in 1999 and was a studio outtake from the Milo Goes To College sessions. It's titled Like The Way I Know... 

When I walk down the street people can’t resist to stare I don’t exist and I’m not really there Getting scared, I wanna get outta here Cuz people ‘round here ain’t like the way I know Like the way I know Tired and sick, I wanna get outta here Cuz people ‘round here ain’t like the way I know

Bambies - Dirty Taint


  Bambies ( are a garage punk trio based in Montreal who's members, Sami (guitar, main vox), Feli (Bass, backing vox) & Franki (drums, backing vox), originate from Canada, France & Costa Rica. I featured them on here a couple of years ago and mentioned that they were planning to start recording a debut album later in the year. 

    It's been a bit of a wait (due to that darn pesky pandemic) but the album is almost upon us. It'll be titled Summer Soon and it'll be out in August via Spaghetty Town Records in the US and Wanda Records in Europe. They describe their music as "gritty yet poppy, mischievous but charming, infectious, danceable, and above all, fun." It's inspired by 70's era punk, power pop and garage, you might even notice a sprinkling of rock n roll and a topping of surf rock. 

  They've released a teaser track which is about "answering the call of invisible forces, internal chemistry or whatever it is that brings you to the right place, at the right time to have a perfect night. It’s an ode to dirt too. Because the perfect night is not a sanitized one."

It's called Dirty Taint...

Sunday 27 June 2021

Real Sickies - Love Is For Lovers


 Hey guys, just a heads up. If you like your punk to be catchy as fuck, then today's song could well end up as being the title track of your favourite album of 2021. 

  Real Sickies ( are from Edmonton, Alberta and have featured on here 3 times previously with me spewing out comments such as "catchy choruses and melodies galore." I was a little surprised to discover it's been as long as 6 years since I started banging on about them, recommending them to fans of The Ramones, Teenage Head, Forgotten Rebels, Heartbreakers etc. A new record by them is always a joy. 

  And the new record will be an album titled Love Is For Lovers. It's out on July 9th on Stomp Records ( and will feature "a stellar collection of 14 timeless songs about love (duh), loss and heartache served up as only the Sickies can. From explosive rockers to heart-wrenching ballads, Love is for Lovers has the whole enchilada!" In a recent interview with Global Texan Chronical, vocalist Ben Disaster revealed a list of 5 albums/singles that influenced the album; Vapors – New Clear Days / Hayley Mary – Like a Woman Should / Bee Bee Sea – Day Ripper / Guns & Roses – Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 / Phil Seymour – Phil Seymour. 

  You may have heard the first single from the album (, the new song is equally as good. Both are streaming now on Bandcamp so head on over and get those pre orders in : 

  This is Love Is For Lovers...

 It doesn’t matter what I am
 It doesn’t matter who they are
 There is nothing to be said
 Except for lovers beware
 It’s mixed matched pieces
 Not defined by words in a thesis

 Cause love is for lovers
 Don’t let them dictate

 There is not one law
 That can control one's heart
 No religion to say
 How it starts
 There’s no gender
 there’s no race
 There’s no denying
 when it looks you in the face

 Love is for lovers


Saturday 26 June 2021

Nasty Rumours - Driving Me Insane


  Well, who'd have thought that Switzerland had so many great punk and garage bands? 

  Possibly quite a lot of you but if you didn't realise it then you can scratch the surface of a vibrant scene by checking out a new Swiss Punk & Garage Compilation which is out on Lux Noise Records ( and which features previously unreleased music by bands such as Bitch Queens, Bad Mojos, Delilahs and many more. 


    It also features a band I've posted on JSPS several times previously but haven't heard anything from for a couple of years. 

  Nasty Rumours ( are a Powerpop / ‘77 Punkrock band from Bern, Switzerland. I've previously compared them with the likes of Buzzcocks, The Boys, The Briefs, Cyanide Pills etc. Think catchy old school punk and you'll be bang on the money. We might not have heard from them for a while but they haven't lost their knack of turning out a catchy as fuck earworm. 

  This is Driving Me Insane...

