Thursday 26 December 2019

The Lost Riots - About You

  I think it's fair to say that New Haven's The Lost Riots are one of the most punk rock sounding bands out there. There's maybe slight hints of garage and hardcore in their sound but basically they sound exactly how you'd hope an archetypal old school American punk band would sound like. By that I mean proper punk and not your watered down Blink Day Glory kinda thing. Fronted by Jeffrey Thunders on distinctively snotty vocals and guitar the band also features Matt Mullarkey (bass), Scott Fitch (guitar), Noel Thomas (guitar) and Chadwick Gregory (drums). They're influenced by bands such as Dead Boys, The Heartbreakers, Stooges and Black Flag. You can find out more here :

  They've been on this blog a few times previously and are back today with a song from their new album The Kids You Love To Hate. The first thing that strikes me about the album is that during their time together (they formed in 2012) their sound hasn't really changed much. Maybe the production is slightly better and as a whole the album is probably more consistent throughout but otherwise it's the sound of a band sticking with what they know and love and doing it really well. As well as the regular members, the album sees guest appearances by Cry Havoc vocalist Jonny Disaster and The Travis Bickle Army frontman, Eric Montes. You should check it out...

  This song is about reminiscing about a long lost friendship, it features some very solid playing and great gang backing vocals. It's called About You...

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