Monday 22 May 2017

Kickback Generation - Riptide Refugee

  Kickback Generation are a political punk band from the north east of England who formed in 2012 and boast a line up of Jim Thoroughgood (bass/vocals), Mick Robson (guitar/vocals) and Paul "Puss" Sowerby (drums). Influenced by the likes of Billy Bragg, The Clash, Social Distortion, Gimp Fist etc they've thus far they've released 2 albums, Waiting For The Punchline (2014) and Rant (2016). Today's song is taken from the latter of those.

  Always on the lookout for gigs, they'd appreciate it if anyone who can help out gets in touch via Facebook

  One gig they have got lined up is their appearance on the Introducing Stage at this year's Rebellion Festival. They'll be playing on the Friday (4th Aug) so if you're in Blackpool make sure to check them out.

  The Introducing stage will host an impressive number of up and coming bands, most of whom are new to me so to try and help my fellow punk fans decide who to check out I'm going to broadcast a couple of special Just Some Punk Songs shows featuring as many of those bands as I can squeeze in. The first will air at 8pm (gmt) tomorrow (Tues 23rd) and you can listen live here :

  Kickback Generation will feature in that show (with a different song) but for the blog I'm going with Riptide Refugee....

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