Wednesday 31 May 2017

Uproar - Waiting for the Revolution

  Uproar are a 4 piece punk band from Peterlee, County Durham, who released a few singles and a couple of albums back in the early 80's before going their seperate ways. Now featuring a line up of Andrew Scobie, Gav Scollen, Dave Cook and Stuart Henderson, they're back together and they recently self released a new album. It's titled Waiting For The Revoultion and you can find it hear :

  In support of the album they've an Australian tour pencilled in and they'll also be playing this year's Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. Their sound is hard hitting classic old school no nonsense punk rock. This is the album's title track, Waiting For The Revolution....

Tuesday 30 May 2017

The Uglies - Get Your Ass to Mars


  I'll let you into a secret. It's not Just Some Punk Songs that broadcasts a cool punk show on the Global Punk Network, there's a bunch of other great shows too. I was listening to one last night, Richter Scale's Amateur Hour. Richter Scale Records head honcho Lomo Steve was playing his usual selection of the weird and the woderful when he blew me away with the track that I've posted below. Before I share details of that I'll just point you in the direction of Steve's show as I think you need to check it out.

  You can listen to the saved version of his latest show here :

  Previous shows (along with handy links to the songs) can be found here :

  Global Punk Network Presents group :

  Now for the important part of this update....

  The Uglies are from Adelaide and feature Lord CHONGO Simmons (vocals), Mr Perfect (guitar), Jonno 'Boy California' Klynsmith (drums) and DOC Colman (bass). They've previously featured in a host of other bands such as Vaginors, Starvation, Manhunt, Cum, BCF, No Action, Talc etc... In 2015 they released a 6 track demo titled We Are The Uglies on their own Lethal Dose Records (

  Now they're about to release their debut album, Keeping Up With The Uglies, it's due soon on Nopatience Records ( and you can check out a few tracks here : 

  Their sound is influenced by garage, surf rock, early US hardcore and classic Australian punk. Turn up your volume and enjoy, this is Get Your Ass To Mars....

Monday 29 May 2017

Jaruco Punk - Tiny Hero


  Jaruco Punk are a 3 piece pop punk band from Beijing who "combine simple lyrics, melodies and energetic rhythms to create sweet sounds of liberty." Their sound mixes up elements of punk with the indie stylings of bands like Weezer. They've recently self released their debut record, it features 8 tracks is titled Lets Punk! and you can check it out here....

  A relatively new band, they aren't yet the finished article but there's plenty to enjoy on the new record. As calling cards go it's a fine effort and augers well for the future. This is the closing track, it's called Tiny Hero....

I saw a girl in the mirror 
I thought that no one could see her 
She was so tired of fear 
And no one ever believed her 

When heart was about to crack 
And the world pulling at her back 
She got hurt and I didn't know 
I was out on my way to go 
But she won't take that bunch of crap 
And she won't take it as a fact 

I see and I know 

That tiny girl is my hero 
I hope that one day you'll see her 
That tiny girl is my hero 
So don't try to hold her back 
She's about to wreck your world 

She's always kind of believed that 
His words did not even mean that 
There's so much more that she's here for 
But no one's there who can see her 

When heart was about to crack 
And the world pulling at her back 
She got hurt and I didn't know 
I was out on my way to go 
But she won't take that bunch of crap 
And she won't take it as a fact 

I see and I know 

That tiny girl is my hero 
I hope that one day you'll see her 
That tiny girl is my hero 
So don't try to hold her back 
She's about to wreck your world 

Someday she's gonna break away 
Someday she's gonna do it her way 
Someday she's gonna wreck your world 
She's gonna smash your world 

She's gonna wreck your world 
She's gonna smash your world

Sunday 28 May 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Jonny Boots (Brassknuckle)

  A top 10 today chosen by Jonny Boots. Jonny is bassist with top Edinburgh Oi band Brassknuckle. Their debut album Skinhead 82 was released at the start of 2017 on Rebellion Records & Longshot Music and it's definitely worth tracking down. You can check the band out here :

  Jonny's also kind enough to create various bits of artwork to advertise the Just Some Punk Songs show so I'd like to thank him for that as well as for his Top 10. Cheers mate, over to you....

