Tuesday 16 May 2017

Problem Child - Your mother would be proud


  Problem Child are a new English working class punk band from Stoke On Trent who feature amongst their ranks Wolf Bites Boy drummer Paul Hankey. They're a trio and the line up is rounded out by Live Wires' vocalist & rhythm guitarist John Barks and ex Dom Morgan bassist Tom Mollatt.

  They've only been together since February but they've already been in the studio and released their first video (see below). I've also played (on the Just Some Punk Songs show) their cover of The Shape Of Things To Come which was a hit for The Headboys back in 1979. As you might expect from their choice of song to cover, their sound combines elements of punk, mod and new wave.

  This is a song about the scrotes that hang around your local shops and it's called Your Mother Would Be Proud....

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