Monday 9 December 2019

The Cavemen - Night After Night

    "So did you wanna break my heart...."

  A couple of weeks ago I sent my choices for Top 10 albums of 2019 to Suspect Device zine for them to feature in their end of year special edition. It's been a great year for punk music so it was a strong list but I added the proviso that there was a new album by The Cavemen on the way which I expected to sneak it's way into my list. It didn't sneak in, it smashed it's way in. Too early yet to say if it'd make number 1 on any revised list but after more plays I'd expect it to be Top 3.

  I've featured the band on here a few times so hopefully by now you know they're from New Zealand (now based in London) and play a trashy garage punk style of music with very catchy tunes. They also appear to be very busy jet setting it across the globe playing numerous gigs. You'll no doubt already be fans if you're a regular JSPS visitor but just in case, here's their back catalogue... and the Facebook page :

  And on to the new album, it's basically a bunch of scuffed and bruised pop songs that would see these guys scoring hit after hit in a more just world. Don't think they've gone soft though, tracks like Snakeskin, Can't Resist, Got My Eye On You etc rock hard, but they also show a lighter touch on songs such as early single Don't Know Why and the Velvet Underground influenced Belgian Holiday. You may have already heard Knife Fight and Boyfriend when I played them on the show in recent weeks and they're definite highlights but by no means the only ones. The album's titled Night After Night and it's available on vinyl or digital download via Slovenly Recordings (label of the year? probably).

  So many great songs but I have to feature one at the end so let's go with the title track, this is a tale of being alone, staring at the telephone, waiting and hoping it'll ring, Night After Night....

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