  "This is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, when I took it on I thought ‘10 tracks easy!’ then I started thinking about it & realised just how much music I have & how many favourite tracks. I’ve picked a few newer tracks & this is not to say I don’t like the older ‘classic’ stuff just that these are my favourites at the moment, if I did it again in a week then it’d probably be a few different ones...."


  I really liked this song right from the off & with the way things are at the moment in the Oi! scene I think it’s pretty relevant. It’s only a matter of time till the political elements rip everything apart again & I think it’ll be a real shame as there’s some great bands around at the moment.

 2)  TOP DOG - Botchergate

  One of the newer bands I mentioned before & in all honesty it was a task to pick just 1 track from these guys. I love the sound they produce & they’re great guys as well. Our 1st gig outside of Scotland was with Top Dog & then a week later we played with them again at Brian’s Macmillan Charity gig (which we’re really honoured to have been asked to play again this year) they were so friendly to us & we had a great laugh. I chat with Marc quite a lot & pick his brains on how to improve my bass playing. They’re also our label mates on Rebellion Music Merch & every time we play together we have a great time.


  A band I feel are vastly underrated & one of my favourites. Again, this was a struggle to pick just 1 track by them, I know very little about them but wish they were still around or that I’d had the chance to see them play. There’s a lot of European bands around at the moment but I honestly think these paved the way for them.

 4)  BAKERS DOZEN - 100% British Oi!

  One of the bands around who seem to be on some kind of blacklist which to me is a real shame as they make what I think are some class tracks. I listen to this track a lot & when I used to train at the gym this was on my playlist for training music & it still has the same effect on getting me amped up.

 5)  CONDEMNED 84 - Psycho

  My favourite track by a real class band, when I 1st started playing bass this was a track that I listened to for an idea of what great bass for an Oi! band sounded like, I’m nowhere near this good & have never tried to learn the bassline but it’s still a constant on my playlist.

 6)  THE ROUGH KUTZ - Chell Heath

  I lived in Crewe for a while & went along to a Rough Kutz gig thinking it would be along the lines of most ska gigs with some decent music & some sedate dancing along, they played this track & the place erupted nearly everyone in the place was dancing, it was a ska gig with an Oi! attitude. I got to know Brigga who was their vocalist at the time pretty well & we became drinking buddies. We recently played in Stoke on the same bill as the Rough Kutz for W&H Promotions & met up with Brigga again & yeah we ended up boozing once again. Sorry for going off track then, a great band who’ve been around a while & made some great stuff, if you ever get the chance to see them play anywhere go watch them but if you’re around the Stoke area catch them at a home town gig & you’ll be blown away. I remember Brigga describing their music as ska with a skinhead attitude & that sums it up pretty well.

 7)  B SQUADRON - Saturday's Soldiers

  One of the new breed of British Oi! bands & 1 hell of a sound, again label mates of ours & I’m really looking forward to seeing them at Rebellion Festival & hearing some new stuff from them. Things seem to be taking of for them & it’s a great thing.

 8)  ARCH RIVALS - Rules

  Another of the new breed of Oi! bands who are going great at the moment, I like the aggression in this track as well as the sentiment behind it. Mike’s another guy I speak with a fair bit & gives me advice, sound guy who I’ll share a few beers with in Blackpool no doubt. Hopefully get these guys to drag their arses up to Scotland to play a gig or 2.

 9)  TAKERS & USERS - Glory Days

  Again, one of the best new bands around, I saw these guys recently in Edinburgh & was blown away. Definitely on the up & a great bunch of lads who like a good laugh & the odd beer or 2, their album is on my record deck pretty much constantly at the moment & I can’t get enough of it. One of the things I really like is that they’re not trying to hide their accents like some bands do.

10)  BISHOPS GREEN - The Crow

  In my opinion an outstanding band who make some great tracks, I know some people like to put them down but that seems to be another annoying trait that’s rife in the scene at the moment. If somebody starts to do well suddenly they’re sell outs or losing their roots, I don’t know if it’s jealousy or bitchiness or what but it seems to be the thing to do. Back to the track, I just love the way it sounds & I find myself singing it at random times through the day.

