Monday 5 October 2020

Rolex - I Hate The Beach


  Rolex are a hardcore punk band from Los Angeles who line up thus;  Khidhar (Vocals),  Miles Gretsky (Drums), Nate Brady (Guitar) and Noe Silva (Bass). They released a 6 track demo in 2017 and have followed it up with a bunch of singles titled R, O, L, E & X (can you see what they've done there!). You can grab them all name your price here : 

  Last month saw them release their debut 7" on 11 PM Records and it boasts 10 tracks, all previously released on the 5 cassingles but now compiled together on vinyl in re-recorded form. It makes for an unmissable package. They've been described as vicious and untamed and compared with the likes of JFA, Die Kruzen, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers and The Minutemen. You can get the "actual gold" vinyl version here : and the digital version here : 

  This is probably my favourite track, it's a bruising beast of a song with hints of pummelling surf, it's called I Hate The Beach...  

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