Friday 25 June 2021

Chain Whip - Death Was Too Kind

  Going off the evidence presented to us in the form of two teaser tracks, the upcoming ep from Vancouver punks Chain Whip ( is going to be very tasty indeed. Featuring members of Fashionism, Corner Boys, Nervous Talk & Stress Eating, they're a hard hitting band who previously featured on here a couple of years ago with a track from their excellent 14 lashes album ( 

  Last year they released an equally explosive 8 track demo and they'll be keeping up that frantic pace on the new ep which is titled Two Step To Hell and will be out on July 15th on 12" via Drunken Sailor (UK/Europe) and Neon Waste & Neon Taste Records (North America). You can pre order it digitally here :

  Combining Killed By Death with California beach punk stylings, the 6 track ep sees the band "meaner, faster, and a bit more pissed off." Pissed off about the huge disparity between haves and have nots, right wing fuck jobs, media bias and a growing sense of helplessness, the members of the band are on the edge. They'll be treating us to 5 originals and a cover of a (Canadian) Subhumans' classic. 

  I played the title track on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show ( Today you're getting the cover. It's called Death Was Too Kind... 

I knew from the moment that I looked at your face
That you deserved to be sprayed with mace
You lied and you bitched like a diseased rat
I knew you were an obstacle in my path
I thought of death but it was too kind
You must have thought that I was blind

But I, I
I wish that you would go eat shit
Out, out
Out of a giant garbage pit

You came my way on a dismal day
I wish that you would go away
And when you said you were my friend
I knew to you I had to put an end
I thought of tortures, death and pain
But then I found out you had no brain

And I, I
I wish that you would go eat shit
Out, out
Out of a giant garbage pit

You came into my house and you wouldn’t leave
You had a trick up your sleeve
And then you took away my friend
And to his life you put an end
You’re just a bitch, a public bore
And nobody’s got no respect for you

And I, I
I wish that you would go eat shit
Out, out
Out of a giant garbage pit

And I, I
I wish that you would go eat shit
Out, out
Out of a giant garbage pit

Thursday 24 June 2021

UNDER 45 - Under 45

  UNDER 45 are 3 humans, Jake (vocals/lyrics), Pascal (guitars/synths/percussion/etc), Fabien (bass) and a drum machine called Suspicious Steve. They're based in Lyon, France though listening to Jake's vocals and lyrics it's pretty obvious that he's an expat Brit. They're also members of Bleakness ( whilst Pascal is also guitarist with Faux Depart ( The name of the band refers to the grim UK statistic that the single biggest killer of men under 45 is suicide. 

  They recently released a debut 8 track 12". It's titled Cancelled and has Jake half singing/half talking through allegorical lyrics that often have you thinking about their deeper meaning. Musically we get atmospheric guitar & bass led post punk. It all adds up to an impressive introduction. The vinyl version is available from Destructure whilst the digital download is name your price :

  This is the eponymously named Under 45... 

For all that it’s worth I’ll give it another go Mix it up with the animals Fill my false ego I head into the night in search of human connection But the backlash hits me hard Separate in desperation So what’s a man to do Follow the evening news Bojo’s got his Brexit plan Dividing the nation more so Draw up the bridges Build a fucking wall Sink into austerity We’re hopeless and oh so bold The single biggest killer For men under 45 It’s suicide Reality plain to see Hard facts and shattered dreams We lurk into the drinking dens Fight our working common men They say the immigrants come in swarms Dehumanizing the man next door And now we wait and contemplate As the kids washed up on our shores Can’t you feel no remorse Don’t you feel no remorse This island’s gonna capsize Through tooth and nail and white pride This feelings going worldwide We can not look and stand by Gotta give em more We gotta give em more The kids of tomorrow We gotta give em more Just gotta Just gotta Just gotta give em more The single biggest killer For men under 45 It’s suicide

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Onlooker - Easy Breezy


  Onlooker ( are a no nonsense 4 piece garage rock band from Teeside who's previous releases, a Self Titled ep, a single titled Isolation and a split ep with Ballpeen (get them here if you missed them : ) attracted the attention of BBC 6 Music's Steve Lamacq. I think their new single will go down equally as well with him. 

