Thursday 11 May 2017

Missile - Gentrification

photo by Lee Conner

"Gentrification makes me really angry
London has gone, everybody else is moving out..." 

  Missile are a 3 piece from Plumstead in South East London and Bournemouth who were together between 1997-2001 before going their seperate ways. Bass player Harvey Hark went off to join punk legends Menace (he's still a member). Fast forward to April 2016 and Harvey got the band back together, as well as himself on bass & vocals there's Paul Bate on vocals & guitar and Martin Weaver on drums (and occasional vocals).

  Despite this being something of a second coming for them it's only now that they've put out a record. The 4 track s/t and self released ep is classic old school UK punk without any frills. You'll probably have a pretty good idea how it sounds when I tell you the titles are Missile, Gentrification, Fat Cat and Gutter. Down and dirty bass driven attacks on worthy targets that should appeal to anyone who grew up pogoing around their bedroom to the likes of The Clash, Newtown Neurotics etc....

  You can listen to the ep here : and if you want to keep an eye on any tour dates or updates about the new ep that they're recording this month then give them a like on Facebook...

  This is a critique on the changing face of London and how the have nots are being pushed out by the well to do, it's called Gentrification....

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