Monday, 13 April 2020

Litterbug - Getting Fined

  Forming in 2005, Litterbug ( are the Blackpool punk 3 piece featuring a line up of Stuart Diggle (guitar/vocals), Toby Ridehalgh (drums) and Andy Higgins (bass/vocals). Inspired by the likes of The Buzzcocks, Undertones, Briefs, Pixies etc, they've released an impressive catalogue of sub 3 minute catchy punk tunes that never fail to impress. They recently compiled 2 of their albums, Your Perception Is Not My Reality & Countdown to Schadenfreude, on one cd for a bargain £7. Now they follow that up with a brand new 16 track album titled Abstract Melodies Saying Terrible Things.

   The album is like a box of chocolates, open it up and choose from a selection of tasty treats. Unwrap the foil and indulge yourself on a bitter sweet song about looking back on your life and wondering if you'd have lived it differently Gorge yourself on a crunchy bite sized track about battling to get out of bed as you struggle to fit in with society. There's the sticky toffee centred Sludge ("We all get stuck in the mud")... It's a selection you can easily indulge yourself on, you'll soon be sat there at the end of Waiting For Something To Happen with a pile of wrappers and a full belly wanting to start over again.

  The cd version should be available later this month, vinyl in June but you can get it digitally now :

  This track is about our cctv society. We pay our taxes but the bastards in charge still want to bleed you of more money at every opportunity. It's titled Getting Fined...

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