  The single is the first of 4 which will pave the way for a debut album which will be titled Total Rest and which will be available on 12" coloured vinyl later this year from Serial Bowl Records. They describe their sound as “Lo-fi gritty vocals with buzz saw catchy guitar riffs ….Angry Songs in a major key” and pitch it for fans of bands such as Hot Snakes, Amyl And The Sniffers, Uranium Club, Wire & The Oh Sees; a diverse range of influences for a band who aren't tied down to one particular genre. You can check it out here :

  This is Easy Breesy... 

Monday 21 June 2021

Guillotine - Numéro 7


  Guillotine ( are from Paris, they formed in 2019 and recently released a debut ep titled Tout Doit Disparaitre (it translates as Everything Must Disappear). The line up of the band sees Verole Flynn (ex-singer of Les Cadavres, Infraktion and Euroshima) accompanied by former members of Sherwood Pogo, Spermicide, Project Reject and Les Hammer Pikettes;  Jex Spector( Guitar), Fred Conflict (Guitar), Sean Reject (Bass) and Manga (Drums). 

  The ep features 5 energetic punk rock choons and boasts a sterling production job by Joshua Hudes who you may know is in Louis Lingg And The Bombs (keep an eye out for new music from them soon). It's available on cd and digital download :

  This was one of the hits with the folk in the Just Some Punk Songs show chatroom earlier this week, it's called Numéro 7... 

Sunday 20 June 2021

Sonny Vincent - The End Of Light


  A whirlwind of soulful punk with a badass vibe for you today from the legendary Sonny Vincent.

  Born in New York City, Sonny formed Testors in 1975 and the band were a regular fixture on the CBGB and Max's Kansas City scenes. They were one of the US' most incendiary acts during the late 70's. Since they split, Sonny's just carried on releasing top notch punk and roll music. 

  The 17th September will see the release of a new album titled Snake Pit Therapy and he's enlisted an impressive cast of musicians to support him : 

Paul Blaccard- Corpse Grinders - Drums (Corpse Grinders were a NYC 70s band with Arthur Kane from The New York Dolls), 
Jimmy Recca- Stooges- Bass,
João Pedro Ventura- Dawnrider- Drums,
Alex Schwers-Slime- Drums ( Alex is from a primo German Punk band 'Slime '), 
Bobby Bretton- Drums,
Jamie Garner- Leatherwoods- Bass and Guitar,
Tim Shapland- Bass and Guitar, 
Paulo Viera- Guitar solo,
Jack De Angelo- Bass  Jack is a CBGB, Max's alumni

  The album will feature "15 tracks of electrifying shock-treatment, with catchy, primal screams and searing melody" and is available to pre order on vinyl now from Finland's Svart Records

  A teaser single has just been released, it's a timeless sounding modern day classic and it's titled The End Of Light... 

Hostage Records Presents Unusual Suspects (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Another one from Ralph...

  I dropped the idea on Mick to do something a little different. He's reviewed songs off compilations but never a full album/CD. So it is my great honour to review one of the greatest collections of California's best bands in 2021. 

  The legendary Hostage Records ( has released a brand new VINYL only comp called "Unusual Suspects". 12 bands, 12 unreleased gems. All killer - no filler! When was the last time you heard a comp where EVERY band was great? Since this LP contains the best of the Old School with the New Dogs coming out of H.B./O.C. I suppose you all want some names. Well how about this lineup - The Crowd, The Pegs, Decry, Loose Trucks, The Berzerkers, Love Canal, Shattered Faith, Channel 3, The Vulturas,  (the previously unheard) The Plagues, 16 Again and Infamous Stiffs! 

  Rick and Paul who run Hostage Records have been the heartbeat of the Beach Punk scene forever. Releasing 4 previous comps that have documented their scene and putting out countless vinyl only 45's and albums from local bands. I've on countless occasions compared Hostage Records to the modern version of Posh Boy Records.

 How much do I love this album AND Hostage Records - Well in the early 2000's I did a full page ad for them and named my FB group The Switchblade New Wave! Which if you didn't know is the name of a Smogtown song. Just one of the many classic bands in the Hostage Family. If you are lucky enough to own a turntable/stereo I can't recommend this album enough. This is The New Beach Alliance 2021!