  "Well that’s my tracks, there’s lots more I could have picked & it will have changed by the time people read this but these are my current ones. Hope people like them & if not well tough shit they were my choices. Just want to say a big thanks to Mick for the chance to do this & for the time he puts into putting shows together including a few Oi! special shows & especially the support he gives to the new bands who are trying to make their name. Cheers Mick."

Saturday 27 May 2017

New Trash - Vicious Circle


  New Trash are a fresh faced new punk band from Leuven in Belgium, they're a 3 piece featuring Mathijs Vanhoof, Dante Van Dyck and Noah Reynders. January 2016 saw them announce themselves with the embryonic Crunch Time ep then they spent the rest of the year honing their sound before returning earlier this month with Circle. A 4 track ep, there's 150 hand numbered cds available on Bearded Punk Records and cassettes out on Recovery Records. Those looking for the digital version click here :

  Sound wise they remind me of early Green Day. Their songs are catchy pop punk missives that promise a big future is in store for them. This is the opening track from Circle, it's about being stuck in a rut, being bored and lazy with no motivation but wanting to grab the chance to break out of that torpor. It's called Vicious Circle....


Friday 26 May 2017

Dirty Work - Until We Die

  Dirty Work are a pogo punk/street punk/oi band from Toronto who've been together since 2014. Originally a 4 piece, they've been touring and recording as a trio since the departure last November of rhythm guitarist Scott MacLean. They currently line up with Sal Lee (drums/vocals), Mac Hicks (bass/backing vocals) and Zack (guitar/vocals).

  A couple of months ago they released their debut album, it's titled Out For You and you can check it out here : 

  They've a few gigs lined up to support the album and you can find details on those here :

  They're not going to win any prizes for originality but if you're looking for some straight up punk rock then you could do a lot worse then check out the 15 (+1) tracks on Out For You. Subjects include excessive drinking, girls with loose morals, living for the weekend and more drinking!

  This one's called Until We Die....

Thursday 25 May 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Dom Murphy (Electro Hippies)

  A Top 10 today selected by former Electro Hippies bassist/vocalist Dom Murphy. Electro Hippies were a crust punk band from the north west of England (St Helens/Wigan) who were active during the late 80's and who's hard hitting diy songs about subjects such as animal rights and vegetarinism found favour with John Peel. Dom was also a member of Jailcell Recipies.

Thanks for the list Dom....

 1)  THE THE - Uncertain Smile

 2)  CRASS - Big A Little a

 3)  SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS - Cranked Up Really                                                                           High

 4)  STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Suspect Device

 5)  SCREAM - Came Without A Warning

 6)  The Clash - Armagideon Time

 7)  MINOR THREAT - Minor Threat

 8)  DISCHARGE - Ain't No Feeble Bastard

 9)  THE UNDERTONES - My Perfect Cousin

10)  MDC - John Wayne Was A Nazi

Wednesday 24 May 2017

A Page Of Punk - Itarurokoro

  Unfortunately this is going to be one of those intros where I don't share much information as I don't know much about the band. A Page Of Punk are from Tokyo, they formed in 2001 and they've released a bunch of records including this 49 track album on Drunken Sailor Records.....

  A couple of months ago they released a new album on I Hate Smoke Records (just 31 tracks this time!). It's called Punk Day - Beautiful Day and you can find a video for one of the songs below.

  UK punk fans can catch them at this year's Rebellion Festival in Blackpool where they'll be playing the Introducing Stage. You may have heard them on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show. If you missed it, it was the first of a 2 part special showcasing bands that will be gracing the Introducing Stage and you can listen to the saved version here :

  From the new album, this is Itarurokoro (It translates into English as Everywhere)....

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Top Dog - Razor Reg

  Carlisle Oi/Street Punk band Top Dog return next month with a new 4 track ep, it's titled Razor Reg and there'll be a 7" version available from Rebellion Records and Longshot Music. The band previously featured on Just Some Punk Songs with one of the highlights of their excellent debut s/t album (

  Influenced by the classic British Oi stylings originated by the likes of The Business, The 4-Skins, Last Resort etc, Top Dog are one of the new wave of gritty, hard hitting bands that are heading the current revival in authentic street music. I featured some of those bands on the recent Just Some Punk Songs Best Oi Songs Of 2017 (So Far) show ( The song I'm posting today would have definitely graced that show if it had have been released earlier.

