Thursday 30 April 2020

Era Bleak - Era Bleak

   Era Bleak ( are Candy (vocals), Justin (bass), Zach (guitar) and Spiz (drums), they're from Portland, Oregon and they include members of Dark/Light and Piss Test. They put out a demo at the end of 2017 ( which was described as "angular, energetic, and a little bit snotty." It got a cassette release by Dirt Cult Records in 2018 and the 7 tracks will feature on an upcoming lp (again on Dirt Cult) alongside 3 new ones.

  They've just posted 3 videos to Youtube, a couple of the new tracks (MRI and Era Bleak) plus one of the earlier ones (Burning Sky). All are great.

  This is a warning to watch your step, don't go out, the world's a dangerous place so stay home and lock the door. It's definitely a timely song! It's called Era Bleak...

Wednesday 29 April 2020

Crashed Out - Against All Odds

  Crashed Out ( are a melodic street punk quartet from Jarrow in the North East of England who formed in 1995 and who's current line up features Chris Wright (Vocals), Lee Wright (Guitar/backing vocals), Spin Brown (Bass) and Carlos Bennett (Drums). It's Lee Wright's second appearance on here this week as he's also a member of Monkey Mind.

  They name amongst their influences the likes of AC/DC, Rancid, Motorhead and The Dickies. It's quite possible you've caught them live as they've shared a stage with a plethora of genre greats including Rancid, The Adicts, The Undertones, The Misfits, The Damned, The Dead Kennedys, Stiff Little Fingers and The Levellers. They've a lengthy back catalogue and they were hoping to release their first new album in 10 years in time for this year's Rebellion Festival but I suppose like everything at the moment those plans lie on shifting sands. There is however a new track...

  This is an outsider anthem, a song for all those who struggle to fit in. A big tune with a catchy chorus and energy aplenty. Let's keep our fingers crossed for that album. Against All Odds...

This ones for ‪the un-achievers‬  The underdogs and unbelievers  The girl who struggles and misunderstood  They said you'd fail and your no good  And the boys the ones who don't fit in  Not giving a chance but fight to win Them who fight back and come back for more, Those at the bottom who kick down the door,   Chorus X2 They think they know  They got you wrong  Rise above against all odds The kids with nothing and nothing to loose Do it yourself  be nobody's fool Stand your ground I stand with you  I'll fight your corner if you want me too Make your own rules do your own thing  Get the last laugh and live to win  Hold your head high stand out from the crowd  Viva le punk shout it out loud  Chorus X2 They think they know  They got you wrong  Rise above against all odds Middle 8 Punk rock is our religion said my brothers from across the sea. Bring on the next generation anger is an energy.  anger is an energy. Chorus X2 They think they know  They got you wrong  Rise above against all odds

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Sniffany And The Nits - Girl Factory

  Featuring members from Brighton and London, Sniffany And The Nits released a debut ep last December which impressed enough to make it into the Just Some Punk Songs end of year chart. It was an extremely promising first release which had me describing it as "gloriously ramshackle, female fronted, shouty hardcore where the singer sounds on the verge of a nervous breakdown" ( That singer is Nurse Sniffany (Josephine M.K. Edwards) who as well as being a singer and talented artist ( is the girl who checks your hair for nits! She also possesses one of the most distinctive voices around. She's a delight/your worst nightmare (delete as applicable).

  Today I'm writing a few words about their brand new ep. It's titled The Greatest Nits and it's brilliantly bonkers. There's a song about a pretty horrific sounding factory where girls are herded like cows and milked like sows. Another describes a life in which you go from sugar cube treats and cracking whips to the glue factory. Then we have something about swimming in wet slurry and thick suet as you throw your salt on the soil and the last track seems to be about a submissive fly treasuring it's time in a spider's web. Imagine David Lynch having nightmares!

  There'll be 400 copies available on black vinyl from Thrilling Living Records

  For digital, go here :

  This is the opening track, it's called Girl Factory...