  As Rick is very protective of his releases the only song I can post is a video that Channel 3 did for their song "Better Than This". Enjoy this beautiful song!

Saturday 19 June 2021

Shannon & The Clams - Year Of The Spider


  I've got to be honest and admit that not everything Oakland band Shannon & The Clams ( release connects with me. I'm a punk guy. But when the stars align and I fall for one of their songs, I usually fall big time. Today I'm posting one of those songs. 

  Fronted by bassist Shannon Shaw and also featuring Cody Blanchard (vocals/guitar), Nate Mahan (drums) & Will Sprott (vocals/keyboards), they're influenced by a wide range of genres including doo-wop, classic R&B, garage psych, surf, 60's girl group & 80's punk. I first came across Shannon when I was listening to Hunx And His Punx (this being a particular favourite song and I've dipped in and out of her music ever since. 

  There's a new album on the way, it's titled Year Of The Spider and it's out on Easy Eye Sound on August 20th. You can pre order it on various formats (golden silk coloured vinyl, cd, cassette, test pressing) here : and there's a teaser track streaming on Bandcamp : 

  A throwback to an era long gone and featuring a bravura vocal performance, this is the video for the album's title track. It's called Year Of The Spider... 

Back in May I had a funny feelin’ That's when Bad News called me on the phone He said, "The one you love, he needs a doctor" There were signs, I should have known Bad News came to my window And offered me advice And he whispered in my ear All the words I wasn't ready to hear "It's the year of the spider" I went home to hold my old friend’s hands but There wasn't hardly anything there When I wasn't looking they had crumbled Leaving our time worn web bare Bad News came to my window And offered me advice And he whispered in my ear All the words I wasn't ready to hear "It's the year of the spider" (year of the spider) I know that change is good But it hurts, and it is frightful But you really gotta shake that tree And see all that it leaves It’s the year of the spider (year of the spider)

Friday 18 June 2021

Randells - Karen (feat Valentina De Rosa) (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  So far this week you've had sleazy rock n roll from Canada (Jonesy), oi from The Netherlands (Bent Out Of Shape), old school UK punk (Slow Faction), trashy lo-fi garage from Canada (T J Cabot) and noisy post punk from Germany (Pigeon). Today you're getting, courtesy of guest reviewer Ralph J Rivera, some Swedish beach pop punk. Don't say Just Some Punk Songs doesn't bring you a variety of great sounds! 

  Over to Ralph...

  So when one of your personal heroes asks you to review the new album by your own personal favourite band - You know I'm all over that! So after dropping 4 teaser tracks over the last few months Sweden's KINGS OF Beach Pop Punk the Randells ( have released their Magnum Opus - The perfectly titled "Kicks".

 Originally available on their Bandcamp page, a little label you all may have heard of called Monster Zero Records ( has picked it up for full distribution. Now anyone who belongs to my group The Switchblade New Wave ( knows my absolute love for Randells but when Mr. Kevin Bar selects your band - You've succeeded!

  SO how is the album? Well besides the 4 tracks we've already heard there are 8 brand new bangers ranging from solid Punk tunes to their patented harmony filled Beach Pop gems. "Pick Me Up", "Cheese", "Elvis In A UFO" and the closer "End Of The Summer" are all classic Randells feel good jams. There's a couple Punk jams to keep you boppin' including the new video/song "I Don't Wanna Go" featuring guest vocals from Mr. Beef Bonanza from The Bones. This is gonna be my soundtrack for the Summer of 2021 and probably many Summer's to come. I listen to this band at least a few times every week. Check out all their past releases on their Bandcamp

 My personal favourite track from "Kicks" is still "Karen". The perfect Randells song with guest vocals from Valentina De Rosa...

Thursday 17 June 2021

PIGEON - Bad Visions


  Pigeon ( are a Berlin based noisy post punk outfit who's members are also in bands such as Liiek, Ostseetraum & Benzin. They've been compared on the press release to the likes of Wire and The Gordons. Their debut release was 2014's Crooked Teeth ep and since then there's been a few more eps and a Self Titled album. 

