Tuesday 3 December 2019

Ghost Of The Avalanche - Civil Unrest

  Are you looking for something "fast, sweaty and delivered with love for raw, snot-nosed punk" or maybe something "fresh, vital, vigorous and huge fun, without an ounce of fat anywhere."  Then maybe this is the band for you....

  Ghost Of The Avalanche are a bass n drums punk duo from Bath who despite their lack of personnel certainly make some noise ("It’s amazing how much racket one bass guitar and a drum kit can make"). The line up features Nick Wilton (Bass/Synth/Vocals) and Robbo Clark (Drums/Percussion/Vocals) and as you can tell by all the quoted comments, they've been getting plenty of positive press. They have a wide spectrum of influences including The Bronx, Death From Above 1979, The Misfits, Fats Domino, Elvis and Roy Orbison. Have I mentioned they also like noise!

You can get more info on them here : https://www.facebook.com/GhostOfTheAvalanche/

  Their most recent release is their 5th ep, it's titled Civil Unrest, it contains 6 short, no fucking about blasts of frenetic energy, only one of the tracks passes the 2 minute mark but although brevity is very much the order of the day there's no shortage of invention. It came out in October to coincide with cassette store day (as of writing there were just 4 tapes left) and you can check it out here :    https://ghostoftheavalanche.bandcamp.com/album/civil-unrest

  This is the opening song and title track, it's called Civil Unrest...

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