Room inspections, forced injections,
Girl infection, under lock and key protection!
I am safe because I know that he’s there,
He checks my vitals with the utmost care.
Girls locked in rooms and herded like cows,
I’m bred for my meat, I’m milked like a sow.
I want to be rescued! Press my ear to the door…
I tremble in terror at footsteps in corridors.
I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t see anything,
I didn’t try to run, I promise I’m not anyone…
It was just a holiday from The Girl Factory,
A holiday from The Girl Factory!

Monday 27 April 2020

Monkey Mind- Get Rid Ov Him

  Monkey Mind ( are the north east of England 3 piece featuring Lee Wright from Crashed Out (there'll be something by them coming up on here soon), Martin Paynton from The Panic Report and Olga from The Toy Dolls. They formed in 2018 and have just released their 3rd single. The first two were character observations, one was extolling the virtues of northern women and the other dealt with aggressive pint sized chaps. They pretty much carry on this trend with their latest release in which they're offering up some sage advice. Ditch that loser, he's no good... Maybe they have an ulterior motive? Are they after filling his shoes?

  As we've come to expect from the band, it's an extremely catchy slice of proper pop punk that'll have you singing along. A feel good tune to help us get through tough times. The video was filmed with the guys in lockdown and you can see it below.

  You can get the single here :

  Get Rid Ov Him...

He's a moron!! That's obvious, such a fail a pathetic individual, ya gotta bin him or you'll regret, its too bad his brains in his bicep. Born loser, he's inadequate everybody knows that goon ain't worth it we never see you smile you gotta run a mile. I see through him he's not invincible but you look at me like I'm the invisible man! Hey Girl, you're just lying to yourself, over and over again! We can see through, I can see through him. So Get up'n'Get Out Get up'n'Get Out GET RID OV HIM GET RID OV HIM NOW Well he's an idiot I think you know it, you're such a fool and now your showing it, you gotta listen up, its getting serious, he's round the bend its all ridiculous, I heard a rumour you're now carrying, of course that numbskull's now departed, he's up n left ya, to find another! I hate to say it but I told you so, goons like him you don't wanna know at all I was waiting in the wings but, you only ever had eyes for him and I don't know why, 'We don't know why' I was waiting in the wings but, you only ever had eyes for him and now you're all 'ALONE' He's no good for you Get Rid Ov Him

Sunday 26 April 2020

LITIGE - Casual Tonight

  LITIGE are a punk 4 piece from Lyon featuring a line up of Louise (vocals), Morgan (guitar), Camille (drums) and Tifène (bass). They announced themselves in 2015 with a very promising demo and proved they were no flash in the pan with the Fuite En Avant ep. Now they return with an impressive new album titled En Eaux Troubles (In Troubled Waters). It mixes grit and melody to produce something a little bit special. Lead single Regardez Moi (a balanced critique of the selfie generation) promised much and happily the album doesn't disappoint. Other songs deal with macho moshers, fashion punks, global destruction, toxic relationships and friendship...

    The vinyl version of the album is available to pre order from Destructure Records and it's name your price here :

  This track is about dressing normally and being happy to be oneself in a field full of strutting peacocks. It's called Casual Tonight...

Je me sens trop ridicule de...
Je me sens trop ridicule de...

Si j’avais osé, je serais venue en pyjama
Mais je me suis juste pointée avec mon jean normal

Pourquoi tu m’as pas dit que tout le monde serait looké
Au milieu du cuir on dirait que je sors du lycée

So casual tonight / So casual tonight

Il faudrait que je fasse quoi, que je crée un personnage
C’est déjà assez dur de comprendre ce qui se passe
Alors si il faut en plus, bosser son image
En tout cas ce qui est sûr, c’est que ce soir on était casual

So casual tonight / So casual tonight

On portait pas assez de noir pour qu’on puisse nous voir...

