Sunday 1 December 2019

Beaten Brats - No Hope, No Love

  Beaten Brats ( are a trio from Lyon who boast members of Scaners, Sonic Killers and Les Barneurs. A few of you may have heard their 2017 Beaten Down Demo (it's on Bandcamp as a name your price download), others may have caught them supporting current buzz band The Chats recently but if like myself, your introduction to them is their new, Self Titled, debut album I suppose it's a case of, yeah we're a little late to the party but we arrive just as things are getting into full swing. Aimed at fans of the likes of Motorhead, Ramones and The Dictators etc it guarantees a stomping good time, It's available on vinyl from Dangerhouse Skylab ( and you'll find it streaming digitally here :

  There's some great songs on the album, this one's my pick of the bunch after a couple of run throughs. It starts with the title being chanted before bursting into an out and out rocker kissed by the influence of 70's glam and punk. It's infectious as hell, all upbeat riffs and a singalong, catchy chorus. It's called No Hope, No Love...

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