Saturday 24 October 2020

houseghost - Hazel


  I mentioned yesterday that Ralph J Rivera had great taste in music and that when he starts getting excited about a new release you should take notice. Today you're getting a song by another band that's been causing his heart to beat just that little bit faster. From Dayton, Ohio, they're a 3 piece called houseghost ( and they're fronted by brother and sister Nick and Kayla Hamby. They formed in 2018 and play very catchy "spooky punk" combining horror tinged lyrics with some of the most infectious melodies I've heard since The Bat Bites unleashed their S/T album ( 

  They've just released a Self Titled album on Rad Girlfriend Records which the label describes as being along the lines of The Misfits meets Sleater - Kinney. It's 13 spooktacular tracks that'll wow any pop punk/power pop fan that likes their music to have both hooks and bite. You can get it on vinyl here : and digital download here : 

  I'll play a different song on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show ( but today I'll share the recent video they released. This is the hauntingly good Hazel... 


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