Born Shit Stirrers - Bored Of Education (promo video)

  Have you noticed there's loads and loads and loads of punk music being released. It's over 4 decades since Johnny Rotten asked if we ever get the feeling we've been cheated, 40 plus years since Crass declared Punk Is Dead. Sid Died in 1979. But still the new punk releases keep on a coming.

  And do you know what, despite many, many great releases (just flick back through this blog for a tiny fraction of them), it's not easy to find something that makes you sit up and think "this is a bit different, it's distinctive and immediately grabs your attention". Today's song had me thinking exactly that (well not quite exactly, my initial thought was fuck!). Even though it only lasts for 25 glorious seconds!!!

  Born Shit Stirrers formed in 2016 in Fukuoka, Japan and play short and catchy punk tunes that are "laced with sharp, dark, often self-deprecating humour." They're un pc, irreverent and great fun. If you don't like a song, don't worry the next one will be along soon. There's 21 songs on their new album. It's called Lester, it'll be co released on May 14th by Serial Bowl Records and Chaos Control (on vinyl, cd & digital). You can pre order it (and check out 5 of the tracks) here :

  I think this is the first video I've featured that was filmed in a public toilet. If you've never heard this band before, you're in for a treat. This is Bored Of Education...

Saturday 25 April 2020

Goldie Dawn - What's Inside (Never Dies)

  Damn, Juice at Drunken Sailor Records ( doesn't half turn up some awesome music. Next month sees the physical release of a debut Self Titled ep by Goldie Dawn. The snappily monikered outfit hail from Glasgow and mix up elements of garage rock with catchy power pop melodies. Vocalist Kate 'Rambo' Thorburn (ex Asian Babes) impresses and she's more than ably backed up by the 3 boys in the band; The Ripper (guitar), F Voight (bass) and Jordy H (drums). Some of you may have been lucky enough to catch their recent live appearances alongside Sheer Mag and Chubby And The Gang. You can pre order the 7" vinyl (ltd to 300 copies) and get it shipped out around the 29th May or if you're the impatient type, you can already get the digital version :

  Whilst you're on the Drunken Sailor Bandcamp page check out the other 3 new releases they added yesterday (a couple of them will feature on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show).

  This song is probably the catchiest on the ep, maybe due to the infectious handclaps, it's also the one with a video so that's the one I'm highlighting today. It's title What's Inside (Never Dies)...

Thursday 23 April 2020

Fatal Blow - Tent City Reality

  Fatal Blow ( are an anti fascist oi/streetpunk trio from South Wales who line up with Paul Cobley (vocals/guitar), Nidge Downs (bass) and Antal Kizmus (drums). If a couple of those names seem familiar to you, it's because the band started as a side project of The Oppressed. They released a split ep in 2017 with Oi Polloi and have been pretty prolific ever since with the Hope Not Hate and Victimized albums plus the Live In Manchester lp. Last month saw them return with new album, Generals And Soldiers. 

  The album mixes things up between the personal;
  Skinhead Time Bomb deals with false preconceptions ("You hate me, for my boots and braces. won't approach me, because you believe the lies...") whilst Last Skinhead In Town laments the loss of mates (some of them got married, some are up in heaven whilst others are behind bars) whilst vowing to carry on with the skinhead lifestyle (a lifestyle also touched upon in the eponymous Fatal Blow ("For the boots, and the braces and the angry faces"). The title track is a footie hooligan song ("Saturday's heroes, home and away")....

  ...And the political;
  Still Hate Thatcher is pretty self explanatory (Vocalist Paul grew up in a mining community) as is Party Political Bullshit ("See that face on your tv, it's a politician talking to you. He's lying through his false teeth, but it looks as though the message is getting through..."). Proud Boys, Proud Of What displays their Antifa roots ("Mummy's boy is nothing but a racist jerk") and Sink The Ship asks why rock the boat when you can sink the fucker with a hammer blow.

