Thursday 1 October 2020

Shiners Club (feat. Shannon Bizzy) - Troublemaker


  Shiners Club ( are a hardcore punk band from Orange County, California. The members are genre veterans having featured in numerous bands such as Done Dying, 411, Carry Nation, Outspoken, No For An Answer, Kill The Messenger, Mean Season, Slapshot, Speak 714 and many more. The line up is  Dan O'Mahony (vocals), John Coyle (guitar), Colin Buis (bass) and Doug MacKinnon (drums). 

  They released an album in 2018 titled Can't Have Nice Things ("12 songs of pure angst, aggression, and want delivered with the velocity of an errant howitzer shell") : and followed it up a year later with the Wires In The Water ep ( 

  They've spent 2020 working on new material and recently posted a couple of the new songs to Spotify, Apple Music/itunes and Bandcamp. They're both excellent and deserving of your attention. Toss & Turn is a short blast of aggressive hardcore about insomnia caused by worry and features guest vocals from Timmy Chunks (Token Entry, Redemption 87, Lets Rage etc). The song I'm highlighting below also boasts guest vocals, this time from Shannon Bizzy (The Young Royals). Brooding and intense with dual male/female vocals which compliment each other well it whets the appetite nicely for the upcoming "bigger body of work". 

  This is Troublemaker... 

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