Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Haymaker - First to die

  Haymaker are an oi band from Prague (Czech Republic) who's line up features ex Discharger vocalist/guitarist Tim Steinfort alongside Tomas Ashtar (Saints & Sinners - bass/vocals) and Vlad The Bulldog ( Disdainful - drums/vocals).

  Earlier this year they released, on Randale Records (and Crowd Control Media in the USA), their debut ep, We Are Haymaker. It contains 6 tracks and all of them are great. In support of the ep, they've lined up a short tour of Europe, check out dates on Facebook.... https://www.facebook.com/HaymakerOi/

  If you check on Youtube, you'll find videos for most of the songs on the ep. The one I'm posting below is for a track that I played on a special Just Some Punk Songs show that aimed to shine a spotlight on some of the best oi music releases so far in 2017. 19 songs, 19 bands all squeezed into an hour long show. If you want to listen it's saved here : https://www.mixcloud.com/mick-fletcher/just-some-punk-songs-best-oi-songs-of-2017-so-far/

    This is First To Die.....

We're way behind we're living on the edge of time
We must get rich becoming poor became a crime
Many promises where made but in the end
The first to die has always been the working man

They tell our kids in school it's like that don't ask why
We gotta work until we're old enough to die
The more we learn the more we still don't understand
The first to die has always been the working man


We're the first to fight, We're the first to die
And the last to find the bloody reason why
Again and again since I don't know when
The first to die has always been the working man

To keep your job you have to do the best you can
Building houses for unhandy business men
And when you're all used up nobody gives a damn
The first to die has always been the working man


  1. Fucking awesome song with a great message! Don’t know about the yellow braces, red or white are the way to go, but to each their own as long as they aren’t trying to piss in my cheerios!

  2. Yellow is anti racist haymaker is real and not racist puff if you are racist racist you are not skin but chump