  All in all, a great oi record that would have sounded every bit as good in 1982 as it does today. You can find it here :  The cd has the added bonus of Live In Manchester added on and the vinyl version should be available in a few weeks

  This track is about homelessness and how it's ignored by politicians,  it's called Tent City Reality...

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Dirty Cheetah - Got Caught

  Back in February when I featured a new single by Montreal punk n rollers Dirty Cheetah I predicted their upcoming debut album would be very good. I wish I was as good at predicting lottery numbers as I was spot on. It's very good indeed. It's titled Never Too Late and whilst we still have to wait a little while longer for No Front Teeth Records and Resurrection Records to release it on vinyl, the digital version is available now. You should go snap it up.

  With 2 killer singles and a mighty fine ep under their belts we already had a good idea of what to expect from the album. The music is pretty simple and straight forward in the way that The Ramones were simple and straight forward (and very effective!). It's the type of sound that'll make you want to stomp and chant. It's rock n roll with a punk edge. It deserves to be played loud to intoxicated kids in sweaty dives but I guess it'll be a while yet before that happens.

  Lyrically it doesn't take itself too seriously. Frontman Pat Panic has a damn fine voice and he regales us with tales of petty criminals, mind confusion, crazy murderers & infatuation....

  This track has it all, great riffs, dumb lyrics and a big ending. It's called Got Caught...

Tuesday 21 April 2020

The Appalled - No Wife No Kids No Mortgage

  The Appalled are a street punk/oi! 3 piece from Cowes on the Isle Of Wight who've recently released an impressive Self Titled debut album. There's a comment on the Bandcamp page that describes it better than I could manage so I'll stick it here : "You know how Fred Flintstone shaves his stubble with a clam-shell containing bees? That's what this is, but the after-burn and rash is harsher." Not much info is available about them though I think they changed their name from The Proles last year.

  The album contains 8 gritty old school punk tracks. The vocals are gruff, the music is more aggressive than fellow Isle Of Wighters Grade 2 but as the nice chap from City Miles ( who recommended the album to me says of the song you'll see below, "Something about that track grabbed me straight away. Had the chorus in my head for days. Didn't know what the Mrs thought when I was walking around singing it..."

  So to sum up. No holds barred rough and ready music from the streets that'll appeal to those who like their singalongs to be warts n all '82 style bangers. Check it out...

  This track is called No Wife No Kids No Mortgage...

Monday 20 April 2020

Days N Daze - LibriYUM

  If you like your punk music to be akin to a party in which everyone's having a ball as the banjo, mandolin, uke and washboard players kick up a storm then Days N Days ( are no doubt a band you're already familiar with. I know the Houston folk punkers are very popular as the views on this blog went through the roof when I featured them a few years back ( and after hearing a couple of tracks from their upcoming album I can imagine they'll be gaining even more fans.

  The core line up is Jesse Sendejas (Vocals/Guitar/Mandolin/Banjo), Whitney Flynn (Vocals/Trumpet/Uke), Geoff Bell (Gutbucket) and Meg Gan (Washboard) though others contributions are plentiful. They formed in 2008 and the new album, their 8th, is titled Show Me The Blueprints and it'll be released by Fat Wreck Chords on May 1st. Not much doubt that it's going to be something very special.

  This track appears deeply personal and demonstrates that even the liveliest music can be juxtaposed with lyrics from the darkest depths. It's called LibriYUM...

