Sunday, 13 June 2021

Jonesy - Record Store Day (Is For Losers)



Following on from yesterday's update and I think it's fair to say that not everyone is a fan of Record Store Day. These are the thoughts of Montreal sleaze rockers Jonesy (

“ We only have despise for that ludicrous hypocritical farce that is record store day. Very few record stores don’t play that sell out game, and most of them survived the 90’s and early 00's because of people who don’t even shop on that day. We wouldn’t care if it wasn’t for the consequences of the thing: big delays for music that actually matters in pressing plants (nope, your expensive U2 repress doesn’t matter), and ridiculous prices on both records and press orders. Not to mention all the idiots who are after pricey collectables instead of music. In other words, Record Store Day is for losers.”

  Jonesy previously appeared on here back in 2018 with a track from their very fine debut album ( and I'm looking forward to the follow up lp which is coming later this year via Dead Beat Records. 

  To give us a taste of what to expect they've just released a song from it. It's a well timed reminder that every single day should be record day. It's called Record Store Day (Is For Losers)... 


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