Tuesday 20 October 2020

FUZZILLA - Swastika Police


  Based in Ottawa, Canada, Fuzzilla (https://www.facebook.com/Fuzzilla-104063384648112/) are "a dizzying mixture of hardcore, Japanese 8-bit, post-punk, and electronica." My eye was initially caught by the title of their new ep, ...This Bird Kills Fascists. The titles of it's 4 tracks are equally impressive; Smashing Statues On A Saturday Night, Swastika Police, Fuzzilla Eats A Pedophile (Turk's Theme) and Yemeni Parade. You can snap it up as a name your price download here :  https://fuzzzilla.bandcamp.com/album/this-bird-kills-fascists 

  There's a description of the ep as being for fans of Japanese dance music played on a coconut. There's another that says it's a loud party-industrial racket...Mario Kart meets death metal & hardcore. You can make your own comparisons. 

  This track reminds me somewhat of Heaven 17's (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang. It's a whole heap of funked up fun with a serious message. It's called Swastika Police... 

Just cuz you're the target audience doesn't mean you’re not poor
So you don’t belong in their clubs man
You’re about a million dollars short

Walking talking fascist contrition
Days of glory psycho addiction
‘merica the nazi edition
Egging on the slaughter

Hard for violence, cuz you’re a weakling
Kneel before your KGB precinct
Think you’re strong for lifting the elites
Slaving for your father

Work all day just to trash a parade, well you do what you want, but you still think what they say
And it’s fun to be mad about the “fags and the blacks”
Cuz the masters of the universe have got you by your ass

Another swastika
Another fascist mob

And just cuz you wear rainbows doesn’t mean you’re not a cunt
I saw you waving your guns, looking like a police fuck

Walking stomping mental affliction
Boots of leather metal addiction
Ain’t got time for benediction
You were born to follow

Silence, progress you're contradicting
Anarchy is do what you’re thinking
Fascism means fear what you’re thinking
Pill too big to swallow

Do unto other what you do unto you
But you’re burning poor people tell me what's that gonna do
It’s fun to make karen lose a job over backlash
Cuz the masters of the universe have got you by your ass

Another swastika
Another fascist mob
And still the bombs they fall

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