Thursday 8 October 2020

Froggy & The Ringes - 'Froggy & The Ringes (Soft 'G') Theme'


  Today I'm bringing you the freshwater sound of the UK's best pond rock band. 

  Froggy & The Ringes ( are legends of the genre, their singles and albums are highly sought after but almost impossible to find. Froggy writes the lyrics and is the vocalist whilst the music is composed by bassist Ranchard Ringe. They're more than ably supported by Sir Ring-O-Lot (keyboards), Ringe-O-Starr (drums) and Claudio Winkelf-Ringe (lead guitar). 

  Today sees the release of an impressive video from their upcoming Soft G ep. Somewhat ridiculously, given their popularity, the 7" version is limited to a paltry 300 on black vinyl plus a hundred of the special edition version which come with F&TR plectrum and unique frog art slide. You can pre-order from Friday 30th October and the official release date is Thursday 5th November. They will go quickly so don't get caught on the hop! They'll be available via Kibou Records (Label & Distro), Amok Records, Cimex records, No Front Teeth Records and Toxic Wotsit Records & Gigs. 

  So what's the ep like? 

  As with most pond rock, it's very energetic, think along the lines of hardcore and garage punk colliding. It's inventive, catchy and a bit bonkers. Imagine a madman accosting you in the street and demanding to know where you get your trousers from. Imagine him constantly pecking your head about how no is listening. Imagine him fronting a band called Cheap Beer and entering the stage like an extremely riled up Mark E Smith bellowing "We Are Cheap Beer...I think we might be Carling" It'll all make some sort of sense when you hear the ep!  

  This is the title track. It's the band's theme tune. It's called Froggy & The Ringes (Soft 'G') Theme... 

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