Sunday 22 December 2019

Surgery Without Research - Rats

  Typical, you wait ages for Just Some Punk Songs to feature a song called Rats and then 2 come along at once....

  Kent punks Surgery Without Research seem to be making a habit of featuring on here in December as it's only just over a year since I posted a song from their Thugs In Blue ep ( They return today as they've released an impressively crammed 25 track album called Clusterfuck. This time around Andy H (vocals/guitar), Mark Spooner (guitar) and Dave Booker (bass) have been joined by new drummer Chris Hogg (although Nathan Antino still features on several songs). The album's taken 3 years to finish but it's well worth the wait. One of the songs from it also features as the title track of the recently released Simon Says ep (it went down a storm on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show so I'm sure the album will be as equally well received). You can get both on cd or as digital downloads here :

  Clusterfuck is the sound of an angry band. It's proper punk protest music though there are sporadic bursts of humour. Titles include Sheep, Religious Bullshit, Payday Punk, Tory Clowns... many of the targets of their wrath are tried and tested but it's all extremely well done. This song features a lyric video, it's a more sedate pace than most of the album but it's no less heartfelt. It's called Rats...

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