Loaded to brim with Librium Hallucinating in some retro tele nova Just using worse drugs to quit the drugs When using to stay comfortable enough Used to be I’d drink myself through every twist and turn But now I’ve grown up A bit And seen some shit Made my mistakes I’ve lost and won What did I learn? LALALALALALA OHHHHHH Holy shit I’m not dependent anymore It’s fucking weird I’ve been an addict for a decade Now I can see the world so clearly And it’s terrifying My mind it feels rejuvenated All those thoughts I drown out For so long are bubbling back up And their driving me crazy Oh, look now I can feel again The numbness has evaded How real life it’s fine and dandy No, it’s not I fucking hate this Is this really how all these sober people live Life sober is over stimulating Piece of shit This feelings hell and boring normalcy Why did I even quit? Oh, yeah that’s right I almost died So, I suppose I’ll give this sober train a ride At least until I yank out all my teeth Does this boredom never cease? Reality is a disease Oh, lord I need another drink LALALALA OHHH.. I sit in slippers on a dog hair coated sofa Staring at the ceiling contemplating god Why I numb myself and what I’m so afraid of All while trying to ignore these racing thoughts I've a never-ending nagging Need to figure out the point Or maybe there just isn’t one We’re all just maladroit Moronic Meaningless abomination Hurdling towards an empty everlasting blank oblivion The clarity is killing me But so were the drugs Why can I not just exist happily Without being numb? Is there something I’m missing Which others have found? If you’ve answers inform me I’m being drug down by the weight of unknowing It’s really bummin’ me out I’ve been to hell and back And seen so much Beneath the heavens So, what did I learn Left to my own devices And stripped of all my vices I possess a tendency To overthink and analyze things But I don’t think it worthless To contemplate our purpose Now that our society Appears to have become so thoughtless It seems especially important That we take a sec to gather some perspective And remember that we’re all just specs A dust within a vast expanse Created out of happenstance Diluted from the same initial spark So, let’s party down LALALALA OHHH..

Sunday 19 April 2020

Slaves - One More Day Won’t Hurt (Bob Vylan Remix)

  "I'll tell you when I've had enough..." 

    I think it's fair to say that the biggest buzz over any of the songs I've featured on this blog or played on the show so far this year was over the mightily impressive We Live Here which is of course by Bob Vylan ( They "sort of" feature again today as they've been busy remixing a track that appeared on Slaves' recent ep The Velvet Ditch. You'll probably already know that Slaves are the Kent duo Isaac Holman (vocals/drums) and Laurie Vincent (guitar/vocals) so I don't need to give you the usual background info, just go here if you want to know more

  The track in question is One More Day Won't Hurt. The original version is a bruising cautionary tale about addiction and small town thuggery that pummels you into submission. This new version is no less brutal but it effortlessly bridges the gap between punk and grime. It's the type of release that's going to keep the younger generation interested in the punk scene and it has Bob Vylan's fingerprints all over it. More please....

  One More Day Won't Hurt...

Who Killed Nancy Johnson? - City


  It's always great when you hitch your wagon to a new band that you think has potential and then go on to feature them over the years as every release improves upon the last. When I featured Reading dystopian post punkers Who Killed Nancy Johnson? ( last year I said that the chatroom folk on the latest Just Some Punk Songs show were commenting that Pretending To Like People was their best song yet. I'm expecting similar comments when I play a brand new track from their upcoming album later today (feel free to come join us and listen to an hour of great new punk music (

  The album is their debut, it's titled I See Six and it'll be released on June 26th. There's 2 tracks already streaming and they sound much better than a diy recording in a village hall in Oxfordshire has any right to. It's going to be a vicious political assault on a myriad of worthy targets backed by a frantically pounding back beat. The opening track is spot on. Our leaders aren't "lizards, not alien super creeps, not that bug-eyed conspiracy theory crap..." They're snake oil salesmen, they'll convince you that you can trust them, they'll promise you the world as they pick your pocket. A revolving fresh face with a handful of shiny baubles but in reality a cancer on society.

  Track 2, the one you'll find below, deals with City folk. Not me and you and the majority of city folk who work hard to eek out a living but the ones who've been around since the onset of society, grasping, greedy and always hungry for greater wealth. Other song titles will include Communist, Rothmans and Notre Dame and I'm really looking forward to hearing them.

