Sunday, 13 June 2021

Bent Out Of Shape - We Rule OK!


  6 months into 2021 and I've not posted an awful lot of oi music on here so far this year. My musical tastes gravitating even further towards scrappy garage style punk tunes or the oi genre not being particularly thriving at the moment? I'm not sure. A bit of searching reveals that the first oi song I posted in 2021 was by Netherlands 4 piece Bent Out Of Shape ( and even in that write up I commented on the scarcity of new genre releases that were exciting me. Happily Bent Out Of Shape are still helping to keep the flame flickering. 

  They're from Fryslân and you can find more info on them here : 

  Last year saw them introducing themselves with a 7 track name your price Demo and then following it up with another 4 raw, hard hitting streetpunk/oi! songs in the form of the Who Laughs Last 7". Later this week they'll return with a split 7" ep in collaboration with The Boldness from Bali, Indonesia. 

  It'll be available via Demons Run Amok Entertainment and you can pre order it here :

  This is a track from it, boozy singalong lyrics and a nice punchy backbeat, this is We Rule OK!


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