  They recently returned after a 3 year absence with a new album titled Deny All Knowledge Of Complicity. 10 tracks of atmospheric punk rock, it's out now on vinyl (100 copies on red, 200 on black, 10 test presses) from Adagio 830 : It's available digitally here :

  My favourite tracks are probably the more up tempo ones such as Narrow - Mindedness and the opener (which you'll find below). 

  This is Bad Visions... 

Tuesday 15 June 2021

T J Cabot - Off The Edge


  I've previously posted a couple of tracks by TJ Cabot & Thee Artificial Rejects
in which I mentioned they're a trashy lo-fi garage punk outfit from Moncton, Canada, featuring Phone Jerks' frontman Tyler Boots. 

  They return today (with the name abbreviated to T J Cabot) with a song from a new album from Italy's Mimetics Zine which combines the tracks on their 2020 eps Dick Charles & Get Ready Get Set and then throws in a few unreleased songs as an added bonus. 


  It's out now on ltd edition cassette though with only 20 copies available you might struggle to get one (only 4 are left as I type this). Fear not though, there's also a digital download. 

  This is one of the previously unreleased tracks, it's very catchy, has a cracking Ramones type back beat and is called Off The Edge... 

Monday 14 June 2021

Slow Faction - Bubble Gum For Josh (Demo)

Sitting at home watching videos
I’ve got to understand how this music goes
Ripped clothes chic and Emo sadness
Heartache, boredom, small town madness
Edgy Jocks and high school girls
Pizza parties and swimming pools
Everyone drives a cabriolet
Cruising with the roof down – the Easycore way
But it’s so empty and unreal
How do the other kids really feel?
It reminds me of my youth
And the parties I was never invited to

Bubble gum pop, fast cars and girls - I hear you calling
California’s dreaming and the kids just want songs without meaning
Bubble gum pop, fast cars and girls – I hear what you’re saying
You think I’m a walking misery but I just write about the things I see
Even though there’s no one listening….

They say it was never about politics
Just a headrush for suburban kids
Now the old punks vote Conservative
And spend their pensions on nostalgia trips
They say they’re free thinkers - they’re not for sale
Then they share stories from the Daily Mail
Too dumb to differentiate
Between free thought and a brainwashed state
Johnny’s not so rotten now
He shakes his fists and shouts at clouds
The ramblings of a bitter man
Throwing his toys out of the pram

Bubble gum pop, fast cars and girls - I hear you calling
England is still dreaming and the old punks just want songs without meaning
Bubble gum pop, fast cars and girls – I hear what you’re saying
You think I’m a walking misery but I just write about the things I see
Even though there’s no one listening….

So, I’m a social justice warrior?
You like my sounds but you hate my words
Just sit at home and watch Fox News
Let nothing ever challenge your views
The racists and Islamophobes
Gang up and bully on Facebook posts
They’re so far gone it’s hard to tell
What separates them from the EDL
I click on profiles just to see
These soul-dead eyes staring back at me
Youthful life-force truly spent
Just hatred, anger and impotence

Bubble gum pop, fast cars and girls - I hear you calling
England is still dreaming and the old men are just so right-leaning
Bubble gum pop, fast cars and girls – I hear what you’re saying
You think I’m a walking misery but I just write about the things I see
Even though there’s no one listening….

Bubble gum pop, fast cars and girls
- I hear you calling
- And England’s dreaming
- It’s the only way to be
- - and forget about anarchy

  One of the first things I always do when a new Slow Faction ( song comes along is check out the lyrics. I keep saying that frontman John Youens is one of the UK's best lyricists and time after time he proves me right. So that's the reason why today's update starts with the lyrics. 

  As for the song itself, the title comes about in response to a review by Josh Rutledge on his excellent Faster And Louder blog. Writing about Culture Wars, Josh states (quite correctly) that Slow Faction "doesn't write songs about bubblegum and pretty girls." 

  And so they have. Sort of. 

  Their latest Demo song is one of their best so far. It's still a well thought out political viewpoint, it still rings true (sadly, as it points out a lot of what is wrong with modern day Britain). But it also manages to include references to bubble gum pop, fast cars and girls. Maybe John can be accused of not writing cheerful songs but as he says, he just shares his thoughts on what he sees, even if in the main no one's listening. 