  Following on from the worldwide success of the album, the band recently played their first overseas gig. This summer they will make their debut appearance at the Rebellion Festival and there's lots of other gigs lined up. They're also busy working on material for album number two and they say to watch out for a special release later this year. You can keep up to date with them on Facebook...

  This is the title track from the ep, taking us back to the gangland culture of 60's London, it's called Razor Reg....

Monday 22 May 2017

Kickback Generation - Riptide Refugee

  Kickback Generation are a political punk band from the north east of England who formed in 2012 and boast a line up of Jim Thoroughgood (bass/vocals), Mick Robson (guitar/vocals) and Paul "Puss" Sowerby (drums). Influenced by the likes of Billy Bragg, The Clash, Social Distortion, Gimp Fist etc they've thus far they've released 2 albums, Waiting For The Punchline (2014) and Rant (2016). Today's song is taken from the latter of those.

  Always on the lookout for gigs, they'd appreciate it if anyone who can help out gets in touch via Facebook

  One gig they have got lined up is their appearance on the Introducing Stage at this year's Rebellion Festival. They'll be playing on the Friday (4th Aug) so if you're in Blackpool make sure to check them out.

  The Introducing stage will host an impressive number of up and coming bands, most of whom are new to me so to try and help my fellow punk fans decide who to check out I'm going to broadcast a couple of special Just Some Punk Songs shows featuring as many of those bands as I can squeeze in. The first will air at 8pm (gmt) tomorrow (Tues 23rd) and you can listen live here :

  Kickback Generation will feature in that show (with a different song) but for the blog I'm going with Riptide Refugee....

Sunday 21 May 2017

The Humdrum Express - Lookalike Bond


  The Humdrum Express, aka Kidderminster based wry observationalist Ian Passey, previously graced Just Some Punk Songs with a song from last year's The Day My Career Died album ( ). Today he returns with the title track of his new ep.

  The ep is titled Lookalike Bond and is available now :

  As well as the title track's humerous look at celebrity culture and the business of celebrity lookalikes the ep also features a cover of Television Personalities' Painting By Numbers and songs called If Only I'd Watched Blue Peter and Fading Stars On Social Media. Imagine Half Man Half Biscuit with less bile; one man, his acoustic guitar and a sense of humour.

  Here's the excellent video for Lookalike Bond.....

 Not one to stand out from the crowd, an average man on the street
I have to work long hours, but still can’t seem to make ends meet
People have always said I resemble an actor on TV 
I don’t quite know how I ended up joining a look-alike agency

The work was steady, with the opening of a sports shop and a bar
Hardly an insight into what it must be like to be a star
Until one morning, I awoke to find an unexpected twist
My double was named as the next James Bond, and overnight became ‘A’ list

My name’s Bond – well, they say dead ringer
My name’s Bond
My name’s Bond – You only live twice, Goldfinger
My name’s Bond… James lookalike Bond

I forged signatures in Cannes; when I was there to see the sights
Seemed a far cry from switching on some village Christmas lights
Factory hours, now even more a distant memory
Former workmates, I hear, are passing comment jealously

My name’s Bond – I’m so well dressed, exuding charm
My Name’s Bond
My name’s Bond – with a wannabe Honor Blackman on my arm
My name’s Bond… James lookalike Bond

I turned on the TV news, left me shaken not stirred
As the (money) penny dropped, my whole world crashed by what I heard
My doppelganger, is not all he’s cracked up to be
I’ll admit… it scared the living daylights out of me!

His list of crime seems endless, he’s facing 007 years inside
The press are out to get him, my high life’s on the slide
The public are alleging other serious matters
I think I’ll have to sue – my career’s in tatters!

