Tuesday 24 December 2019

Crapsons - Who'll Babysit The Goths

  Quoting from their Facebook profile (https://www.facebook.com/crapsons/), Crapsons are two noisy idiots from the Wirral."  Those two noisy idiots being Markey (bass/vocals) and Gilbert (drums/vocals). They've been picking up some very positive press; "Crapsons are the most punk band I’ve seen in a while”..."Snotty and brilliant"...“Crapsons are reminiscent of The Sleaford Mods, Half Man Half Biscuit and a raw high school garage punk band. The influences are easy to hear but they come out sounding original with fast paced fuzzy bass and crashing cymbals as the singer spits bars like a young John Cooper Clarke.”

  Sounds to me as though they're worth a listen!

  Luckily enough, they recently released a new single so let's check it out...

  Nice and gnarly with humour aplenty and a big singalong chorus. Lots of bass and energy, lyrics about scallies, smackheads and sticking Brexit up your arse. I recommend you give them a listen. I'm just off to check out their earlier releases on Bandcamp https://crapsons.bandcamp.com/

  The rest of you can enjoy one of the two videos they released to help promote the single. This is Who'll Babysit The Goths...

Scallies are always chasing me
The hipsters accept mediocrity
And While the punks march to the sound of their beat
The vegans are telling you what to eat
Smack heads walk fast down our street
The drunks, they can’t stay on their feet
While homelessness is a travesty
I still can’t party with 50p

Who’ll babysit the goths? x8

There’s a general election on a WhatsApp group
The Tabloids are lined with unreliable scoops
You’ve got to go the gym, start giving a damn
Stop posting quotes on Instagram
Just put your feet up, it’s time to relax
Completely abolish council tax
The Tory party are one hell of a Farce
You can stick your Brexit right up your arse

Who’ll babysit the goths? X8

Not Me

Mum, what’s for my tea?

Who’ll babysit the goths? X8

There’s no point in crying, What are you so sad about? X 3

There’s no point in crying, Who will babysit the goths?

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