  Don't think it's just a one man show though, those lyrics wouldn't be anywhere near as effective without the backing of a very talented band on the top of their game. You can get the new track here (name your price) : 

  It's called Bubble Gum For Josh... 

Sunday 13 June 2021

Bent Out Of Shape - We Rule OK!


  6 months into 2021 and I've not posted an awful lot of oi music on here so far this year. My musical tastes gravitating even further towards scrappy garage style punk tunes or the oi genre not being particularly thriving at the moment? I'm not sure. A bit of searching reveals that the first oi song I posted in 2021 was by Netherlands 4 piece Bent Out Of Shape ( and even in that write up I commented on the scarcity of new genre releases that were exciting me. Happily Bent Out Of Shape are still helping to keep the flame flickering. 

  They're from Fryslân and you can find more info on them here : 

  Last year saw them introducing themselves with a 7 track name your price Demo and then following it up with another 4 raw, hard hitting streetpunk/oi! songs in the form of the Who Laughs Last 7". Later this week they'll return with a split 7" ep in collaboration with The Boldness from Bali, Indonesia. 

  It'll be available via Demons Run Amok Entertainment and you can pre order it here :

  This is a track from it, boozy singalong lyrics and a nice punchy backbeat, this is We Rule OK!


Jonesy - Record Store Day (Is For Losers)



Following on from yesterday's update and I think it's fair to say that not everyone is a fan of Record Store Day. These are the thoughts of Montreal sleaze rockers Jonesy (

“ We only have despise for that ludicrous hypocritical farce that is record store day. Very few record stores don’t play that sell out game, and most of them survived the 90’s and early 00's because of people who don’t even shop on that day. We wouldn’t care if it wasn’t for the consequences of the thing: big delays for music that actually matters in pressing plants (nope, your expensive U2 repress doesn’t matter), and ridiculous prices on both records and press orders. Not to mention all the idiots who are after pricey collectables instead of music. In other words, Record Store Day is for losers.”

  Jonesy previously appeared on here back in 2018 with a track from their very fine debut album ( and I'm looking forward to the follow up lp which is coming later this year via Dead Beat Records. 

  To give us a taste of what to expect they've just released a song from it. It's a well timed reminder that every single day should be record day. It's called Record Store Day (Is For Losers)... 


Saturday 12 June 2021

Girls In Synthesis - Containment


  Hey guys, did you know that today is Record Store Day?

  I'm sure you're all aware of record Store Day, it's the one day of the year when over 200 independent record shops all across the UK come together to celebrate their unique culture. Special vinyl releases are made exclusively for the day and many shops and cities host artist performances and events to mark the occasion. Thousands more shops celebrate the day around the globe in what’s become one of the biggest annual events on the music calendar. This year it appears that due to the pandemic there are 2 such days, Saturday 12th June and Saturday 17th July. Here's a list of the releases that'll be dropping today :

  Amongst the treasures on offer is a new mini album from London trio Girls In Synthesis ( It follows on from last year's hugely successful debut album Now Here's An Echo From Your Future and sees the band returning to the more experimental nature of their earlier eps. It's titled Shift In State and it's available on vinyl from Harbinger Sound. You can get more details here :

  If digital is your thing then go here : 

  This is the lead track, it's "an abstract, bleak and circular slice of obtuse-punk." It's atmospheric and menacing and doesn't sound a million miles away from early PiL. It's called Containment... 

Thursday 10 June 2021

Newtown Aces - Hey! Hey! No Way!


  If you check out Newtown Aces' Facebook page ( you'll notice that they're Barny Smyth (punk poet and bass player/guitarist) and Dist (producer/guitarist) bastard child monster project forged from a love of 70s/80's punk and New Wave. They're from London  and their influences include the likes of early Killing Joke, Crass, Gang of Four, The Slits, Budgies drumming, Magazine, Joy Division, Birthday Party, Slaves and Shame. What inspires them to make music? Well as Barny says; “In 1978 I was 15, and just remember being really angry.  Now I am older and wiser, I’m really fucking furious”

  They recently released a debut album titled The Future Sound Of Punk and despite taking elements from many of those influences it tweaks them in a way that makes their sound fresh and exciting. It's an album that rewards repeat listens so go check it out...

