Friday 27 December 2019

Epic Problem - Bleeding Out

  All good things come to an end and that was the case last May when an announcement appeared on the Epic Problem Facebook page (; "On Friday just gone, we played what will now be our last ever gig. There will be no countdown, there will be no “final show” and there will be no reunions." The band are from New Mills (a small town in Derbyshire, 15 miles from Manchester) and feature Neil "Mackie" McLennan (from Blitz) on guitar/vocals, Morry (bass/vocals), James (drums) and Jake McCullough (vocals/guitar). They'd been together since 2010.

  There was an addition to the announcement though...   "We still have one more release in the form of a currently un-named EP, but after that it will be pastures new." Christmas day saw Brassneck Records add that ep to their Bandcamp page. It's titled Grace and features 3 songs which remind us why we were sad to hear of them going their separate ways. Fingers crossed those pastures new involve them making new music in whatever form.

  It's also available in 3 different coloured limited edition vinyl :

    This is the lead track on the ep, a fine example of their brand of melodic punk. Featuring an appropriate lyrical couplet "you think these things are built to last, but somehow you you know they're gonna end" it's called Bleeding Out...

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