Wednesday 4 December 2019

Litterbug - Time Machine

  Blackpool punks Litterbug ( are back with a brand new single. The band, Stuart Diggle (guitar/vocals), Andy Higgins (bass/vocals) and Toby Ridehalgh (drums), last featured on here with a track from last year's Countdown To Schadenfreude album. Their music is typically British '77 style punk rock with a tune, think Buzzcocks, Briefs, Cyanide Pills etc and you won't be a million miles off. You can check out the single and their impressive back catalogue here :

  The single is blazing a trail for a new album. Pencilled in for release around Easter it'll contain 16 tracks and at the moment the title is Mastering The Art Of Contentment? As Stuart says, how the fuck do you achieve that? The single is an objective/subjective view on regrets for anyone and everyone whether it be about wrong turns in their own lives or in the outside world in general (certain world leaders spring to mind). When your time is up, will you look back and wish you'd done things differently? Given the chance, would you go back and change things? Lots of questions to ponder and a very catchy tune, this is Time Machine...

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