  I played one of the highlights (Take Back The Streets) on a recent show ( so today I'll draw your attention to another song that they've released a video for. Something of a glam stomper (The Glitter Band meets The Fall's Touch Sensitive?) which sums up the current state of Parliament, this is Hey! Hey! No Way!










Wednesday 9 June 2021

Jalang - Cops N Klan

  A proper throat ripper today from Jalang (, a D-Beat 4 piece from Naarm (Melbourne) featuring Alda (vocals), Timmy (guitar and backing vocals), Tessa (bass) and Kyle (drums). They used to be called Lái 来 before changing their name to what they say is "one of those “odd” word in Bahasa Indonesia; when applies to masculine figures — it means “wild, feral, undomesticated” ; while for feminine figures it automatically translate as “whores // slut” — obviously a ridiculous (:sexist) cultural fact that we want to reclaim!" Jalang was also one of the songs from their Pontianak LP ( that was inspired by a poem made by an Indonesian anti colonial poet; Chairil Anwar. 

  They've an album coming out on July 23rd which tackles real world issues of politics, power and protest. It'll be titled Santau and if it's anything like the teaser track you'll find below it'll be something special. It'll be available on ltd edition coloured vinyl and digital download and you can pre order it here :

  Strap in and prepare for a pummelling, this is Cops N Clan...

when those fucks, neo nazi rocks up, when those fuckhead kkk pull up, when white supremacists, crawlin out of their hide holes; who to call? cops n them, one and the same dont pretend, u dont know this fuckin game cops n them, one and the same dont pretend, u dont fuckin know police brutality, hundreds of years of growing into the mold that they are made for slaves patrol, of the colored n poor, loyal guards of the greedy greasy few keep us safe? they’ll knock down our doors, kill us in our beds in any given chance police brutality, hundreds of years of growing into the mold that they are made for cops n klan hand in hand blood on their hands abolish the police blood on their badge abolish the police curse on their blood Serve and protect bullshit, Why that thing on your fuckin hip, Comes out only on coloured kids? they’re grown to eat you alive blood on their fuckin badge blood on their greasy hands

Tuesday 8 June 2021

Das Kapitans - Old But Still Handsome


  Some of you will no doubt be fans of an excellent song that was released earlier this year by Benidorm 3 piece Futhermuckers ( It's a bouncy upbeat pop punk tune about the plight of the middle aged man. It was on the Futhermuckers impressive debut ep which you can find here : 

  Another new band that I'm sure you're also familiar with is Das Kapitans ( They're the Norfolk duo (Stephen Potter & Simon Bailey) who rather than sit around kicking their heels whilst their other band Fuzz And The Felts were forced into a spell of downtime by the pandemic decided to create another outlet for their music. And then, crazily, they announced they were going to record and release a new album every month during 2021. We've already had 6 albums (plus a few extra releases!) and you can find them here :

  They might be running out of ideas for album titles as July's will be titled Seven. What they definitely aren't running out of is great songs. I'm very grateful that they sent me the album ahead of it's supposed July 1st release date (the date isn't set in stone as they say that chances are they'll release it early again like they did with last month's). What can you expect from Seven? They've promise that this time around it's gonna be out and out energetic catchy punk. They ain't fibbing. My first listen suggests it's probably my favourite one yet. 

  And another massive thanks to them for letting me share the Futhermuckers cover with you. This is Old But Still Handsome... 

I'll never do a full marathon again I can't climb trees like I did when I was ten I won't play football and I hardly ever dance If I go to the gym then I'm taking a chance Knees hurt, backache, I think I'm done I may be old...... but I'm still handsome. Ain't got a body like Adonis like I used to have Most of my muscle has gone to flab I shave my head, cause my hair don't grow And I can't get up if I bend too low Knees hurt, backache, eyesight´s gone I may be old... But I'm still handsome. I may be old but I'm still handsome I may be old but I'm still handsome I may be old but I'm still handsome I may be old but I'm still handsome My chest had dropped down to my belly My feet have got corns and they're smelly I don't eat healthy, I do booze and drugs Got no dress sense, I look like a thug Maybe a little overweight, and then some I may be old..... But I'm still handsome. Knees hurt, backache, I think I'm done I may be old.....but I'm still handsome. I may be old but I'm still handsome

Sunday 6 June 2021

Mannequin Pussy - Pigs Is Pigs


  The murder last year of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin quite rightly shocked the world and though I'm not sure even such a hideous act and the ensuing outrage will lead to any meaningful change for the better, at least it showed that there are people who care and who won't stay silent in the face of deep rooted institutionalised discrimination. Last month I posted a song from a debut ep by a band called Beat Up which dealt with the murder and it's aftermath ( Today you're getting another powerful reaction to the tragic incident. 

