Monday 2 December 2019

Sniffany & The Nits - Nit Comb

  When searching for new bands to feature on here I'll often check out the ads for gigs by bands that I like and try and listen to their support acts. One band that stood out, not only because they were sharing a bill with some great bands (Constant Mongrel and Hygiene to name a couple) but because they've got a name that makes you pay attention were Brighton band (although some reports say they're from London?) Sniffany & The Nits. The few mentions I could find of them were promising (how can anyone resist a band that are an "Itchy itchy new pogo punk outfit), but aside from a 93 second live clip of them at The Islington in London I couldn't find any music. I did see that they featured members of Artefact, The Snivellers, Ex Void, The Tubs and Joanna Gruesome but that was about it. And then I heard a debut release was on it's way and yesterday it popped up on Bandcamp. It's a 3 track ep titled I Love You (​.​.​.​But You've Got Nits) and happily it's as good as I was hoping for. It'll be available shortly on cassette and I think there's a 7" coming via Thrilling Living (a label that's building up an impressive body of releases), but you can snap it up now name your price here :

  All 3 tracks are good, think gloriously ramshackle, female fronted, shouty hardcore where the singer sounds on the verge of a nervous breakdown, ranting and raving about head lice, sugar daddies and someone kept on a short lead (if he pulls, then he'll bleed...). In the background the band valiantly try to keep pace with her. Think Cold Meat or Ubik but a bit more deranged. Actually, don't think, just listen to it. This is the lead track, it's called Nit Comb...

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