Tuesday 6 October 2020

Diode - Late Stage Solution


  Does anyone know anything about Diode? Then you probably know more than me. All I can find out is that they feature members of Freakees, Shark Toys, Rearranged Face, Wild Wing, Vaguess, Fernando and the Teenage Narcs etc and line up with Kiana (vocals), Theo (synth bass), Bill (guitar) and Vinny (drums/synth). 

  But most importantly, I know that they've a Self Titled ep out on Los Angeles diy label, Refry Records. You can, and should check it out. It's available name your price here :  https://refryrecords.bandcamp.com/album/diode 

  It's a fun listen, lo-fi garage warblings with plenty of synth thrown into the mix. If the listeners to the latest Just Some Punk Songs Show are anything to go by, I'm predicting you'll find it extremely palatable. 

  This is my favourite song, it's called Late Stage Solution...

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