My name’s Bond – The novelty’s wearing thin
My name’s Bond
My name’s Bond – At the mercy of my famous twin
My name’s Bond, James Lookalike Bond

I was tempted by the taste of celebrity and wealth – 
Fooled into thinking I’d be bettering myself
A small crumb of comfort to ease my loss of earning
Is the hangers-on have gone; and I doubt they’ll be returning
Fame based on looks, I won’t be such a fool again
But I felt I needed something to help to ease the pain
I sought medical advice in a bid to ease my woe
My GP said “sit down, Bond” - I said “Dr, NO!”

I’m not Bond – Forget the man I used to be
I’m not Bond
I’m not Bond – Must be someone else who looks like me…

Saturday 20 May 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Jason Long (Smash The Discos webzine)

  Another top 10 for you today, this time the songs have been selected by Jason Long who is the person responsible for one of the best new webzines around, Smash The Discos. Dealing with the best in Oi music, Jason has published some great interviews with bands such as The Svetlanas, Mob Mentality, Brassknuckle, Antagonizers ATL, Hardsell, Sniper 66 and many more. The zine also has plenty of reviews and you can check it out here :

  Here's Jason's 10 favourite songs.....

 1)  THE BUSINESS - Smash The Discos

No, not because its my zines name, but because I've always loved this song.

 2)  BLITZ - Voice Of A Generation

I agree 100%. I don't wanna be poor either.

 3)  THE BEATDOWNS - Ruck N Roll 

90s American Oi. Raw, unpolished. So good, it became my webzines official theme song.

 4)  THE MISFITS - Devil's Whorehouse

This song and London Dungeon were 2 good examples of The Misfits breaking away from their usual musical shtick.

 5)  THE DEAD KENNEDYS - Triumph Of The Swill

Read the lyrics. Great song!


Watch Me Bleed!!!

 7)  THE ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH - Motor                                                                             City Trick Or Treat              

I don't wanna see another kid wasted on the city streets, while mom sells pussy for heroin cash, motor city trick or treat.

 8)  ARGY BARGY - Hooligans Heaven

Better than the original by Discipline... hey, it happens.

 9)  LOS OLVIDADOS - Something New

Skate or Die!!!

10)  HARDSELL - Wanna Fight

The truth is in the chorus.

Friday 19 May 2017

Dusty Mush - Bad Ideas

  Dusty Mush are a fuzzed up garage punk band from Ile-de-France who's sound is pitched somewhere between Billy Childish and early Ty Segall. Singer/guitarist/keyboardist Cedric Bottacchi has spent the past 3 years working on their new album, endlessly experimenting with the limits of lo-fi recording and this has resulted in a unique signature sound which has been elevated to a new level by the mastering skills of Patrick Haight (Bare Wires, Ty Segall, Personal & The Pizzas etc...).

  The other members of the band are Maxime Said (drums) and Romain Duplessier (bass). Duplessier also specializes in VHS edited videos (check out The Attic Video channel on Youtube) and has produced several in support of the album (you'll find one below).

  The album is called Cheap Entertainment and it's released May 26th on Howlin Banana Records (France), Stolen Body Records (UK) and Yippee Ki Yay Records (USA). You can find more details here :

This is Bad Ideas....

Thursday 18 May 2017

Heavy Drapes - Should I Suck Or Should I Blow

  Heavy Drapes are a Scottish 4 piece from Edinburgh who's line up includes De Liberate (vocals), Rikki Stiv (guitar), Jerry Dangerous (bass) and Billy Chaos (drums). They originally formed in 2007 but spectacularly imploded soon after. Come 2015 and frontman De Liberate decided to give things another go and their Sex Pistols/Iggy & The Stooges/MC5 brand of punk n roll is finding it's way to the ears (and hearts) of a new audience.

  Unhappy with what they percieve to be a safeness and predictability about the current punk scene, this is a band who aim to bring the excitement back. They channel the energy, swagger and danger of the early punk pioneers.

  The song below went down a storm on last week's Just Some Punk Songs show (the show is saved here :, it originally came out in 2015 before being rereleased last year by Tarbeach Records. This Is Should I Suck Or Should I Blow.....

