Thursday 5 December 2019

Radio Buzzkills - You're My Chernobyl

  So the year is drawing to a close but happily the release of great new punk records doesn't yet seem to be letting up. Earlier this week we were treated to a new split ep which features 2 of the best pop punk bands around. Both The Radio Buzzkills and Black Russians have featured on here several times before so it's no surprise I was eagerly anticipating the ep. I'd already heard Communist Party by Black Russians when they sent me it a while back so I was confident we'd be getting a high quality release. I was right....

  St Louis gutter pop punkers The Radio Buzzkills kick things off with the excellent You're My Chernobyl. Joint male/female vocals, a gorgeous mid paced chorus and even doo wops combine to make it a winner. A love song with a radioactive heart. They also provide the rocking Can't Stop The Western Bloc, a more gritty affair with added riffage.

  For their part, Black Russians provide the fast, aggressive and brief We'd Have A Riot Doing Krokodil (which is a "flesh eating" drug popular with junkies). They end the ep with another short blast of punk fury called Ain't Putin Up With You. The meat in the sandwich comes in the form of the aforementioned Communist Party. Kicking off with a Lillingtons style riff, it's a great song about partying like it's 1989. Western parties are lame, you want to bring your krokodil and get off your head with fellow party guests like Putin and Castro. It'll leave you in a world of pain (and maybe even in a body bag) but it sounds like it'll be one hell of a knees up!

  You can get the ep on red vinyl (communist red?), black vinyl or digital download here :

  This is You're My Chernobyl...

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