Monday 16 December 2019

Isolation - Bad Data

  You may have heard of Charlie Murphy, he's featured on here previously in a couple of cool bands (Freak Genes and Internal Credit). Now he knocks up an impressive hat trick with Isolation, a Falmouth based dark punk trio in which he contributes guitar & vocals alongside Rob Camp (bass & vocals) and Jo House (drums). Not sure if they take their name from the classic Joy Division song but it'd be nice if that was the case.

  They've recently released a debut Self Titled ep, it contains 6 tracks and it's an excellent calling card. First impressions are "wow, that's energetic." A couple of the tags on Bandcamp are dark punk and goth but don't let that fool you into thinking they're serving up an atmospheric gloom fest. From first minute to last they've treated us to a punchy banquet sparking with vim and vigour. There's nods to his other bands but I'd say it's more manic. You can find out for yourselves by snapping it up name your price :

  This track is called Bad Data...

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