  You can pre order the album (cd and digital versions) here :

  This is City...

Born AD43
A Roman legacy
Of trade empiracy
Always raiding
Entire history
From Saxon royalty
To slaves in Chancery
Power and money


The rich all ran away
In time of fire and plague
But now they’re back to stay
Bet your money
Law con and banking cock
Wash cash and launder stock
In high-rise haven blocks
Dirty greedy - shitty


Dirty, so dirty, so dirty, dirty greedy

Saturday 18 April 2020

The Movement - Sound Of The Youth

(photo : Michał Micha)

  Hailing from Copenhagen, The Movement formed in 2002 and line up with Lukas Sherfey (vocal/guitar), Sebastian Page (bass) and Philip Ingemann (drums). Influenced by The Who, The Jam and The Clash, they're working class a mod/punk three piece who've released 4 very good albums; Move! (2003), Revolutionary Sympathies (2005), Globalize This! (2009) and Fools Like You (2012). I featured them on here back in 2015 when I described them as sounding like Louis Armstrong fronting The Mighty Mighty Bosstones...

  Dressed smart in their trademark suits, they're an high energy band with an aim of encouraging young people to resist and question everything. Think northern soul moves with lyrics by Rosa Luxemburg, think The Kinks quoting Marx. They're a good time band that get both your limbs and your brain working.

  And they've got a new album.

  It's titled Future Freedom Time and it's available now from Concrete Jungle Records ( 8 years away hasn't lessened their ability to pen a catchy tune and it certainly hasn't dampened the fire in their bellies. It's a political album in which they gaze disapprovingly on the world around them; "But it's not about Trump, because it doesn't matter whether the Clintons bomb Yugoslavia or kill Obama with drones - I'm against the entire empire, regardless of which president rules it." Most importantly though it's very good so check it out.

  This is the teaser single, this shit's been going on too long so here's a call to start kicking down the walls. It's called Sound Of The Youth...

It's the sound of the youth It's the sound of strength It's the sound of the truth It's the sound of the new It's the sound of the streets all the people we need The shits been going on too long How long time will they steal the profits How many years should we stand in line Truth is nothing's really happening And it's a waste of time Start putting up the red flag Start kicking down the walls Stop trusting those who use us Cause it's the final call It's the sound of the youth It's the sound of strength It's the sound of the truth It's the sound of the new It's the sound of the streets all the people we need The shits been going on too long They will judge you just for being true They will judge you just for being you (ohh yes they will) It's the sound of the youth There's nothing going on right here now All property is owned by few The rich are fooling everybody What can a poor boy do? Start putting up the red flag Start kicking down the walls Stop trusting those who use us Cause it's the final call It's the sound of the youth It's the sound of strength It's the sound of the truth It's the sound of the new It's the SOUND OF THE YOUTH!!

Thursday 16 April 2020

Burning Heads (ft. Jean Rem d'Audincourt) - Sunstroke

  I think it's fair to say that most of us like a good cover version. Well today I'm going to point you in the direction of 19 of them, all packaged together on one tasty album and available on Bandcamp "name your price." The artists covered include the likes of Descendents, Adolescents, Bad Brains, Spermbirds, Dag Nasty, UK Subs, Pennywise, Good Riddance and many more. Best of all, you're not getting sub standard rip offs from a bunch of talentless wannabes, you're getting really good versions from a band at the top of their game.

  Burning Heads ( are from Orleans, France and line up with Fra (Vocals), Phil (guitar, vocals), Mikis (guitar, vocals), Tomoi (drums, vocals) and JBe (bass, vocals). They formed in 1987, released their debut album in 1992 and have been pretty damn prolific ever since. They play melodic hardcore and on occasion add a little dub & reggae to the mix. They recently released the covers album Under Their Influence and though the current pandemic has held up the release of the album on vinyl and cd, you can snap it up digitally here :

  It's a treasure trove of classic tracks, many you may know, a few you possibly won't. The band have drafted in numerous guests (a few who I've heard of, most who I haven't) which adds a little variety to proceedings. The track I'm highlighting today features Jérémy Costantini from The Rebel Assholes. It's a track originally recorded by Guns N' Wankers and it featured on their 1994 album For Dancing And Listening. It's titled Sunstroke...

