Thursday, 30 April 2020

Era Bleak - Era Bleak

   Era Bleak ( are Candy (vocals), Justin (bass), Zach (guitar) and Spiz (drums), they're from Portland, Oregon and they include members of Dark/Light and Piss Test. They put out a demo at the end of 2017 ( which was described as "angular, energetic, and a little bit snotty." It got a cassette release by Dirt Cult Records in 2018 and the 7 tracks will feature on an upcoming lp (again on Dirt Cult) alongside 3 new ones.

  They've just posted 3 videos to Youtube, a couple of the new tracks (MRI and Era Bleak) plus one of the earlier ones (Burning Sky). All are great.

  This is a warning to watch your step, don't go out, the world's a dangerous place so stay home and lock the door. It's definitely a timely song! It's called Era Bleak...

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  1. Yess!! You totally took my suggestion!! Cheers from PDX!!!!
    There's also an Alice Bag workout video to Era Bleak that's pretty funny/dope.