Thursday 12 December 2019

Slow Faction - You've Been Fooled Again


  A sad night for Britain as Boris Johnson's Conservative party are returned to power by a nation sold a Brexit pup. There was the chance to vote for real change but it was spurned so now it's more of the same as those with wealth and vested interest raise a glass to 5 more years of coining it in. But it's done now, we dust ourselves down and carry on.

  Stating things much more eloquently than I can manage are London band Slow Faction ( They're quick off the blocks with this new song which sums things up. You can download it here name your price :

  This is You've Been Fooled Again...

A nation that no longer cares – a state of terminal despair
The liars and cheats have won the night – will the last one here turn out the lights
You had the chance to go for change – you had the chance but you threw it all away
Enablers and you right wing shils – supporters of the policies that kill

They wage war on society, throw millions into penury
They decimate communities to pay the price of rich men’s greed
Another time, another place – a kinder, gentler, humane state
But all of that’s been thrown away – the 5 Evils are here to stay

What the hell have you done? You’ve been fooled again
You’ve fucked up everything! You’ve been fooled again
You’ve fallen for their blatant lies – how long till you realise
The emptiness of your victory last night? You’ve been fooled again….

The consensus of the post war years has been pulled down around our ears
Not even that Bitch went as far as the generations who followed her
Do you think these people are on your side? Do you think they’ll help you turn the tide?
You won’t have too long to wait as you watch them further shrink the state..

A transatlantic conspiracy – scratch the surface it’s there to see
Who pays the think-tanks calls the tunes…. the billionaires behind the news
They say they want to set you free from Marxist ideology
Scapegoat the poor, no safety net, reward the rich and squeeze the rest

I warn you, don’t you dare fall ill – you won’t afford the treatment bill
I warn you never to grow old – your choice to starve or die from cold
Don’t be young – they’ll steal your dreams. Don’t be homeless – those streets are mean
I warn you never to be poor – accept your lot, don’t ask for more

What the hell have you done?
Yes you, you’ve fucked up everything – and you’ve been fooled again!

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