Saturday, 12 June 2021

Girls In Synthesis - Containment


  Hey guys, did you know that today is Record Store Day?

  I'm sure you're all aware of record Store Day, it's the one day of the year when over 200 independent record shops all across the UK come together to celebrate their unique culture. Special vinyl releases are made exclusively for the day and many shops and cities host artist performances and events to mark the occasion. Thousands more shops celebrate the day around the globe in what’s become one of the biggest annual events on the music calendar. This year it appears that due to the pandemic there are 2 such days, Saturday 12th June and Saturday 17th July. Here's a list of the releases that'll be dropping today :

  Amongst the treasures on offer is a new mini album from London trio Girls In Synthesis ( It follows on from last year's hugely successful debut album Now Here's An Echo From Your Future and sees the band returning to the more experimental nature of their earlier eps. It's titled Shift In State and it's available on vinyl from Harbinger Sound. You can get more details here :

  If digital is your thing then go here : 

  This is the lead track, it's "an abstract, bleak and circular slice of obtuse-punk." It's atmospheric and menacing and doesn't sound a million miles away from early PiL. It's called Containment... 

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