Julie stands beside the window
Head full of additive
Sophie wants an explanation
Julie says she's none to give
Julie's got some time
But she's not taking much more
Just a little bit
More than she bargained for
Sophie's in two minds,
She's busy making it four
Ask a simple question
The answers might just follow on
So she asks about her lover
Tiny kicks internally
Julie talks of aspirations
Hiding from reality
You don't get the picture
I have to level with you
Should have left it as it was
You thought the grass was greener
But your imagination lied
It was just a dream
And your dreams don't count
When the real world comes around

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Tommy And The Rockets - You Don't Know What You've Got

  Hailing from Odense (Denmark), Tommy And The Rockets ( are no strangers to this blog. Neither are Moss (Norway) power pop punkers The Dahlmanns ( Both are very catchy good time bands and both have teamed up to release the Scandinavian Affair 7". It's a perfect soundtrack to the approaching summer with both bands knocking it out of the park. Released on Ghost Highway Recordings and Beluga Records, you can get it here :

  The Dahlmanns contribute a classy cover of Party Girl, a track from Rachel Sweet's 1981 album, ...And Then He Kissed Me. Smooth as satin and sure to have you singing along, definitely a track to check out.

  The flip side sees Tommy And The Rockets tackling a track written by Joan Jett, Kenny Laguna and Ritchie Cordell which originally appeared on Joan's first album from 1980. A gentle rocker about lost love that's more infectious than this goddamn virus that's keeping us all indoors, it's another winner. It's titled You Don't Know What You've Got...

I was caught so unaware
When you made other plans
Promises you swore to keep
Where more than you could stand

You don't know what you've got
You don't know what you've got
You don't know what you've got
Till it's gone

I can't stand to hear your name
'Cause you were so unkind
And though you think you made out well
Someday you will find

You don't know what you've got
You don't know what you've got
You don't know what you've got
Till it's gone

Shame on you, I gave you love
I gave you love so true
But you ran away
So you just don't know what you blew
Oooh, oooh

You don't know what you've got
(Oh baby)
You don't know what you've got
(I thought I knew you)
You don't know what you've got
Till it's gone

I was weak when you were there
And I felt so protected
But I'll make sure that you regret
The one that you rejected

You don't know what you've got
(Oh baby)
You don't know what you've got
(You really blew it)
You don't know what you've got
Till it's gone

You don't know what you've got
(Oh baby)
You don't know what you've got
(I thought I knew you)
You don't know what you've got
Till it's gone

You don't know what you've got
(Oh baby)
You don't know what you've got
(Oh baby)
You don't know what you've got
Till it's gone

You don't know what you've got
(Oh baby)
You don't know what you've got
(I thought I knew you)
You don't know what you've got
Till it's gone

Tuesday 14 April 2020

The Muslims - Punch A Nazi

(photo : Antonio Rodriguez)

  Thus reads the banner on the Facebook page of Durham (North Carolina) punk rappers The Muslims ( And it's true, they are. Very. Listed amongst their "likes" are Black Punks. Brown Punks. Femme Punks. Ghetto Punks. GNC Punks. Ratchet Punks. Dyke/Trans/Queer/Faggy Punks. Punks who piss on Nazi graves... What they don't like are racists, homophobes, bigots, the intolerant and Donald "fuckface" Trump.

  They're an all queer, black & brown trio featuring Qadr (vocals/guitar), FarraH BaHbaH (drums) and Abu Shea (bass). They mix up punk, afropunk, hardcore and rap-rock. They're direct in their verbal attacks but they certainly aren't po-faced whiners. They add plenty of biting satire to their incendiary songs.