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Dan Hooligan (Mob Mentality / Hooligan 77)

  Today I'm bringing you a Top 10 songs list chosen by ex Hooligan 77 frontman Dan Hooligan. Dan's now in a new band, Mob Mentality. They're from Pennsylvania and a couple of months ago announced themselves with the excellent No Honor, No Guts, No Glory ep. You can find it name your price here

  He's been busy working on the band's debut album but kindly took time out to share his 10 favourite songs.....

 1)  THE BRUISERS - Never Fall

2)  ACAB - Where Have All The Bootboys Gone

 3)  THE GC5 - White Flag

 4)  BLACK FLAG - American Waste

 5)  THE EXPLOITED - No Forgiveness

 6)  THE BUSINESS - Guiness Boys

 7)  ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Kids On The Streets

 8)  FEAR - Fuck Christmas

 9)  SLAPSHOT - Something To Prove

10)  WARZONE - The Sound Of Revolution

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Problem Child - Your mother would be proud


  Problem Child are a new English working class punk band from Stoke On Trent who feature amongst their ranks Wolf Bites Boy drummer Paul Hankey. They're a trio and the line up is rounded out by Live Wires' vocalist & rhythm guitarist John Barks and ex Dom Morgan bassist Tom Mollatt.

  They've only been together since February but they've already been in the studio and released their first video (see below). I've also played (on the Just Some Punk Songs show) their cover of The Shape Of Things To Come which was a hit for The Headboys back in 1979. As you might expect from their choice of song to cover, their sound combines elements of punk, mod and new wave.

  This is a song about the scrotes that hang around your local shops and it's called Your Mother Would Be Proud....

Monday 15 May 2017

Just Some Punk Songs Radio Show update

  A quick heads up for anyone who enjoys discovering new punk music. The saved versions of the Just Some Punk songs show are going to be uploaded to Mixcloud every week so those that can't make the live broadcast can listen at their convenience.

  Last week I broadcast a best Oi songs of 2017 (so far) special which attracted enough listeners to crash into the Top 10 punk chart. Most of the punk shows on Mixcloud feature old songs but hopefully getting a chart placing for the JSPS show will get the fans of those shows listening to the new and obscure bands that I concentrate on. There's plenty of great new music being released and it deserves a wider audience so if you check out any of the shows I upload feel free to favourite them or share them or whatever (most importantly if you like anything you hear check out the bands).

  Here's the link to this weeks show.....

  The bands played were : Caffiends / Slutbomb / Zex / Warwound / Underclass UK / Trummerfraun / Lions Law / The Tuts / Wall / The Stungrenades / Sheer Mag / Piss Test / Hung Like Henratty / Gnarwolves / Heavy Drapes / Riots / Face To Face / Angstgegner / Borrowed Time / Bring The Drones / Missile / Ann Beretta / Abolitionist / Radiohearts.

Parasite Diet - The Traveller


  Parasite Diet are a power pop punk band from Nashville who previously featured on Just Some Punk Songs a couple of years ago with a song from their Lost In Time Album

  Today they make a welcome return as I post a song from the new album, Coast To Coast. It's a fun, 15 track tribute to their favourite overnight radio show, Coast To Coast AM and covers topics such as astral projection, falling in love with Bigfoot and killer bees. There's also covers of songs originally released by Shonen Knife, They Might Be Giants and The Outrights. If you like your punk rock to be bouncy and full of hooks, melodies and all that other catchy stuff then you can check the album out here : or here

  The band are currently on indefinite hiatus due to their drummer being unavailable to tour but it's not all bad news. Aside from the album (watch out for a limited vinyl edition) there's already plans to release an ep of already recorded new material. You can get more details here :

  This is The Traveller.....

Lying alone in my own bed 
I could be anywhere instead 
we could be anywhere you want 
I could be everywhere at once 
catch me when I'm falling down 
we can turn everyone around 
and if I mean anything, you'll wake me up before I hit the ground 

I can't sleep without you tonight 
can't sleep alone 
and I can't sleep without you tonight 

I can bring heaven home to you 
I can bring earth and oceans too 
I can see everything from here 
I have seen planets disappear 
I have seen time begin and end 
I have seen love lost in the wind 
I have seen universes fall apart and built back up again

Sunday 14 May 2017

The SoapGirls - Rather be Dead

  Today's update features a band that are somewhat more stylish and graceful than the normal fare served up by Just Some Punk Songs, they're also influenced by the likes of Nirvana, L7 and Joan Jett as opposed to The Clash, Ramones etc. Are they punk? Well they write from the heart about subjects such as animal rights, societys most vulnerable and government policies, they also write introspective songs about real life experiences that have affected either themselves or those close to them. Mixing glamour with grunge, fuzzed up guitars and throbbing bass with powerful vocals, The Soapgirls are a band who's talent and hard work is attracting the attention of plenty of people.

