Saturday 21 December 2019

The Drones - Rats

  Today I'm posting a song that originally saw the light of day last year but has just turned up on Bandcamp and as I missed it before I'll stick it on here today.

  You probably know The Drones ( Not to be mistaken with any bands of the same name they hail from Manchester and originally formed way back in 1974 as a glam rock outfit called Rockslide. By 1976 they'd changed their name and hitched their horse to the punk wagon and relocated down to London where they released a fistful of singles and an album called Further Temptations. Like many of their contemporaries they've split and reformed and currently feature a line up of Steve 'Wispa' Cundall (bass/vocals), Al Crosby ( Ed Banger & the Nosebleeds - lead guitar) and Brian Grantham (ex Slaughter And The Dogs - drums).

  The new ep came out on the band's own Idle Records but is now available again on Different Class Records of Portugal. It's titled Will You Stand In Front Of Bullets? and it's available on red, yellow or black vinyl and as a digital download :

 This one fucking song won't save the world but it will get you singing along. It's called Rats...

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