  Mannequin Pussy ( are from Philadelphia and the track you'll find below features Marisa "Missy" Dabice (rhythm & lead guitars & vocal, synths), Colins "Bear" Regisford (bass & vocals), Kaleen Reading (drums & percussion) and Thanasi Paul (rhythm & lead guitar, piano). They've recently released a damn fine ep titled Perfect and to be honest, the title pretty much sums it up. A couple of tracks have already featured on recent JSPS shows (the title track & To Lose You) and the other 3 (including today's song) are all also highly recommended. You can find it here : 

  Physical copies are available from Epitaph Records :

  As well as mentioning the killing of George Floyd, this song also references the shooting and killing of black medical worker Breonna Taylor in her home by Louisville police officers. A powerful song dealing with an emotive subject, this is Pigs Is Pigs... 

Dealing with my feelings
And I’m dealing from my home
Oh god, Don’t wanna die alone
Shaking up and keeping down
The words Sit in my throat
losing sleep and keeping Names
And nothing seems to change
And it’s fucked
George couldn’t breathe
Yah this is fucked
Breonna needed sleep
No knock
No Knock
Why is that the brightest stars
always get “got”

Don’t want to be lost in the noise
Don’t want to be caught in the void

What is wrong
Are you sold
Pick your lines
It’s all on you decide
Which is right
Fear or fight
It’s your life
It’s all on you decide

walking all around
With a fever on my skin
I’m hanging by a thread
A savior for my sin
You’re getting in my sights
You’re getting in my skin
Dropping asphalt
Watch it all begin

And I’m fine
I know what you want
So I’m fine
You get what you want
But I’m fine
I feel what you want
And I’m fine
Fine fine fine fine
I’m fine

Don’t want to lost in the noise
Don’t want to be caught in the void

Ask yourself
What is wrong?
Are you sold?
Pick your lines
It’s all on you decide
Which is right?
Fear or fight?
It’s your life
It’s all on you decide


Cutters - Australian War Crimes


  I've been looking through the playlist for this week's Just Some Punk Songs show ( and I've noticed there's 7 bands from Australia, 6 of which are from Melbourne. One of those bands feature on here today. 

  Cutters ( burst out of nowhere last year to grab a spot in the JSPS end of year chart with this killer track from their impressive debut Self Titled ep ( I described the ep as "an explosive force of nature so batten down the hatches."

  They, Destructo (vocals) Tim (who is also in Stiff Richards) (guitar) Stringer (bass) & Max (drums),  returned in April of this year with more of the same in the form of the 6 track Modern Problems ep and now, just a couple of months later, we're treated to half a dozen more incendiary blasts of pent up aggression. The Australian War Crimes ep kicks off with a punked up version of an excerpt from a 1921 poem by Bertolt Brecht. The pace picks up even more with Kitchen Window, an insistent and dark banger that is one of the ep's highlights. Concrete and lies is about the conurbation of what was once a beautiful land whilst I'd Rather Die Than Live In Rye incorporates some pretty impressive guitar work. Long Term is a 26 second blast about memory loss and that just leaves the title track... 

  Australian War Crimes is a reaction to the recent revelations of Australian SAS soldiers doing some really grim shit in Afghanistan, as detailed in the Brereton Report. I'm pretty sure it's going to go down a storm in the show's chatroom later today. You can get the ep on ltd edition red or black vinyl or as a name your price download here : 

  This is Australian War Crimes...

This is the opposite of nostalgia, a sick distaste for the fatherland. The Australian Special Air Service murders prisoners in Afghanistan. Whose wages do you pay? Whose lives do they take?