  A duo, the band is comprised of French born sisters Camille (bass/vocals) and Noemie (guitar/vocals) Debray. Now based in Cape Town they spend much of their time touring the UK and Europe though their preaching of feminism and female self empowerment whilst often wearing very little has been known to cause mixed reactions. With true punk spirit though, they just carry on doing what they want and don't apologise to anyone.

  Starting off performing on the streets of South Africa when they were only 8 or 9, they had a few hit pop/dance records before changing their image and heading overseas to persue their dreams. 2015 saw the release of debut album Calls For Rebellion. They also released the single Bad Bitch ( 2017 promises to be a big one for the girls with plenty of gigs, festival appearances, a new album (Societys Reject, out this week and described as "Sex Pistols female version with a Kiss twist") and the single that you can see below. You can get details here :

  An emotional tale of a painful break up that portrays the rage and hurt felt when the person you count upon most betrays your confidence, this is Rather Be Dead.....

Saturday 13 May 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By City Miles


  City Miles are the exciting new UK Oi/streetpunk band that have only released one song so far, but what a great song it is. Titled Skinhead Till The End, it's one of the years best tracks and bodes well for future releases (they tell me more songs are currently being written and recorded). You can check it out here :

  As for the band themselves, no one seems to know anything about them. For a new band they've hit the ground running, it's hard to believe that they've not previously been active on the punk scene (and if you check out the comment on The Streets song below we now know at least one of them has previously been in a touring band 15 years ago). All we know at the moment is that there's 3 of them, they wear balaclavas and they're bloody good. One other thing I've managed to discover is their 10 favourite songs. This is a joint effort with all 3 members contributing so thanks guys, over to you.....

This list could be a hundred songs long and change every single day but today and off the top of our heads here's the list of ten songs you wouldn't go wrong having on a playlist. If you haven't heard any of them give them a go.

 1)  COCK SPARRER - Working

It's a classic right? Still gets put on and loved to this day.

 2)  THE SPECIALS - Doesn't Make It Alright

Love the Specials and the lyrics to this are spot on, Stiff little fingers did a great cover version too.

 3)  BLITZ - Someone's Gonna Die Tonight

I can remember clearly the first time I heard this and fell in love with it, I never thought one band could use so much distortion and still be that tuneful.

 4)  THE RUTS - Staring At The Rude Boys

 Love everything about the ruts this one gets us dancing.

 5)  LEATHERFACE - I Want The Moon

 One of the best opening tracks to a punk album ever.
Gravelly voice, great lyrics, dual guitars what else could you want, RIP Dickie.

 6)  STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Gotta Gettaway

An all time favourite band, still going strong, hit after hit of the first few albums, hard to choose one song by them.

 7)  CONFLICT - From Protest To Resistance

Talking so much sense. Up the Punx, RIP Paco.

 8)  SNUFF - Keep The Beat

From the amazing debut album Snuff said.

 9)  THE STREETS - Lets Push Things Forward

Bit of a curve ball, first heard this Streets album when on a tour when it came out and the tour manager played it in the van over and over and to this day, the album still makes me laugh.

10)  RANCID - Time Bomb

Breath of fresh air at the time and timeless time bomb.

Friday 12 May 2017

B-Leaguers - World Famous (in a little town)


  One of my favourite releases of 2017 so far is the split mini album Tales From A Punk Rock Road Trip which features songs from both B-Leaguers and Hooligan Crooners. It was released a couple of months back and one of the Hooligan Crooners songs featured here : I also managed to interview both bands

  Today I'm posting a new video from B-Leaguers which is for one of the album's highlights. The band are from Lincoln and have previously featured on here with a song from their Death Of A Western Heart album but on this release I think they take things up a notch. To label them just a punk band would be to do them an injustice as whilst they sit comfortably in that genre, they aren't constricted by it. They'll also appeal to those who wouldn't necessarily class themselves as punk fans. Their sound is big, it's catchy and it often has a wistfulness that'll have you harking back to times long gone. If you haven't discovered them yet then head over here.....

