Monday 26 October 2020

Nancy - Chewin' Bubblegum


  Nancy are Brooklyn duo Joe Sussman and Nat Brower and they featured on here way back in 2014 ( They've been pretty quiet in recent years (though Joe did feature in 2017 with another of his bands, The Muff Divers ( but have just returned with an excellent new album titled Goes Country. Given that title and then hearing the opening track, Going Country, you'd be forgiven for thinking they'd relocated to Nashville and recorded a country and western album but happily that ain't the case as we quickly discover when the next song, Take A Pikksha, blows us away (anyone else getting a Status Quo vibe!).  

  Recorded and mixed by the band themselves at Ketchup And Mustard Industries and mastered by the legendary Geza X, the album sounds great. Whacked out garage punk with helium induced vocals lead to comparisons with The Dickies or maybe The Spits. Highlights are aplenty and include tracks such as the aforementioned Take A Pikksha, Luvletter and It's Never 2 Late (2 Be You). You can get the cassette here :          and the digital download here (it's available name your price) : 

  This is Chewin' Bubblegum... 

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