  They've recently released a new album titled Gentrified Chicken. It let's rip at the usual targets but does it in a style that makes it seem fresh and vital. White power goons who blame everything on Mohammad, trigger happy cops, government surveillance, gentrification, inequality etc... There's even a "sort of" Blink-182 cover!

  You can find it here :

  This track hits out at the relics of a dying system, the flag flying proud boys and the racist establishment that enables them. It's a great companion song to the Bob Vylan track I featured a couple of weeks ago ( It's called Punch A Nazi...

Punch a Nazi
Punch a Nazi
Punch a Nazi
Punch a Nazi

Punch that Nazi in the face
Knock his teeth back in his brain
And if that inbred scum gets up
Kick that cracka in his gut

Punch that Nazi in the face
Make sure that he’s seeing stars
And when that khaki bag comes to
Beat him till he’s black and blue

Beat him up
Best him up, beat him up, beat him up, beat him up
Point em out
Point em our, point em out, point em out, point em out
Beat him up
Best him up, beat him up, beat him up, beat him up
Point em out
Point em our, point em out, point em out, point em out

Punch that Nazi in the face
Knock his ass into outerspace
When that fucking bitch comes down
Drag his ass through sundown town

Punch that Nazi in the gut
Beat him till he’s pissing blood
Make him say your fuckin name
Tear that ass up all the same

Beat him up
Best him up, beat him up, beat him up, beat him up
Point em out
Point em our, point em out, point em out, point em out
Beat him up
Best him up, beat him up, beat him up, beat him up
Point em out
Point em our, point em out, point em out, point em out

We want peace so we’ll beat your ass to pieces
You’d kill us so your death with bring us justice
You’re a relic of a dying fucking system
Take the proud boys with them
And all the KKK Killer Cops

Punch that Nazi in the balls
Whoop his ass til he fuckin falls
If that mayo bread talks back
Jam that marten in his crack

Punch that Nazi in the throat
That should keep his no-lips shut
Noose that flag around his neck
Tell the boys to string him up

Beat him up
Best him up, beat him up, beat him up, beat him up
Point em out
Point em our, point em out, point em out, point em out
Beat him up
Best him up, beat him up, beat him up, beat him up
Point em out
Point em our, point em out, point em out, point em out
Beat him up

Punch a Nazi
Punch a Nazi
Punch a Nazi
Punch a Nazi


Monday 13 April 2020

Proud City Fathers - General Ludd

  Proud City Fathers ( are a hard hitting London outfit that featured on here last year with a track from their Outposts album ( and who return today with one from new album Veneer.

  The album features a dozen gritty political punk bangers. Most are short, sharp bursts of furious energy. A definite plus point is that the vocals are clear enough that it's fairly easy to make them out which is great as this is a band with a message. A negative is that I think I'm too thick to understand most of what they're telling me. Or at least that was the case on first listen. But I'm listening closely, doing a few google searches and most importantly thinking about what I'm hearing. Granted songs like Cunt and Organised Crime seem fairly self explanatory but what's General Ludd about? Google suggests he lent his name to the Luddites, the 19th century textile workers who destroyed machinery as a form of protest. Not sure if he's the same guy they're singing about but lyrics have him sipping cocktails on the verandah whilst the masses are drunk on propaganda and the cannon fodder lie in pain, knee deep in mud miles away. I need to investigate further as it all sounds very interesting. The title track is Veneer. A veneer is of course a thin decorative covering and I notice the song is accompanied by a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche which goes “There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth.” The theme of the album?... And on it goes, hidden meanings coated in a pounding soundtrack that has me scratching my head and tapping my feet in equal measure.

  It's available on limited edition vinyl and you can find it streaming here:

  If you do know what this song is about (ie, if you aren't as thick as me), leave a comment. General Ludd...