  Top song, top video, this is World Famous (In A Little Town)....

Thursday 11 May 2017

Missile - Gentrification

photo by Lee Conner

"Gentrification makes me really angry
London has gone, everybody else is moving out..." 

  Missile are a 3 piece from Plumstead in South East London and Bournemouth who were together between 1997-2001 before going their seperate ways. Bass player Harvey Hark went off to join punk legends Menace (he's still a member). Fast forward to April 2016 and Harvey got the band back together, as well as himself on bass & vocals there's Paul Bate on vocals & guitar and Martin Weaver on drums (and occasional vocals).

  Despite this being something of a second coming for them it's only now that they've put out a record. The 4 track s/t and self released ep is classic old school UK punk without any frills. You'll probably have a pretty good idea how it sounds when I tell you the titles are Missile, Gentrification, Fat Cat and Gutter. Down and dirty bass driven attacks on worthy targets that should appeal to anyone who grew up pogoing around their bedroom to the likes of The Clash, Newtown Neurotics etc....

  You can listen to the ep here : and if you want to keep an eye on any tour dates or updates about the new ep that they're recording this month then give them a like on Facebook...

  This is a critique on the changing face of London and how the have nots are being pushed out by the well to do, it's called Gentrification....

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Zex - Child Soldier


  Zex are from Ottawa, Canada and have been together since 2014. The line up features Gretchen Steel (vocals), Gab Hole (bass), Mark Useless (drums) and Jo Capitalicide (guitar). So far they've released a bunch of singles and a 2014 album titled Fight For Yourself. You can find those releases out here :

  They're heading over to Europe in June and you can check out details here :

  Recently they released a new single on No Front Teeth Records. It features 2 tracks and this is what they had to say about the A side, Child Soldier....

Child soldiers are children under the age of 18 who are recruited by armed groups who use children as shields, cooks, suicide bombers, fighters, spies, messengers and/or for sexual purposes.
Those forced to serve as soldiers most likely are displaced, poor, have little access to education or live in war zones. 
They are mainly recruited by militaries because they are easily manipulated. This is because they are very young to understand or resist any command. They are preferred mostly because they eat less food compared to adults and are not paid. The sense of danger in children is not highly developed making it easy to send them into the line of fire.
10 to 30 percent of kid soldiers are girls. They are used for fighting and are especially vulnerable to sexual violence they are also given to commanders as wives.
The following countries have reported use of child soldiers since 2011: Afghanistan, Colombia, India, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Mali, Mozambique, Uganda, Congo, Pakistan, Thailand, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and more.
In Sierra Leone child soldiers terrorized civilians by cutting off hands and arms. In Somalia war profiteers use child soldiers to prolong warfare in order to prevent taxes and curtailing illegal businesses. In Liberia former president Charles Taylor abducted many child soldiers to use in his fight for power in a war that lasted 14 years. His Rivals, whom included the infamous General Butt Naked (Joshua Blahyi), also used child soldiers in the brutal war.
Since there have been many technological advances in the making of war weapons they have been made real easy to use, which has contributed to the increase in child soldiers.
Some child soldiers are forced to act violently against their families and communities to make sure they do not return home.
Some children are coerced into fighting by their family or communities. Such was the case of Canadian Omar Khadr who at the age of 15 was captured while fighting in Afghanistan . Subsequently he was held for 10 years without trial in Guantanamo Bay. Eventually he was transfered to prison in Canada where his nightmare still continues.
In some countries, former child soldiers have access to rehabilitation programs to help them locate their families, get back into school, receive vocational training, and re-enter civilian life. However, many children have no access to such programs. They may have no way to support themselves and are at risk of re-recruitment
The recruitment of Child soldiers is on the rise and is one of war's most despicable atrocities.

  This is Child Soldier.....